Become a Social Media Moderator (Side Hustle Job Idea For 2023)

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Recent research has shown that most of us spend our time online these days. And it’s no surprise, as more and more people are using social media for communication in everyday life! A majority of this activity takes place on sites like Facebook or Instagram, where you can scroll endlessly through posts from your friends with opinions about whatever topic comes to mind at any given moment.

Companies want to make the most of their social media, so why not get paid for it by working extra as a social media moderator?

You’ll be able to earn some cash while also gaining insight into what’s happening around the company you work with on social media channels such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Your primary job is to moderate and check out what people are writing and mentioning online about the brand.

side hustle idea: become a social media moderator

Pros of being a social media moderator

  • Can be done anywhere and anytime (depending on the employer).
  • There are tools that can help you manage multiple clients.
  • Great skill to have on your Resume.
  • You don’t have to physically interact with people.

Cons of being a social media moderator

  • Be prepared for many negative comments and complaints.
  • Chatting on the computer all day can get tiring.
  • Boring if you like physical interaction.
  • Can take up a lot of your time if you don’t know when to rest, as social media operates  24/7.

Here are 4 top tips and tricks to help you when becoming a social media moderator

  1. A good way to stay productive is to use social media management tools and time management tools to ensure that you’re not procrastinating and wasting time scrolling and looking at what other people are doing . 
  2. If you’re not sure where to start, look at what other big brands are doing and try to emulate them. They’ve done the research, so there’s no harm in following their footsteps. 
  3. Keep up with the latest trends and social media apps/networks. That way you’re always updated and might get gigs when new platforms appear.
  4. Always handle complaints and negative comments with a positive attitude. Aggressive/rude replies will often make things worse and may land you in hot water. 

Social media moderator earning potential

The average salary for a Social Media Manager from this side hustle is around $20-$50 an hour, so the potential for income will depend on how many hours you work a month. 

Some people do this as the main job as well, so it’s possible to earn good money if you were thinking of a change/switch in career paths. Better yet, if you already have a good following on your social media channels, you could potentially sell sponsored posts to advertisers and companies in exchange for money or free items! 

Sites to use to become a social media moderator or social media manager

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What is a Social Media Hustle Company


Social media hustle company, a rapidly emerging business in today’s digital landscape, focuses on providing strategic marketing services to companies seeking to establish a robust online presence. With the increasing importance of social media platforms, this company recognizes the need for businesses to effectively engage with their target audience, and offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet individual client needs.

The social media hustle company combines its expertise in digital marketing with cutting-edge technologies to optimize businesses’ online visibility, brand image, and customer engagement. By leveraging various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, this company enables clients to enhance their market reach and tap into the vast opportunities offered by the digital sphere.

Through innovative strategies, personalized content creation, and meticulous campaign management, the social media hustle company helps businesses achieve their marketing goals while staying ahead of the competition in this fast-paced online world.

What is a social media content moderator?

A social media content moderator is an individual responsible for reviewing and monitoring user-generated content on various social media platforms. Their primary role is to ensure that the content posted by users complies with the platform’s policies and guidelines. These moderators are tasked with reviewing thousands of posts, comments, and messages each day, assessing them for any violations such as hate speech, harassment, or graphic content. They play a crucial role in maintaining a safe and positive online environment for users.

How to become a social media manager?

Becoming a social media manager requires a combination of specific skills and knowledge in digital marketing. To enter this profession, individuals must possess a strong understanding of various social media platforms, analytics tools, and content creation techniques.

Acquiring a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or a related field can provide a solid foundation for aspiring social media managers. Additionally, attending specialized courses or obtaining certifications in social media marketing can enhance one’s expertise in the field. Developing a strong online presence and actively engaging with diverse social media communities can also demonstrate an individual’s proficiency in managing online platforms.

Furthermore, gaining practical experience through internships or entry-level positions in digital marketing agencies or social media departments can be invaluable in honing the necessary skills for this role.

What are social media hustle reviews?

Social media hustle reviews have become increasingly prevalent in today’s digital age. More and more people are turning to social media platforms to express their opinions and experiences regarding various hustles and side gigs. These reviews provide valuable insights into the effectiveness, profitability, and overall legitimacy of these ventures.

What is a social media side hustle?

A social media side hustle refers to the practice of leveraging various social media platforms to generate revenue or engage in business activities. This phenomenon has gained significant popularity as people increasingly recognize the potential of social media as a lucrative marketplace.

Due to its accessibility and wide user base, social media provides an ideal platform for individuals to promote products or services, build a personal brand, or collaborate with companies for sponsored content. Many entrepreneurs have successfully utilized platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to monetize their content, attract advertisers, and sell merchandise.

What is a social media manager side hustle?

A social media manager side hustle has become increasingly popular in recent years as individuals seek to capitalize on their digital expertise and passion for social media. This side hustle involves managing and curating social media accounts for businesses and individuals, helping them to effectively engage with their target audience and promote their brand.

With the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the demand for skilled social media managers has surged. These professionals are responsible for crafting engaging content, scheduling posts, analyzing analytics, and implementing effective social media strategies to drive traffic and increase online presence.

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