Become a Customer Service Representative (Side Hustle Job Idea For 2023)

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As technology advances, more and more people are turning to the internet for help with their everyday problems. If you enjoy assisting people in solving their issues, then this is the perfect job for someone like yourself. Companies today are always looking to hire customer service representatives in order to help support customers with whatever problem they might be experiencing online or over phone call/email etc.

As a customer service rep, you have an important role to play. You are the voice of your company and your job is to look after the customers by helping them with any problems they might be experiencing in a phone call or via online chat. From tech support to sales assistance, there’s no shortage in demand for this role.

Big companies like Facebook and Google are constantly hiring new reps, while smaller independent companies offer outsourced remote customer service management services, making job opportunities for this role wider than ever. 

side hustle idea: become a customer service representative

Pros of being a customer service representative

  • Flexible work hours and schedules. 
  • Jobs can be done remotely.
  • High income potential if you keep working.
  • Companies are always hiring new reps.
  • Sharpen your communication skills.
  • Training included for most places.
  • Little to no skills or qualifications required.

Cons of being a customer service representative

  • It can be tiring dealing with people for long lengths of time. 
  • Can be tiring from long hours of talking to people on the phone.
  • You may be abused by people over the phone, causing stress.
  • You may be tracked by your employer to ensure you’re hitting a certain quota
  • Some jobs might require a hybrid support/salesperson, meaning you might have to sell products to customers. 
  • You might be forced into taking certain shifts during periods of high demand. 

Here are 4 top tips and tricks to help you become a better customer service representative

  1. Be as honest as you can for customers, such as the ability to help them, wait times and other relevant information. 
  2. Try to stay calm when dealing with angry customers. You’re doing this online so you don’t have to worry about getting physically abused.
  3. We all know that customer support can be frustrating, so try and sympathise with the caller and give them as much positive feedback/assistance as possible. 
  4. Try to engage in small talk during periods where the customer is required to wait, this might make them feel better. 

Customer service rep earning potential 

The income potential for customer support jobs is very high, and it’s often the deciding factor between keeping customers happy or defecting to another brand.

If you’re good with technology then your earnings can go even higher; some full-time workers make between $25 to $65K+ annually – but with part-timers, hourly rates average around $10-$30 per hour.

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