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This collection of 80 web accessibility resources ⇣ is aimed at anyone interested in learning how to design, develop and test inclusive and accessible websites, apps, and online documents. Because making the web accessible ensures equal access to the roughly 1 billion people in the world with disabilities.

This page provides a list of high-quality and trusted web accessibility resources and tools, aimed at supporting accessible web design, development, and testing.

Here you can browse accessibility resources by category: standards & legislation, guidelines & checklists, code inspection & validation tools, screen reading & color contrast tools, pdf & word tools, courses, certifications, and advocates and companies.

Accessibility Resources: Wrap Up

There are a variety of web accessibility resources available online. Some of the top resources include the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) website, the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and the US Department of Justice’s ADA website.

These resources provide information on how to make websites accessible to people with disabilities. They also provide guidelines and standards that web developers can follow to ensure that their sites are accessible.

Having an accessible website is no longer an option; it is a must-have. Because it is important that the Internet is accessible to everyone in order to provide equal access and opportunity to people with disabilities.

And accessibility can no longer be an afterthought, or a nice-to-have, because…

The U.S. Supreme Court has cleared the way for people with disabilities to sue retailers if their websites are not accessible. This has far-reaching implications for all businesses because it puts them on notice that not only must their physical locations be ADA compliant, but their websites and mobile apps must be accessible as well.

If you prefer to access this list of web accessibility resources as a word document (with braille, screen reader, and magnifier support), then here is the link.

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What are the 3 best website accessibility tools?
These web accessibility companies are among the most popular ones:

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAVE): WAVE is a free, web-based tool that evaluates web pages for accessibility issues. It provides a visual overlay of the page, highlighting potential accessibility problems. WAVE also provides detailed explanations of each issue, as well as tips on how to fix them.
aXe by Deque: aXe is a paid, web-based tool that provides more comprehensive accessibility testing than WAVE. It can be used to test web pages, web applications, and PDFs. aXe also provides detailed reports on the accessibility issues it finds, including recommendations on how to fix them.
Lighthouse: Lighthouse is a free, open-source tool that can be used to audit the performance, accessibility, and SEO of web pages. It is integrated into the Chrome DevTools and can be used to test any web page. Lighthouse provides a report on the accessibility issues it finds, as well as tips on how to fix them. It is one of the most popular web accessibility tools.

What is a web accessibility checker?

Website accessibility checker is a software tool designed to evaluate the compliance of websites with web accessibility guidelines, enabling users with disabilities to access online content.

It systematically scans web pages and identifies potential barriers that may hinder the website accessibility for individuals with visual, auditory, or cognitive impairments.

By examining various aspects such as text alternatives for non-text content, keyboard navigation, color contrast, and structured headings, web accessibility checkers ensure that websites align with accessibility standards. 

What are the website accessibility checking tools and what are the best web accessibility certification?

Web accessibility refers to the inclusive design and development of websites and digital content to ensure that individuals with disabilities can access and navigate them effortlessly. To certify that a website meets the highest standards of accessibility, the best web accessibility certification is the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) certification. 

What are website accessibility checkers?

Website accessibility checkers are tools that aid in evaluating the accessibility of a website, ensuring that it can be easily accessed and used by individuals with disabilities. These checkers analyze the website’s design, structure, and content, highlighting any potential barriers that may hinder accessibility.

By assessing factors such as color contrast, keyboard navigation, alternative text for images, and proper labeling of form fields, website accessibility checkers provide valuable insights for designers and developers to make necessary adjustments. These tools play a crucial role in promoting inclusivity and equal access to information on the internet.

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