Just enter a domain name and check if the site is down for everyone else, or if the site is down just for you.

What does this tool do? This free tool helps you find out if a website is down for real, or if it's just down because of issues on your own computer and with your internet connection.

How does this tool work? It checks the status of a website and checks if the site is down or not. Once you enter the URL, the test is performed on the domain in real time.

What causes website downtime?

➡️ Site has issues with its web hosting provider

➡️ Site has server / database / software issues

➡️ Site has domain name server (DNS) issues

➡️ Site has forgot to renew their domain name

But sometimes it's because of you.. if that's the case then 10 times out of 10 it's because you have Internet connectivity issues.

For professional and automatic website monitoring I recommend using a tool like Host Tracker