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We test and review the best tools for starting, running, and growing your business online. So that you don't have to.

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Dive into our most recent content! Keep pace with our most recent reviews of tools and services, guides, and tips - brought to you by Website Rating's team of experts.

With the ever-changing world of technology, knowing what you need to start, run, and manage an online business is hard. More and more people are looking for honest reviews on tools and services - and Website Rating is here to provide just that - because we publish unbiased and honest reviews to help you find the best tools to start, run, and manage your business online.


testimonial from louisa

I was hesitant to start my online store, but Website Rating gave me the confidence I wanted, and needed, to get started. My Shopify site looks great!

– Louisa, Greensboro, NC

jane small biz accountant

The info on Website Rating helped me create a professional-looking accounting website for my small business in no time

– Jane, small business owner

Fernando L

I frequently travel for work and always connect to public Wi-Fi networks. With a VPN recommendation from Website Rating, I can access my business files securely and protect my personal information from cyber threats.

– Fernando in Barcelona

jack testimonial

I was new to the world of web hosting and didn't know where to start. Luckily, I found Website Rating and their web hosting comparison tool. I could compare different web hosts based on features, pricing, and customer reviews, making it easy for me to find the right web host for my needs.

– Jack, proud website owner

Web Hosting

Are you on the hunt for a web host for your website? We dive deep into the world of web hosting to bring you the real deal. From budget-friendly options to powerhouse servers, we give you the tools to help you find the perfect web hosting solution.

Website Building

Thinking of carving out your own space on the web? Dive into the world of website building – from drag-and-drop tools for beginners to expert-level CMSs for the pros. Whether you're building your first blog or setting up an online store, we've got the tools, tips, and tricks to get your site launched and looking sharp!


Browse the web securely and privately with a VPN, your digital safeguard. Whether you're keen on unlocking geo-blocked content or just upping your online privacy game, we have the lowdown on the top VPN services to keep you covered.

Cloud Storage

Store, share, and access files securely with cloud storage services. From finding the most secure vaults to getting the best bang for your buck, we've rounded up the tips and tricks to help you store and access your files seamlessly, anytime, anywhere.

Online Security

Want to stay safe in the wild digital jungle? Check out our handpicked advice on online security. From beefing up passwords to dodging sneaky phishing attacks, we're here with the tools and know-how to help you surf confidently and safely.

Online Marketing

Looking to boost your brand's online game? Dive into our online marketing insights. From email marketing tools and online course platforms to effective SEO strategies, we've got practical tips to help you connect, engage, and grow in the digital space.

Page Builders

Want to make a splash with your first impression? Or maybe funneling visitors smoothly to that 'Buy Now' button? Dive into our section about landing pages and sales funnel builders. Our reviews and tips will guide you to the tools to get your audience clicking in all the right places.

Productivity & AI

Want to supercharge your workflows and get more done in less time - and for less money? Whether you're outsourcing and streamlining your daily tasks or harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, our reviews of tools and insights will have you working smarter, not harder.

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