Affiliate Disclosure – How is Website Rating Funded?

Website Rating is supported by our readers, like yourself! This is our affiliate disclosure, where we explain what it is, how it works, and why it matters to us and our readers.

Our website is reader-supported, meaning when you buy a service or product via our links, we sometimes earn an affiliate commission.

When an affiliate link is clicked on (here are more details about affiliate marketing) and the user buys something from the link they’re directed to.

Why Do We Partner Up With These Companies?

Firstly, and the most obvious reason. Because we’re running a business. But also, it allows us to avoid doing banner intrusive (and annoying) advertisements.

Last but not least, we believe the products and services we recommend are superior to others.

This also helps us maintain an updated website. Because assessing providers can be time-consuming and costly. We pay for the services and products listed on this site.

We keep the sites we operate running so we can determine their performance fairly. This allows us to gauge aspects like performance, support, uptime, and speed.

Will This Influence Our Reviews/Ratings?

Nope. Never ever!

Our website isn’t influenced by reviews or ratings on this site. Each of our reviews is depending on these factors:

  • Download & installation
  • Features
  • Speed & privacy
  • Support
  • Pricing
  • Extras

These aspects will influence a company’s ranking on our site. Not all web hosts are the same, though, and while we can’t determine which one is superior to them all, we can claim which ones are superior to others.

Most product and service reviews are comprised of both advantages and disadvantages, so ensure you go through our reviews before making any purchases.

Consider reading reviews on other comparison sites, too, so that you know what you’re paying for is worth your money.

Why Do We Even Disclose This Information?

Because our aim is to be as upfront and transparent as possible. Most importantly, though, honesty with our visitors matters to us, a lot.

Will This Mean You Have to Pay More?

Not at all.

On the contrary because in some cases we’ve put together a deal or two with some web hosts that help our readers save money.

If you have any questions about our policies, feel free to contact us.

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