Our Review Process

This here is the process we use when we review web hosting companies.

1. Find a Web Host (including all the key players).

We start by browsing the hosting provider’s website to assess what they specialize in and contrast their costs to their competitors.

From there, we assess their agreement terms/contracts to isolate any unethical practices or hidden costs that consumers should be mindful of.

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Thirdly, we assess the support they offer: email, ticket, phone, and live chat.

We monitor the following:

  • Shady promotional terminology (such as “0% downtime” or “no limit bandwidths” – both of which are not feasible!).
  • Listed costs and undisclosed prices.
  • Available services/deals.
  • Methods of support.

For a full list of web hosting companies we review go here: https://www.websiterating.com/web-hosting/

2. We Pay for their hosting services

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We pay for and use each hosting package we review.

We talk about the following:

  • Unexpected costs, undisclosed conditions, or shady clauses.
  • Methods of payment (PayPal, credit card, and the like).
  • Simplicity of signup
  • Upsell options (and if they’re worth paying for).

3. We assess the hosting provider

Not all hosting providers offer you immediate access. Account activation by some hosts might take days, and some of them might want you to provide identification!

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Once we have signed up, we assess the host’s control panel (Plesk, cPanel, and the like) to determine how simple it is to perform basic tasks (for instance, are the dashboards beginner-friendly?).

Last but not least, we get a basic website online after WordPress is installed.

We assess the following:

  • Control panel’s simplicity/complexity.
  • Activation ease and duration.
  • Simplicity of installing WordPress.

4. We monitor performance (Uptime and Speed)

Once the active, we then determine if the host follows through on what they claim.

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We use tools like GTmetrix.com to gauge loading times for pages. This also allows us to see how quickly the site loads on specific devices, as well as in certain locations.

No one wants to visit a site that takes forever to load. If that’s the case then you might as well not have a site at all!

We track the following:

  • Downtime frequency (How often does the site go down?).
  • Page loading time.

5. We have a chat with the customer support team (to assess their service)

There will come a time when you need help from the support team. A web hosting service can be destroyed by poor customer support. As a customer, you should feel like the web host will be able to solve any problems that may arise.

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We evaluate the host’s support team by asking a few questions that new webmasters may have. This tends to happen over the live chat feature, but we do assess other support avenues like phones, emails, and tickets from time to time.

We assess the following:

  • Assistance quality.
  • Dialog (are they speaking in user-friendly terms?).
  • Response period.
  • Support availability (email, phone calls, and the like).

6. We rate the host

We give the host a numerical rating from 0 to 5 based on their pricing, features, downtime, customer support, page loading time, and promotional endeavors.

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We observe each of these aspects individually, offering readers a thorough rundown of where the business excels, as well as what needs improvement.

Feel free to go through our reviews to find out what rating we gave each host. You can get more information about the aspects that matter to you in each review!