Marketing Focus & Research Groups (Side Hustle Job Idea For 2024)

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Marketing focus and research groups are used by businesses to find out how their target market behaves. They use these findings for future marketing strategies, as well as understanding what people want so they can provide it when necessary.

This gig is the online equivalent of being stopped in the street and asked for one’s opinion on some latest trend or giving feedback for a company’s ad that you have seen on TV. When companies see data from these surveys, they can learn more details such as age group and preferred usage patterns, which in turn helps them better understand how consumers use products and services. 

Do you have an eye for detail? If so, then the paid research opportunities on these sites are right up your alley. Although it may not sound like much at first – trust me; these little tasks can really add up over time! Use our tips for the best results, as well as some pros and cons for this side hustle.

side hustle idea: join marketing focus and research groups

Advantages of marketing focus and research groups

  • Work while you’re watching TV.
  • Easy to understand, no skills needed.
  • Plenty of time/reward options.
  • Earn Cash or Gift Cards for your efforts.
  • Provides research opportunities.

Disadvantages of marketing focus and research groups

  • There are some sites that require you to install software for it to be accessible. This can be easily and quickly removed. 
  • A certain payout amount is required before cash can be withdrawn.
  • Little earnings from some websites.
  • Tasks and research can be tedious and boring.
  • Risk of scam/spammy websites.

Here are 4 top tips and tricks to help you maximise earnings and improve productivity

  1. Always keep your profile updated. An updated profile will give you a better chance of getting research offers and potential signing up bonuses. 
  2. Keep app notification settings and location services on. This will help you get notifications for good and upcoming notifications, both local and non-local. 
  3. Because these tasks can be boring and repetitive, keep yourself entertained and distracted every now and then with things like music, household chores and TV. 
  4. Withdraw your earnings every chance you get, whether it be big or small amounts to avoid complications/suspensions.

Marketing focus & research groups income potential

On average, most of them offer lower rates and quicker research but on average, these online jobs range from $3-5 per hour with 20 minutes or less needed to complete the task at hand. If you’re lucky, the good sites provide rates of $5-10 per hour. 

Bonus Tip: Go for app research and marketing jobs, some of them pay around $10/hr, they often have more rapid questions, taking around 5 -10 minutes to complete. 

List of marketing focus and research group sites

For the best remote work from home jobs in 2024, here are a couple of websites I recommend for marketing focus and research groups: 

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