Hostinger Review (Cheap Hosting But What’s the Catch?)

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With 15,000 new users signing up for their web hosting every day, and over 29 million users use them. Hostinger must be doing something right! Right? – Well that’s what this Hostinger review aims to find out.

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Hostinger Review Summary (TL;DR)
Rated 3.4 out of 5
From $2.99 per month
Hosting Types
Shared, WordPress, Cloud, VPS, Minecraft hosting
Performance & Speed
LiteSpeed, LSCache caching, HTTP/2, PHP7
Managed WordPress hosting. Easy WordPress 1-click installation
LiteSpeed SSD hosting
Let’s Encrypt SSL. Bitninja security
Control Panel
hPanel (proprietary)
Free domain. Google Ads credit. Zyro website builder
Refund Policy
30-day money-back guarantee
Privately-owned (Lithuania). Also owns 000Webhost and Zyro
Current Deal
Get 80% OFF Hostinger’s plans

Hostinger’s promise is to create an easy-to-use, reliable, developer-friendly web hosting service that offers stellar features, security, fast speed, and great customer service at a price that is affordable to everyone.

But can they keep their promises, and can they keep up with the other big players in the web hosting game?

Hostinger is one of the cheapest hosting providers out there, Hostinger offers shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and cloud hosting services at great prices without compromising on superb features, reliable uptime and page loading speeds that are faster than the industry average.

If you don’t have time to read this Hostinger review (2023 updated), just watch this short video I put together for you:

Pros and Cons

Hostinger Pros

  • 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited SSD disk space & bandwidth
  • Free domain name (except on the entry-level plan)
  • Free daily & weekly data backups
  • Free SSL certificate & Bitninja security on all plans
  • Solid uptime and super-fast server response times thanks to LiteSpeed
  • 1-click WordPress auto-installer

Hostinger Cons

  • There’s no phone support
  •  Not all plans come with a free domain name

Get 80% OFF Hostinger's plans

From $2.99 per month

Here is how our web hosting review process works:

1. We sign up for the web hosting plan & install a blank WordPress site.
2. We monitor the site’s performance, uptime, & page load time speed.
3. We analyze the good/bad A2 hosting features, pricing, & customer support.
4. We publish the great review (and update it throughout the year).

About Hostinger

  • Hostinger is a web hosting company headquartered in Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • They offer a range of hosting types; shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and Minecraft hosting.
  • All plans except the Single Shared plan come with a free domain name.
  • Free website transfer, specialist team will migrate your website free of cost.
  • Free SSD drives come included on all shared hosting plans.
  • Servers are powered by LiteSpeed, PHP7, HTTP2, built in caching technology
  • All packages come with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and Cloudflare CDN.
  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Website:
hostinger review

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using Hostinger’s cheap web hosting services.

Hostinger Pros

They have a lot of good things going for them and here I am going to take a look at the things I like about them.

Fast Servers and Speed

It’s imperative that your website load quickly. Any web page taking more than a few seconds to load will lead to customer frustration and ultimately, customers leaving your site.

A study from Google found that a one-second delay in mobile page load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%.

If your web page takes more than 3 seconds to load, then you can pretty much forget about getting that person to visit your web page.

They have servers in the USA, Asia, and Europe (UK). Their servers use a 1000 Mbps connection, and having a fast connection like that will affect your speed.

But how fast are they exactly? Well pretty darn fast to be exact.

I created a test site on Hostinger using the Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme.

Hosting speed test

The test site loaded in just 1 second. Not bad but wait it gets better.

Hostinger recently launched a cloud hosting service that comes with built-in caching.

built in caching

By simply activating the “automatic cache” option in the Cache Manager settings I was able to shave off another 0.2 seconds of the load time.

fast loading servers

This resulted in the test site loading in just 0.8 seconds. Simply by toggling a “switch” from off to on. Now that’s pretty impressive!

I recommend that you check out their new cloud web hosting plans.

You can check out the pricing and more details about their Cloud Hosting here.

How does Hostinger’s server speed compare against some of their main competitors; like SiteGround and Bluehost?

web hosting hostinger
Disclaimer: This test was carried out by themselves

All in all, it’s pretty safe to say that one of their focuses is speed and that is what sets them apart from many other web hosting options available to customers.

Hostinger is Really Easy to Use

You’ve probably never come across an easy-to-use web hosting service before, but I’ll show you that it’s in fact possible.

There is a bit of preference here, but mainly the control panel uses the same concept as the Microsoft tiles. You can easily see the category or option as well as a picture that provides a bit of insight if you’re not sure what it does.

hpanel control panel

With these large buttons, you can find anything you need at any point in time. They aren’t trying to hide features or settings to keep your space looking cleaner. Instead, they put it all out there on display, so anything you need is right at your fingertips.

easy to use control panel

If you’ve previously used another web hosting service, you might miss the cPanel. The cPanel seems to be the only consistent feature among web hosting services, but many new users have difficulty navigating it and finding what they need.

How To Install WordPress on Hostinger

Installing WordPress couldn’t be more straightforward. Here below I’ll show you how.

1. First, you select the URL to where WordPress should be installed.

how to install wordpress on hostinger

2. Next, you create the WordPress administrator account.

create wordpress admin

3. Then add a bit of extra information about your website.

extra information

Finally, your WordPress site is getting installed.

wordpress installed

Access login information and details

wordpress login

There you have it, have WordPress installed and ready in just three simple clicks!

If you need a more detailed guide, then check out my step-by-step how to install WordPress on Hostinger here.

Great Security and Privacy

Most people think that all they need is an SSL certificate and they’ll be fine. That isn’t the case though, you need lots more security measures than that to protect your site, and that’s something Hostinger understands and offers their users.

bitninja smart security

Bitninja comes included on all plans. It’s an all-in-one real-time protection suite that prevents XSS, DDoS, malware, script injection, brute force, and other automated attacks.

Hostinger also provides every plan with SpamAssassin, it’s an email spam filter that automatically scans for and removes email spam.

All plans come included with:

  • SSL Certificate
  • Cloudflare Protection
  • Daily Backups to Weekly Data Backups
  • BitNinja Smart Security Protection
  • SpamAssassin Protection

Hats off to Hostinger for taking security so seriously, considering their already cheap shared hosting plans they are still able to provide industry-leading security measures.

Get a Free Domain and Free Website Builder

Hostinger is moving in with the big names in the website building market because this web hosting service helps you build your website from the ground up.

What Hostinger offers is the opportunity to create a unique website with the Zyro website builder. They stay away from cookie-cutter themes that make every site look the same.

Regardless of which plan you go with, you can find the template that suits your look best and customize it away.

website builder

Every part of the page is completely customizable, so there’s no reason you can’t design the website of your dreams. Their templates are beautiful, and the custom website design is easy to navigate.

When you’re ready to put your site on the internet for everyone to see, you’ll pick a domain for free if you’re using either the Premium or Cloud package.

Domain names can be a bit tricky because they seem so cheap at first. But, domain names can become quite expensive.

If you can save a bit of money on a domain now, it’s worth the cost of using a web hosting service.

Best of all, building a website with Hostinger requires zero percent coding or technical knowledge.

Superb Knowledge Base

hostinger knowledge base

That’s right, Hostinger wants to share their knowledge with you, so they provide a complete knowledge base including:

  • General information
  • Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Video walkthroughs

These helpful tools are useful for anyone that’s new to working with a hosting platform. You can learn to solve your problem while you’re waiting for the customer service staff to get back to you.

Unlike most WordPress hosting sites, you won’t have to toggle between your Hostinger web page and a YouTube video to find a feature. Their learning-based business platform also pushes users to learn by communicating with the support team.

All customer service support staff approach their chat conversations with the mentality of a teacher.

This goal of education has made a big difference in customer collaboration. There are more reported errors, and users notice immediately when something on their website isn’t quite right.

Hostinger’s Cheap Prices

Although Hostinger pulls the same tactics that every other web hosting website does, they do have great prices.

In fact, Hostinger is one of the cheapest web hosts on the market, and they include the registration of 1 domain for free. Yes, you have to pay for others, but they’re still affordable prices.

cheap hosting pricing

There’s a lot to say about Hostinger’s prices, but mostly, the focus is that you get a lot of features for very little money.


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Excellent Email Tools

So many people forget the benefits of email tools. When a customer signs up for Hostinger, using the top 2 tier hosting plans, they have access to unlimited emails without any charge. Typically, site owners are very stingy with their email accounts because they quickly become expensive.

But, with Hostinger the site owner can then access webmail from anywhere and manage accounts. Other users can also access their mail whenever it’s convenient for them.

email tools

The email tools include:

  • Email forwarding
  • Autoresponders
  • SpamAssassin Protection

These features are among some of the best features available in any web hosting service. Email forwarding can make sending documents, videos, or eBooks to your customers a breeze. It also means you won’t have to give out a personal email address or even leave your web host website.

Hostinger uses its top-quality email tools to become your hub for communicating with your staff, your team, and your customers. Hostinger has found what website owners needed and delivered outstanding results.

Hostinger has also partnered with Flock to offer better email options to its customers. Flock is a productivity, messaging and collaboration tool, which is available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and desktop. Flock is now available to all Hostinger users.

Knowledgeable Customer Service

There are a ton of things that can go wrong for a customer support team. Unfortunately, customer support for Hostinger isn’t the well-rounded team it should be. Instead, you get outstanding service after a long wait.

hostinger support

The long waiting times aside, the customer service is outstanding. Their support team is very knowledgeable, and they explain what they’re doing to fix your problem.

However, Hostinger has significantly improved the response times of its customer success team. The average chat pickup time now takes less than 2 minutes.

It’s not just the secret technology support person’s dream that you’ll be able to fix it yourself one day, they genuinely want to share what they’re doing.

live chat

Many people enjoy handing off the maintenance responsibilities to the Hostinger web hosting service and call it a day, but the customer service team has a way of pulling you in and getting you involved.

When we started looking at Hostinger’s pros and cons, there was a clear indication that customer service would fall into both segments.

Strong Uptime Record

Apart from page load times, it’s also important that your website is “up” and available to your visitors. Hostinger does what every web hosting platform should do: keep your site online!

Although any web host will occasionally have downtime, hopefully just for regularly scheduled maintenance or updates, you don’t want your site to be down more than a few hours.


Ideally, you’ll have some scheduled downtime without keeping your site offline for more than 3 to 5 hours over the course of the month. I monitor a test site hosted on Hostinger for uptime and server response time.

The above screenshot only shows the past 30 days, you can view historical uptime data and server response time at this uptime monitor page.

Hostinger Cons

Every website hosting option has its downsides, but the question comes down to what you’re willing to put up with and what you’re not. Hostinger isn’t an exception. They do have some negatives, but their positives are very compelling and that makes it difficult to pass up this hosting service.

Slowish Customer Support

The biggest downside here is that you must be logged in (i.e. you have to create an account) to be able to access live chat. It’s not the biggest thing in the world but it can be a negative factor for some.

Customer support is a double-edged sword. Their support teams are outstanding and very knowledgeable. But getting ahold of them can be a bit of a pain.

support hostinger issues

Hostinger’s ability to live chat is useful, and they use Intercom, where all chats are stored and, whether you’d like to go back and read the 5 months old conversations, it will all be available for you.

Then your customer service person might need to find another resource to ensure they’re giving you the correct information. When it comes down to wait times, you’ll probably be frustrated.

There’s also the issue of not being able to contact a customer service person until you’re logged into your account. This restriction means that you can’t ask questions before you go through the sign-up process. You can submit a general inquiry that will create a sort of ticket, but that will have a delayed response time as well.

Simplicity Killed the cPanel

The cPanel was the one constant feature across almost every web hosting service for the last decade or so. Now, Hostinger has taken it away. For the new website owners, it’s not that big of a deal they can’t miss what they never had.

However, when you consider the experienced website owners, and developers who spend many hours a day working on their web hosting service it’s a big letdown.

The simple setup of their customized control panel is nice, but many experienced website owners and developers prefer familiarity over simplicity.

Advanced users would much appreciate the option of a cPanel over Hostinger’s control panel. Again, this isn’t an issue for most users, but some of us prefer the good ol’ cPanel.

Hostinger Pricing (isn’t as cheap as it looks)

Although the shared hosting plans are only a few dollars per month, pricing is a pitfall in this Hostinger web hosting review. The issue isn’t the price itself; it’s the price that comes afterward and the fact that you have to pay annually.

Through experiencing and in researching, there are very few, if any, web hosting services that allow you to pay month to month. But, they all like to advertise that the service is only $3.99 per month!

That’s great, but once you tack on the security (which you need) and tax, you’re paying close to $200 because as soon as you try to pay for only 12-months, it’s suddenly $6.99 per month instead of $3.99.

These unpleasant tactics aren’t limited to Hostinger by any means because a lot of other web hosts use the same tactic. But it is disappointing to see them sinking down and using these annoying tricks.

Hostinger has a continuous “On Sale” option for your first year, and after that, if you sign up for a more extended period, you save on the overall costs.

With Hostinger you must commit to 48 months of service. If you decide that they aren’t your best decision after the 30-day money-return guarantee you will have to climb mountains trying to get your money back.

However, they have no problem upgrading you if you want to go a tier higher. What it comes down to is the annoyance of using a low price to draw people in and then shocking them in the subtotal!

More About Their Payments (Continued)

Aside from the basic pricing setup, there are 2 issues with payments. The first one relates to the hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Within the 30-days there are a few exceptions that don’t qualify for a refund, and they are:

  • Domain transfers
  • Any hosting payment made after the free trial
  • Some ccTLD registries
  • SSL Certificates

The ccTLD registries aren’t common, but do include:

  • .eu
  • .es
  • .nl
  • .se
  • .ca
  • .br
  • Many more

These restrictions on your money-back guarantee are more of a frustration than anything else. It seems to possibly have something to do with transferring money that would result in fees.

Finally, the last con when it comes to payment is that regardless of what plan you’re on, Hostinger only provides 1 website. That means that you have to pay for any additional domains. These domains range from $5 to over $17.00 depending on which extension you select.

Hostinger’s Prices and Plans

This is a very affordable web host when compared to other shared web hosts out there.

Here are their three shared hosting plans and features included:

 Single PlanPremium PlanBusiness Plan
Price:$1.39 per month$2.59 per month$3.99 per month
Websites:Just 1UnlimitedUnlimited
Disk Space:10 GBUnlimited StorageUnlimited Storage
Bandwidth:100 GBUnlimited BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
Databases:1 MySQLUnlimitedUnlimited
Website Builder:YesYesYes
Speed:n/a3x Optimized5x Optimized
Data Backups:WeeklyWeeklyDaily
SSL CertificateLet’s EncryptLet’s Encrypt SSLPrivate SSL
Money Back Guarantee30-Days30-Days30-Days

The most important thing to remember with pricing is their permanent “sale” for your first 48-month payment.

The cheapest option, the shared hosting plan (Single Plan) is only $1.39 per month while the premium shared business plan is $3.45 per month.

These prices are nearly unbeatable, and they would be great prices even without the permanent sale that Hostinger has going on.


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Hostinger Cloud Hosting Plans

They recently launched a new cloud hosting service, and it’s pretty awesome. It’s the web hosting I recommend and what made my test site load in just 0.8 seconds.

Basically, they have created a powerful combination of two services (shared web hosting and VPS hosting) and called it business hosting. The service combines the power of a dedicated server with an easy-to-use hPanel (short for Hostinger Control Panel).

So basically, it’s running on VPS plans without having to take care of all the backend stuff.

Free Domain:YesYesYes
Disk Space:40 GB80 GB160 GB
CPU Cores:246
Speed Boost:n/a2X3X
Cache Manager:YesYesYes
Isolated Resources:YesYesYes
Uptime Monitoring:YesYesYes
1-Click Installer:YesYesYes
Daily Backups:YesYesYes
24/7 Live Support:YesYesYes
Free SSL:YesYesYes
Money Refund Guarantee30-Days30-Days30-Days

Hostinger’s cloud hosting plans give you the power of a dedicated server without the technical struggle to succeed online, delivering speed and reliability.

All in all, it’s a very powerful type of hosting with no technical skills as it’s fully managed by a 24/7 dedicated support team that will help you every step of the way.

Hostinger Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Probably the most common question is about their money refund. Hostinger offers a 30-day money refund and unlike other hosting services that make it a pain to get any form of a refund, you can contact them and tell them you decided it wasn’t a good fit for you.

Of course, they’ll ask you questions, but you won’t get someone trying to upsell you or lock you into a contract.

The 30-day money-back is guaranteed to be hassle-free. This makes it a great option for new bloggers or small business people who aren’t sure that they can handle the technical side.

Here are a few more frequently asked questions:

What is Hostinger?

Hostinger is a web hosting company based out of Lithuania in Europe and the company offers Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Windows VPS plans, Email hosting, WordPress hosting, Minecraft hosting (with more on the way such as GTA, CS GO), and domains. Hostinger is a parent hosting company of 000Webhost, Niagahoster, and Weblink. You can find their official website here.

Do you get a domain for free with Hostinger?

One domain name registration is offered for free if you sign up for their annual Business plan or Premium shared hosting plan.

What payment methods do they accept?

They accept most credit cards, as well as PayPal, Bitcoin, and most other cryptocurrencies.

Is it a good hosting for ecommerce? Do they offer free SSL, shopping carts and payment processing?

Yes, it’s a good web host for online stores as they provide a free SSL certificate, as well as fast servers and security features to guarantee your online store loads fast and is secure.

Do they provide an uptime guarantee and refund you for downtime?

Hostinger provides industry-standard 99.9% service uptime guarantee. If they do not meet this level of service, you can ask for a 5% credit of your monthly hosting fee.

Is it a good hosting service for WordPress sites?

Yes, they fully support WordPress blogs and sites. They offer 1-click WordPress installation via the control panel.

What Features Come With Their Premium & Business Plans Hostinger Offer?

All of them! That’s right, every feature that Hostinger has to offer is available to you. The top 2 web hosting plans are well worth the investment if you’re launching a business or looking to create a site that will see a lot of traffic.


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You’ll get unlimited email accounts at no cost to you. You will also have these great features:

  • Email autoresponders
  • Enable and disable accounts
  • Provide forwarded emails to customers
  • Email spam filtering

There are many more great features, but the features listed here are the features that benefit all users. If you’re looking for a great set of features, the Premium plan or Cloud plans are your best bet.

You can also be sure to find these features in every plan, including the entry-level $1.39 per month plan

  • SSL support
  • SSD servers
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • Anti-malware protection
  • Email accounts
  • Free site builder and domain
  • FTP accounts
  • Website transfer
  • Over 200 website templates
  • Auto script installer
  • Choice of server location

These features make them stand out from other web hosting services as they include more features for lower prices.

How Can I Trust a Web Host I’ve Never Heard of Before?

Okay, so you may never have heard of them before. They started out in 2004 and have been rapidly growing ever since. You can find user reviews on Trustpilot and Quora.

In 2007, they became, a free and with no advertising web hosting service. Then, in 2011 they pivoted into the web hosting company they are today.

They have over 29 million users in 178 countries across the globe, and they get on average 15,000 new sign-ups every day. That’s one new customer signing up every 5 seconds!

So is Hostinger good and safe to use? Well, the above should speak for itself, and I think their shared hosting platform is made of some pretty amazing features at some of the lowest prices in the hosting industry.

Hostinger Review 2023 – Summary

Do I Recommend Hostinger?

Yes, I think is an excellent web host.

Both for complete beginners and seasoned “webmasters”.

There are so many great features at great prices regardless of which hosting plan you decide to purchase.

The shared web hosting plan I recommend is their Premium package, as this offers the most significant value. You’re getting nearly all of the benefits of the cloud hosting package at a much lower cost. Do watch out for their sneaky pricing though!

When you’re looking to set up your web hosting account, determine if you need 5x the estimation on speed. If so, the cloud hosting plan is right for you.

hostinger speed technology

But the plan I really recommend, if you can afford it, is their shared cloud hosting. It’s their “hybrid” shared hosting and VPS hosting service. This one is da bomb!

Probably the most missed feature in Hostinger that nearly every other web hosting website has is phone support. Many people using Hostinger are new users that need help, but for most users live chat and emails/tickets should be enough.

But, Hostinger makes up for it with their in-depth and easy-to-follow video tutorials and walkthroughs. Their excellent chat service is fantastic as well as their staff is very knowledgeable.

Throughout this review of Hostinger, I have repeatedly mentioned the convenience, ease of use, simple interface, and of course the low price. These features that cater to the user experience make this a top choice for any website owner, new or experienced.


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User Reviews


Rated 1 out of 5
December 14, 2022

This company is joke, their interface / dashboard in the backend is not working, tried various browsers without improvement also incognito window.

How such an essential thing cannot work? I cannot see the errors for the last 7 days!! Very sad, don’t recommend, also, getting lots of 4xx errors with them even after restoring it! They told NO 4xx will happen after that, well, there are spikes with 110 errors (4xx), and also 55, and like 13, 8, 4. multiple times per hour.. so how can they promise something and don’t deliver??

And support – 2 hours you wait for their reply to get some help!!

I NEVER had this issue with their basic SHARED hosting plan, but there were ONLY problems after switching over ULTIMATE plan!! Just a bad hosting company.

Avatar for Viliam

Hostinger is the worst hosting provider

Rated 1 out of 5
October 19, 2022

Hostinger is the worst hosting company i have come across and the support is just horrible. Do not spend your hard earned money on this hosting provider because you will be sorry and frustrated in the end.

I bought the business hosting package and have been having issues from the very start. Nearly every week at least twice i get a CPU fault and the percentage of CPU usage is less then 10% in most cases which makes me believe that they use extremely low quality and also apply throttle limits no matter which package you are using. Support is just simply dumb and comes up with copy paste responses of plugin issues even when you have 0 plugins you will come across this issue. Secondly the logs do not point to any plugin related issues and thirdly when you ask for an RCA they just disappear and do not respond. My current issue has been ongoing for last 4 days now and still i am waiting to hear back from there technical team.

Don’t forget you will always get low server response and DB related issues on top of this. Live support chat takes at least 1 hour before responding and they claim five mins lol.

In the document you can see the following in detail

1. Issue was with performance and as usual CPU faults. The support staff creating a blank HTML page with the words hostinger and claimed that our server response time is excellent :D. Can you imagine a blank HTML page being used to test server response lol

2. Issue is related to redirect from non www to www domain.

3. Trying to Transfer a website from Zoho Builder to Hostinger. You can see the knowledge of the support staff and how someone completely new to hosting can mess up things if they follow them

4. Error establishing a database connection. Once again i am facing this issue and this has been very consistent. This time they admitted that they are doing some maintenance and as usual no one informed about it.

5. CPU Fault once again and this time i had enough so decided to post everything online.

Avatar for Hammad

Support could be better

Rated 4 out of 5
April 28, 2022

I hosted my first and only site with Hostinger because of the cheap price. So far, it’s been working flawlessly. The support is lacking and could be better, but they have been able to solve all my issues. It’s just a little slow.

Avatar for Miguel

Must be the cheapest host

Rated 5 out of 5
March 19, 2022

Hostinger’s cheap price is what attracted me to the service. I love the free domain and the free email on top of it. I got everything I need to run my online business for such a cheap price. I even got free Google Ads credits. The only catch is I had to get the 4-year plan to get the cheap price. If you go for the 4-year plan, you pay less than half what you would with any other web host and get all the features you need including a free domain name. What’s not to like?

Avatar for Kiwi Tim
Kiwi Tim

Not worth it

Rated 2 out of 5
March 8, 2022

I purchased Premium Hosting Plan and regret it. It is very buggy, constant problems with databases, file manager. It may work today, but tomorrow it will not – and that happened a lot. At least support is good but it doesn’t matter as I cannot do anything but wait until their service will suddenly work again

Avatar for Ihar

Perfect for my personal project

Rated 4 out of 5
February 21, 2022

Hostinger is hands down one of the cheapest web hosts on the internet. It’s great for hosting personal sites and client sites that don’t use a lot of server resources. But if you are planning on running an eCommerce site or something as complex as that, Hostinger might not be the best web host for you. I have 5 of my clients’ sites on Hostinger and haven’t faced almost any downtime. The support team is really slow and isn’t as technically competent as they need to be so it can take a lot of time to get them to fix stuff. Hostinger is great for personal sites but I wouldn’t recommend it for big projects.

Avatar for Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez

Except for Customer Support

Rated 4 out of 5
October 4, 2021

Hostinger is almost flawless for me, except for its poor customer support. Sometimes the billing system also get weird. Beyod that, Hostinger is impressive.

Avatar for Troy C
Troy C

Highly Recommended

Rated 5 out of 5
October 3, 2021

Hostinger’s price first captures my interest. While sticking to it for several years, I have found out that it’s quite impressive with its free domain, Google Ads credit, LiteSpeed, and website builder. It’s also easy to use with reasonable customer service.

Avatar for Tanya W
Tanya W

Cheapest Yet the Best!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 9, 2021

My experience with Hostinger is totally awesome. This web hosting company offers different hosting plans and some comes with a free domain. I love using the Zyro website builder. Yet, the best thing I love most is being the cheapest of all but with many great features you will surely cherish.

Avatar for Sam Gucci
Sam Gucci


Hello, Sam! We are delighted to be a part of your success. Our mission is to offer a stable, fast, and simple website hosting solution at a price so low that nobody can beat it – it is fabulous to see that our mission has been completed. Thank you for sharing your insights! Team Hostinger

My Own View of Hostinger

Rated 2 out of 5
September 9, 2021

Hostinger claims to be the cheapest in the market. However, once you’re there for years, you will see the difference. The company has lot of upsells. Not all plans offer a free domain. It has unreliable support that lets you wait for 30 minutes and even more. Its speed get slower than usual as your website grows. It’s not a good thing to recommend.

Avatar for Shy Me
Shy Me


Hello, Shy. Thank you for sharing your feedback. Our team sincerely hopes your website now is doing better than ever, but if you still have any questions or you face obstacles, feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] We would love to dig deeper into your case and upscale your experience to the maximum! – Team Hostinger

Convenience, value, service

Rated 5 out of 5
March 9, 2021

This is my first time developing a webpage, and I am very pleased with Hostinger! Very prompt answers to questions. They have been very responsive. I am fully satisfied and I will recommend this to my friends who are looking for similar services.

Avatar for Kayla Edwards
Kayla Edwards


Hello, Kayla! Thank you for sharing your experience and recommending our services. It is thrilling to know you can work on your projects with peace of mind. We promise we work every day to reach the highest standards, improve our services, and provide you with the experience that only gets better in time. Wishing you a wonderful day, Team Hostinger

Overhaul your customer support NOW

Rated 3 out of 5
February 11, 2021

I have been a loyal and paying customer for a year now. I have had good experiences in the early months of my subscription. What in the world is happening now? Do your support staff have any knowledge in the service you guys are providing? Because when I bring up a problem with them they seem to space out or something.

Avatar for Randy


Dear Randy, your satisfaction is the primary concern for us, and we are thankful for your feedback as it is the key to improve our services. We aim to make things right for you and fix this situation. Thus we kindly ask you to contact us via email at [email protected] with more details regarding your case. Our team will take a look and do our best to upscale your experience. Looking forward to your email!

Good server uptime

Rated 5 out of 5
January 14, 2021

This web host is honest and practicing good business. I would categorize myself as a beginner and they have been transparent with everything to me, no hidden fees at all. They are there to help. Exactly what I needed, they help you every step of the way.

Avatar for Keith Parker
Keith Parker


Our hard work and dedication pay off when we see that you can work on your project with complete freedom and happiness. Thank you for being with us; we promise to be by your side every time you need us. Let’s keep in touch! Best regards, Team Hostinger

Highly Recommended Web Hosting Service

Rated 5 out of 5
September 14, 2020

I have only started using Hostinger’s service a couple of weeks ago, so I don’t have a lot of experience with them. but at least right now, I can’t recommend Hostinger highly enough.

Avatar for Zheng TW
Zheng TW

Worst service hostinger

Rated 1 out of 5
August 16, 2020

Worst service hostinger. 1. Day 1: shared hosting: simple dynamic website hit process limit frequently. Reason unknown. Code was perfectly working in another hosting with lower config. Day 2: contact to support: first email, they told me memory limit is fixed in shared hosting so you should move to cloud hosting. I said no, and I manually stop the processes, and again site was working – (Support conclusion: Upgrade to new server they have recommended to me ) Day 5: shared hosting limit reached again, reason unknown… Email support after 10hours (site down) told me to upgrade again. Day 10: same. Day 11: upgrade to cloud hosting which is totally throwing money on it as its not requested by my code as it is simple, dynamic website, not heavy. Day 15: execution time of PHP was so tight (60 sec) which I want to make (600 Sec). (Old server was providing unlimited time option for this) so I contacted support, they said, OUR RESOURCE IS LIMITED FOR SHARED AND CLOUD HOSTED. Now My mind stuck after that comment support told me to upgrade to VPS ( seriously!!! Do I really needs to spend 200$ each month on this hosting) Guys, don’t go for hostinger. I never recommend you to go for it.

Avatar for Digiwhale


Hello there! Thank you for letting us know about it. We want to apologize for the inconvenience you have faced while using Hostinger. We understand how frustrating this situation is for you, and as we aim for your happiness and business success, we don’t feel happy about this case either. The fact that your chosen plan is not enough for your site is actually a good indicator that your website is growing. And as we strive to provide the best experience for our users, we have differentiated plans for all kinds of websites. If the Shared and Cloud hosting plans were not enough, and you are not interested in changing it to VPS, there are other alternatives to upgrade your website. We highly recommend optimizing it to reach the best possible speed. And to do that, we are always here to help. Since we want to turn your experience around, please reach out to us at [email protected] regarding your review. Our dedicated team will check your website and do everything in their power to fix the limit issue ASAP. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We’ll be waiting for your email. Best wishes, Hostinger

Why didn’t I find it earlier?

Rated 4 out of 5
August 8, 2020

I wish I had found Hostinger earlier. My website was down all the time before Hostinger and my previous web host never answered my questions. There customer support team wasn’t knowledgible enough I guess. With Hostinger, it’s smooth sailing. I moved my site to their servers a few weeks back and have had a great experience. The customer support is great compared to the crappy experience I had with my previous host. Also, my website scores higher on speed test scores.

Avatar for E.Saki

The Worst Host I’ve Tried

Rated 1 out of 5
August 6, 2020

I have jumped through 100 hoops to get my website to a 99% page score on GT Metrix and it still takes over 1 minute to load. Wordpress Installation with Elementor that loads in 2.5 seconds Hostgator & Bluehost is taking literally over a minute. Absurd. I am locked into a 4 year contract with no option to pro-rate the refund. Also, my SEO rankings have tanked due to their DDoS attack. Save yourself the time and money and avoid this company like the plague

Avatar for Kyle


Dear Kyle, We apologize for the inconvenience you’ve faced while using our services. As we reach for the highest standards, this situation is not acceptable for us either. We are working towards being the fastest WordPress hosting providers on the market, therefore your case sounds unusual and we want to investigate it further. As we were unable to locate you in our system, could you please send us an email at [email protected] Our team will be glad to fix the speed issues for you! We really hope that we can upscale your experience and skyrocket your business together! Thank you for your patience, Kyle. Best wishes, Team Hostinger

Lousy Hosting & Lousy Support

Rated 1 out of 5
August 3, 2020

Hostinger International ( Over the past few decades I have had the pleasure of working with numerous hosting companies within the USA and overseas. Some have been better than others as to be expected. Due to the client’s needs, I learned “the hard way” that is the ABSOLUTE WORST hosting company I have done business with in over a decade. REASONS: 1) Their “hPanel” is designed for the single client ONLY. Although they show ability for an IT Contractor to have an account and obtain “granted permission” to access the client’s account, ALL TRACKING to include messages, emails, and purchases are SOLELY tracked for the client. This means that to get support, which often takes days, it MUST go through the client’s email account instead of direct. Additionally, any purchases made by the contractor directly are added to the client NO MATTER who purchased and what credit card was used. 2) Support is handled by messenger & follow-up emails. Basically, you can leave a message and HOPE to get an email (through the client’s email account). Usually, the first email is something straight out of a FAQ list and it takes 2-3 emails back and forth before you get close to an answer to the original question. #dontbuy #badhost

Avatar for Michael Hudson
Michael Hudson


Dear Michael, We sincerely apologize for such an unsatisfactory experience you had and totally understand how frustrating it was for you. We don’t feel happy about it either. Thank you for your insights regarding the hPanel features, it is already submitted to our product team. Since we are continually working towards improving it, your feedback makes it easier for us! Your case was investigated, and currently, we can see that our CS team is communicating with you regarding it. As for Customer Success, currently we’ve switched to an email based communication, but we are working hard to bring back the Live Chat for more comfortable communication between both sides. This is our goal! Thank you for your patience and understanding. We really hope that we can upscale your experience from now on and make everything work like a charm! Best regards, Team Hostinger

Better than my last web host

Rated 5 out of 5
July 11, 2020

I moved my site over to Hostinger because my last web host was charging me way too much. When I found out about Hostinger’s cheap pricing, I moved one of my sites over to them just to test the waters and I was impressed. My site is a bit faster and the customer support is good. I have now moved all my sites to my Hostinger accoiunt.

Avatar for Oster

Good experience

Rated 5 out of 5
July 7, 2020

Hostinger seems to cop a lot of criticism, but my experience with them has been nothing but positive. Great actually! For the cheap price you pay the features are amazing, and my site loads quickly. Keep it up Hostinger and thanks!!!!

Avatar for Jonas Borg
Jonas Borg

Go for Something else

Rated 1 out of 5
July 5, 2020

The fact is I have been using Hostinger since 8 months now. Recently in the last week of June 2020, my site was down for a long time. I found that it was Hostingers issue. They then corrected it and gave me a free SSL as compensation. Till today, (5th July 2020) Hostinger breaks every now and then. Their service is pathetic. CSE are newbies. Totally idiots. I am looking for something better than Hostinger. What can you suggest? I had bought Hostinger plan for 4 years. Thats a total waste of money. Initially they had a wonderful customer service through chat.(Which is the easy way of expressing your problem). Now they have removed chat and contact is through email only. Their status page always mentions fake data. When their site is down, they say, its working from their end. They use proxies to fool customers. Totally a bunch of idiots

Avatar for smartDIYer

Hostinger is overrated

Rated 2 out of 5
June 30, 2020

If you are serious about your site or business and want to grow then never go with this hosting. Their plans are cheap but trust me it’s not worth it. Hostinger is overrated. Yes, when I say it is overrated than I actually mean it. From the very first day when I took their hosting plan, I have been literally banging my head on the wall. The support is ok but there Customer support agent only knows to say Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade and nothing. At first, I was purchased their premium plan, whenever I get more than 5 live users, my site gets too slow or start showing 503 error. And whenever I ask them that my site is slow or is not opening or showing 503 error, all they reply is that my site is not optimized, Read our article and follow the Gtmatrix suggestion blah blah blah! The traffic is too much and what not! If not anything then they say to upgrade into next higher plan which is a business plan. Then I upgraded into a business plan but still, the same issue and reply are also the same, Now, they are saying to upgrade into a cloud plan for just 5-6 live users. Seriously? I had only one domain hosted. The total number of visitors per day is not more than 300 because the sites are new and have no promotion etc as yet. One more thing, From when I moved my site here NORMALLY My WordPress dashboard takes more than 3 min to load completely and whenever I edit my post or publish, it takes more than 4 min to complete, even sometimes it fails and start showing 503 error. Whenever I ask regarding this issue too there support team, they again say the same thing, The Site is not optimized so Wp-admin is also a part of your website, so it is as well affected, Read our article and follow the Gtmatrix suggestion blah blah blah! The traffic is too much and what not! If not anything then they say to upgrade into the higher plan, Now you can imagine the quality of services with this only. And the total traffic to that site was 3 visitors. I have worked with other big companies like Bluehost and ResellerClub with the same plan as well, but seriously in the last 5 years I have never had any problem with them but Hostinger is absolute garbage. The main reason behind this issue is my site is touching the resources limit, which is memory because they are providing very less memory limit only 1GB even in cloud plan they provide 3GB. Which is nothing and can’t handle a small site. I told them I can’t upgrade into your cloud plan for just 5 to 6 live users and requested them to increase the resources limit separately but they said all they can do is upgrade the account. to what? another crappy service! Their service is obviously frustrating and their support is frustrating too. This was my biggest mistake that I moved my site here. I can’t explain how I am fleeing right now. I am still waiting for 2 days for a good response with a perfect solution from Hostinger with some hope if not then Luckily I have a few days left to end refund. Personally, I am a Youtuber with more than 80k subscribers and will make a true review of this ill company (Hostinger) to save people money and time. In last, I just want to say DON’T BUY HOSTING FROM THIS RIDICULOUSLY STUPID COMPANY.

Avatar for Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh


Hello, Ayush, Thank you for taking your time to leave us such an insightful review. We are sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience, but we really appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. We have located your account for further investigation. The fact that your chosen plan was not enough for your site is actually a good indicator that your website is growing. We are happy to congratulate you on that! As you already know, all plans differ according to various website’s sizes and needs. If you are not interested in changing your plan, our agents suggest you to consider some other alternatives that helps in optimizing your website. Our team has plenty of tips and tricks that helps to reach the best possible performance of your website, and whenever you need a helping hand, they are here to assist you with it. We’d be super sad to see you go, but if you do, we hope you will give us another chance to prove us worthy of your trust in the future. Best wishes, Team Hostinger

Premium hosting for such a cheap price

Rated 4 out of 5
May 25, 2020

I don’t have any experience with other web hosts. But I haven’t had any problems setting up my blog with Hostinger. I am not good with computers and stuff but Hostinger’s support team has helped me out so many times. Great value for money! They are giving premium service for a cheap price.

Avatar for Ramon

Great Support

Rated 5 out of 5
May 1, 2020

I have only had bad experiences with most other web hosts. The customer service in the web hosting service industry is always hit or miss. Mostly miss. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Hostinger’s customer support. They are reliable and patient. Even when it is a problem on my end, they help me out. And the pricing is much chepaer than most web hosts out there.

Avatar for Dwight R
Dwight R

You get what you pay for

Rated 4 out of 5
April 29, 2020

I like it that the pricing is so cheap but you need to remember not to have very high expectations of this service. I did and I was a bit disappointed. Just lower your expectations. You will get what you pay for. The service is great and the customer support is okay. They are quick to answer and friendly. But if you are expecting premium quality services for the cheap price like I was, you will be awfully disappointed. If you are running a serious business, I wouldn’t recommend Hostinger. But if you are a beginner, you should give it a try.

Avatar for Stinson

Good Experience

Rated 3 out of 5
April 22, 2020

I heard about Hostinger from a colleague. The first time I saw their less than a dollar pricing, I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a scam. But then I read the good reviews. My experience hasn’t been all roses and rainbows but it is much better than all other hosts I have tried. Considering the cheap price, it is a great deal. They offer so many features even on their cheapest plan.

Avatar for Carmen TX
Carmen TX

The worst!

Rated 1 out of 5
March 31, 2020

Hostinger is the worst hosting of all.

Avatar for Geralyn Ty Chico
Geralyn Ty Chico


Dear Geralyn, We strive for our customer’s success and want each and every one of our users to feel happy. Thanks to the comment you wrote, we were able to investigate your case further. We can see that our Customer Success team has already solved your discussed issues. Would you mind telling us what else could we do to make you feel happier about our service? We would be happy to improve! Please contact us at [email protected] regarding your case. Looking forward to hearing from you, Geralyn. Best regards, Team Hostinger

Great support/ great price

Rated 4 out of 5
February 27, 2020

I had a rough start when I started but the support team helped me out. A friend recommended Hostinger. So far, I have faced no downtime and it was very easy to move my domains and data from Bluehost to Hostinger. I got stuck a lot but the support team answered all my lengthy questions without getting frustrated. Even though I am a newbie, I was able to move my sites over without any downtime.

Avatar for Finn


Rated 5 out of 5
February 2, 2020

Hostinger is the cheapest web host I have found on the Internet. Even though the $1 a month pricing is only applicable if you pay for 48 months in advance, I have had a great experience running my first site on Hostinger. If you are looking to save some money, go for Hostinger.

Avatar for F.Wiles

Support is totally clueless

Rated 3 out of 5
January 13, 2020

I moved over my site to Hostinger a couple of months ago. The pricing is great but the customer support experience has been hell. My site runs fine for the most part but I have had some issues. The customer support team is friendly and helpful but they aren’t good at what they do. They haven’t been able solve some of my problems. My WordPress site wasn’t working well and I couldn’t get them to help me fix it. They kept sending me links to articles about WordPress issues. If I were a web developer, why would I bother tech support?

Avatar for Lou@FL

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