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Are you launching your first WordPress site and need to find a premium managed WordPress host? Or, do you have an established site and are thinking about making a change to a company like Kinsta that’s faster loading, more secure, and jam-packed with features?

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Kinsta Review Summary (TL;DR)
Rated 3.7 out of 5
From $35 per month
Hosting Types
Managed WordPress & WooCommerce Hosting
Speed & Performance
Nginx, HTTP/2, LXD containers, PHP 8.0, MariaDB. Server-level caching. Cloudflare CDN
Fully managed and optimized WordPress stack
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Free SSL. WordPress centric security (DDoS detection, hardware firewalls + more)
Control Panel
MyKinsta (proprietary)
Free premium migrations. Self-healing technology, Automatic DB optimization, Hack and malware removal. WP-CLI, SSH, and Git
Refund Policy
30-day money-back guarantee
Privately-owned (Budapest, Hungary)
Current Deal
Try Kinsta for FREE for 30 days

Whatever the case may be, know that there are so many WordPress hosts out there vying for the business of all website owners, including yours.

One of the best premium WordPress hosts out there right now is Kinsta. It’s a game-changer when it comes to high-performance speed and security managed WordPress hosting. This Kinsta review will tell you everything you need to know about this revolutionary WordPress hosting solution.

Pros and Cons

Kinsta Pros

  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Powered by Google Cloud Platform (the same technology that Google uses)
  • Fast & secure server stack (PHP 8, HTTP/2, NGINX, MariaDB)
  • Free backups & server-side caching (no need for separate caching plugins)
  • Free SSL and CDN (KeyCDN integration)
  • WordPress centric security (DDoS detection, hardware firewalls + more)
  • Unlimited free site migrations from WP Engine, Flywheel, Pantheon, Cloudways and DreamHost

Kinsta Cons

  • No email hosting
  • Premium pricing isn’t for everyone
  • No phone support

Try Kinsta for FREE for 30 days

From $35 per month

I’m going to take a closer look at Kinsta – a premium managed WordPress hosting provider that is a very popular choice among WordPress site owners (P.S. the results of my speed test is a key reason why people ❤️ Kinsta).

Kinsta reviews on twitter
Overwhelmingly positive reviews from people on Twitter

In this Kinsta review (2023 update) I will look at the most important features of Kinsta, do my own speed test and take you through the pros and cons, to help you decide before you sign up with them for your WordPress site.

Just give me ten minutes of your time, and I will give you all the “must-know” information and facts.

Try Kinsta risk-free for 30 days

Right now they offer unlimited free migrations from WP Engine, Flywheel, Pantheon, Cloudways, and DreamHost

Here is how our web hosting review process works:

1. We sign up for the web hosting plan & install a blank WordPress site.
2. We monitor the site’s performance, uptime, & page load time speed.
3. We analyze the good/bad A2 hosting features, pricing, & customer support.
4. We publish the great review (and update it throughout the year).

Okay, so I mentioned earlier that WordPress site owners love Kinsta…

Here’s what some users say about them on WordPress Hosting, a closed Facebook group with over 9,000 members solely dedicated to WordPress hosting.

webmasters love kinsta
Overwhelmingly positive feedback on the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group

Kinsta Pros

Founded in 2013, Kinsta was created hoping to become the best WordPress hosting platform in the world.

kinsta review

As a result, they built a team consisting of experienced WordPress developers who have made it their job to focus on speed, security, and stability when it comes to web hosting.

But are they really the best in the world?

Let’s take a look.

1. Powered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Kinsta is powered by Google’s Cloud Platform and has moved to GCP’s compute-optimized (C2) VM. Here are their own words as to why they decided to solely use GCP:


Why did Kinsta decide to exclusively use Google’s Cloud Platform, and not offer, for example, infrastructure from AWS and Azure as well?

A couple years ago we decided to move away from Linode. At this time, Google Cloud Platform was still in its infancy, but we loved the direction they were headed. From pricing, to performance, they checked all the boxes when we were evaluating cloud providers (including AWS and Azure).

Google was doing really cool things, such as live migration of virtual machines. Plus, Google is a brand that customers can trust. We saw it as a great way to reinforce the value of our services. At the time, did we take a leap of faith? In some aspects yes, because we were the first managed WordPress host to exclusively use GCP.

But now, years later, all of our competitors are moving to Google Cloud Platform. So we know we made the right choice. We now have the advantage as our team knows Google’s infrastructure better than anyone.

The main reason we didn’t want to offer multiple providers is that it results in subpar support across the board. We wanted our team to focus on one platform and make it the best possible experience for clients.

Kinsta logo
Brian Jackson – Former CMO at Kinsta


Kinsta uses virtual machines in one of Google Cloud Platform’s multiple data centers. And yes, that means that your website is hosted on the same hardware that the people at Google themselves use.

Each virtual machine (VM) has 96 CPUs and hundreds of gigabytes of RAM working for you and your website’s data. These resources are accessed on an as-needed basis, which means scaling your business is not only easy to do, it doesn’t even affect the speed and performance of your website.

google cloud platform

Everything is interconnected using Google Cloud Platform’s premier tier, so no matter where your site visitors are in the world, your site’s data is delivered lightning fast. This is important to know because other hosting providers that utilize Google Cloud Platform opt for the less expensive “standard tier,” which means slower data delivery.

Using Google Cloud Platform is also beneficial because:

  • It offers the world’s largest network (the 9,000km trans-Pacific cable is the highest capacity undersea cable ever to exist)
  • You can bet the data centers are more than secure (remember, Google trusts it)
  • It provides more affordable pricing with its minute-level increments, meaning you truly only pay for what you use, and nothing more
  • Google offers live transfers of machines so that any time a repair, patch, or software updates needs doing, the process is as seamless as possible

Google Cloud Platform gives hosting customers the reassurance that their site’s data is safe, secure, and served as fast as possible.

speed and security

2. Serious Site Speed

Sites that load slowly aren’t likely to rise to the top in any niche. A study from Google found that a one-second delay in mobile page load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%.

Ensuring top speed levels is another one of their main goals.

load time speed

To start, they offer 24 different datacenters located throughout the world – USA, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and South America – and you can choose a separate one for each of your WordPress websites if you want.

Next, they offer Amazon Route 53 premium DNS for all customers. In other words, they offer reduced latency and geolocation routing to help online stability, speed, and performance at all times.

Lastly, they have partnered up with KeyCDN, a powerful content network delivery, that will deliver static content such as images, JavaScript, and CSS instantly no matter where in the world your site visitors are located. Not to mention, all hosting plans come with free bandwidth.

Need a little more? Kinsta also wants you to know their WordPress stack of PHP 7.4, Nginx, HTTP/2, and Maria DB help make your site load the fastest it ever has.

And you don’t even have to do anything.

So.. how fast is Kinsta?

An important part of this Kinsta review is to test their performance by doing a comparison of this website (hosted on SiteGround) and an exact copy of it (but hosted on Kinsta).

That is:

  • First, I’ll test this website’s performance at my current host (SiteGround).
  • Then, I’ll test that exact same website (a cloned copy) at Kinsta.

By doing this test you’ll:

  • Know how fast a site hosted on Kinsta really loads
  • Get help deciding if you should consider moving over to them

Here’s how my homepage (on this site – hosted on SiteGround) performs on Pingdom:

homepage siteground pingdom

It loads in 1.24 seconds. That’s actually really fast in comparison to many other hosts – Because SiteGround is no rocket by any means.

The question is, can Kinsta beat this speed? Let’s find out…

homepage pingdom

The exact same homepage on Kinsta (I cloned my entire site and hosted it on Kinsta) loads in 0.544 seconds.

That’s really impressive! My homepage on Kinsta loads almost 0.7 seconds faster than on SiteGround.

Now that’s impressive! (note to self: consider moving this site to Kinsta)

What about GTmetrix, another reputable website speed and performance tool?

Here’s how the homepage (this site – hosted on SiteGround) performs on GTmetrix:

homepage siteground gtmetrix

It loads in 2.2 seconds. Again, this is really fast in comparison to many other hosts. So what about Kinsta?

homepage gtmetrix

The exact same homepage on Kinsta (I cloned my entire site and hosted it on Kinsta) loads in 1.5 seconds.

Again that’s a speed improvement of about half a second! Kinsta also delivers better performance in terms of smaller page size and fewer requests.

So what to make of all this?

All in all, I think it’s pretty safe to say that if you decide to host your WordPress site on Kinsta then it’ll load fast. And so it should, because you are paying for premium performance and service!


Try Kinsta’s WordPress hosting risk-free for 30 days


I have created a test site hosted on Kinsta to monitor uptime and server response time:

The above screenshot only shows the past 30 days, you can view historical uptime data and server response time at this uptime monitor page.

3. Impressive Site Security

Adding to the fact that Google Cloud Platform is on lock down at all times, know that they take your site’s security very seriously by implementing several tools and policies to protect site data it hosts:

  • Live site monitoring every minute
  • DDoS attack detection once it happens
  • Proactive prevention of malicious code from entering the network
  • Daily backups of your site
  • Built-in hardware firewalls
  • 2-factor authentication to protect your account login
  • IP banning after 6 failed login attempts
  • Hack-free guarantee (with a free fix if something does get in)
  • Free Let’s Encrypt certificates with one-click installation
  • Automatic minor WordPress security patches applied

If anything happens to your website, and you need to restore it using a backup, you can access the restore option in your MyKinsta dashboard.

kinsta backups

As you can see, they leave very little out when it comes to securing your website and its files. And while you can still opt to install additional security measures on your WordPress site once it launches, you can always rest easy in the fact that Kinsta is helping you too.

4. User-Friendly Dashboard

People don’t usually like it when hosting providers stray from the typical cPanel or Plesk dashboards for managing their hosted websites.

But if you’re one of those people, you may change your mind after seeing the MyKinsta dashboard.

mykinsta dashboard

Not only is this dashboard intuitive to use, and has everything you need to manage your sites, your accounting information, and more, the MyKinsta dashboard comes with:

  • Access to the 24/7 support team via Intercom (in both English and Spanish, with more languages coming soon!)
  • Easily add new WordPress sites
add new wordpress sites
  • The ability to launch migrations, check for plugin updates, take a backup, and even clear the cache
  • Easy navigation between staging environments and live sites
  • Full domain name (DNS) management
  • WordPress plugin monitoring, IP denying, CDN data, and user logs
  • Tools such as: Kinsta cache plugin, SSL certificates, New Relic monitoring, and PHP Engine switches
mykinsta tools

And to top it off, the MyKinsta dashboard is fully responsive by design so you can access it on the go from your mobile device without missing a beat.

In the end, we’d be surprised if you shunned this proprietary dashboard like so many others in the past.

Because in all honesty, it’s super easy to use, has everything you need to access in one place, and just looks cool.

5. Superior Support

If you’re like me then the goal is to never – ever – have to talk to contact your web host’s support team.

But.. we all know that sh&# happens.

Kinsta will tell you that their support team is made up of only the best.

So, what does this mean to you exactly?

It means that there will never be a time when a member of support has to pass you along the line of specialists in search of someone that knows the answer.

Instead, the entire support team is made up of highly-skilled WordPress developers and Linux engineers, who quite frankly, know what they’re doing.

Plus, they boast a less than 5-minute ticket response time and will reach out to you the minute they notice something is wrong.

support team

You can access live chat in the MyKinsta dashboard 24/7 using Intercom, an advanced chat feature that lets you navigate your dashboard without being tied to a specific window.

And if you want, you can always just submit a support ticket to have your issue resolved.

Curious to know why they don’t offer live phone support? Well, they have a good reason:

  • Ticket systems let them know immediately who you are and what plan you have
  • The messaging systems allows for screenshots, links, videos, and code snippets for pinpointing issues better
  • Automatic links to the Knowledge Base can happen during a chat
  • All support tickets and chats are saved just in case you or the support team need them in the future

Kinsta wants to focus all its efforts on online support. And, since they claim to be able to get in touch with you nearly instantly, and want to make sure there are no additional distractions, it makes sense to not have live phone support.

6. Developer-Friendly

Yup, you guessed it.

In addition to being very user-friendly for those that are just starting out with a web host, Kinsta also pulls for the WordPress developers looking for a reliable hosting provider.

In fact, because many of the people at Kinsta are WordPress developers themselves, it only made sense to make sure they offered advanced features in their hosting plans for those as experienced as them.

Here is what you can expect when you choose Kinsta for you hosting needs as a web developer:

  • DevKinsta – design, develop, and deploy WordPress sites locally. DevKinsta is free forever, and available for macOS and Windows.
  • No lock into a single WordPress configuration so there’s more flexibility in installs
  • SSH access and GIT on all Business 1 plans and higher
  • Pre-installed WP-CLI (Command line interface for WordPress)
  • Ability to run different PHP versions between sites and staging environments
  • Automatic backup restores in staging sites too
  • Support for complex reverse proxy configurations

In addition, developers have access to premium add-ons such as Elasticsearch, Cloudflare Railgun, and Redis.

You can expect more, as they continually roll out new amazing features:


With so many new features becoming available to Kinsta users, like hourly backups, one-click downloadable backups, multi-user access, and permission system, what’s next on Kinsta’s radar to roll out?

Here is a short list of some things we have coming down the pipe for Q4:

– Tighter integrations with our MyKinsta dashboard and CDN partner.

– Additional options to make switching/enabling HTTPS on sites even easier.

– New Google data center locations (Hong Kong, Zürich).

– Making PHP 7.3 available once it is released.

– Improvements to our billing system to make managing your account easier, as well as better handling of additional currencies for international clients.

– Switching from a development domain to a live domain will be easier than ever.

– Behind the scenes improvements to our support system will help our Engineers be faster than ever when assisting a client.

– Improvements to our DNS Editor UI.

Self-healing PHP, automatic MySQL database optimizations, and GCP firewall.

Kinsta logo
Brian Jackson – Former CMO at Kinsta


7. Kinsta is optimized for WordPress

Kinsta aims to optimize your WordPress site beyond what other WordPress hosts do. They want your website to render properly, load fast, and your users to have the most seamless experience possible.

Take a look at what they do to make this happen:

  • Server-level Caching. Enjoy full page caching at the server level so data is delivered instantly to site visitors. Combine this with the exclusive Kinsta caching solution and clear your cache on your own terms.
built in server caching
  • eCommerce Functionality. They understand that eCommerce sites demand a lot of resources and use up a lot of data to run. That’s why they’ve worked hard to balance performance and functionality so customers get what they need, and so do you.
  • New Relic Monitoring. Every site that’s hosted on Kinsta includes 288 uptime checks a day thanks to the New Relic performance monitoring tool. This gives the support team time to react and inform you anytime something suspicious is detected. It also helps pinpoint exact moments things went wrong so support can solve the issues right away.

If you have a WordPress website and host your site with them, you can bet things will be optimized to work with your specific content management system.

8. Unlimited free site migrations

Kinsta offers new customers unlimited free migrations to all Cloudways, WP Engine, Flywheel, Pantheon, and DreamHost customers wanting to make the move to Kinsta.

The great thing about this offer is that it doesn’t matter if you have one WordPress site or fifty, because Kinsta’s expert migration team is there to help you migrate your WordPress site or sites over to them.

How to take advantage of their free site migration offer:

  1. Sign up for hosting with Kinsta. Free migrations are available for all of Kinsta’s plans, from Starter to Enterprise, regardless of how many sites you have.
  2. After you signed up to reach out to their support team and they’ll work with you to gather the necessary information in order to get the site migration process started.

9. Free MyKinsta Demo

The MyKinsta Demo is a 100% free account that’s available to anyone interested in giving the custom user and control panel a try.

Visit and register yourself to create your free demo account.

With MyKinsta demo you can test features such as:

  • WordPress site creation.
  • SSL management.
  • Performance monitoring.
  • One-click staging area.
  • Search and replace.
  • PHP version switch.
  • CDN integration.
  • Website backup management.

Kinsta Cons

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably thinking Kinsta might just be the very best in the world. Well, it still might be, but you should know that there are some significant drawbacks that may make you change your mind.

1. No Domain Name Registrations

Currently, they do not offer domain name registrations as many other popular web hosting providers do.

This means that not only do you have to register your domain name with a third-party company and point it to them (which can be tricky for novice website owners), you also don’t benefit from the “free domain name registrations” many web hosting providers give their customers for the first year.

2. No Email Hosting

It’s always convenient to have your hosting provider host your email accounts too. This way you can create emails using your domain (which is professional and great for branding), as well as send/receive emails and manage your accounts from your hosting account.

Unfortunately, they do not offer email hosting either. And while some people claim that hosting your email on the same server as your website is a problem (after all, if your server goes down, so does your email, and then you have no way of contacting anyone, including your customers), some people prefer to manage everything from one spot.

G Suite (previously Google Apps) from $5 per month per email address, and Rackspace from $2 per month per email address, are two good email hosting alternatives.

3. WordPress Plugin Restrictions

Because Kinsta goes out of its way to give its customers exceptional hosting services, they restrict the use of some plugins because they’ll conflict with their services.

Some of the popular plugins you can’t use as customer include:

  • Wordfence and Login Wall
  • WP Fastest Cache and Cache Enabler (WP Rocket version 3.0 and higher is supported)
  • All non-incremental backup plugins like WP DB Backup, All-in One WP migration, Backup Buddy, BackWPup, and Updraft
  • EWWW Image Optimizer (unless you use the EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud version)
  • Performance plugins like Better WordPress Minify, WP-Optimize, and P3 Profiler

Competitors like Liquid Web allows all types of plugins. Though this shouldn’t be a real issue, since Kinsta covers the functionality these plugins provide, some people do prefer to have added control over things like backups, site security, and image optimization.

Kinsta WordPress Plans

Kinsta offers fully managed WordPress hosting for agencies and for anyone that has a WordPress website.

Plans range from $30/month to $900/month, scaling in size and features as the monthly price increases.

kinsta pricing plans

To give an idea of how each plan scales, we’ll take a look at the first three hosting plans available:

  • Starter: This plan includes one WordPress install, 25K monthly visits, 3GB of SSD storage, 50GB CDN, daily backups, 24/7 support, a staging area, free SSL certificates, and a caching plugin for $30/month.
  • Pro: This plan includes 2 WordPress installs, 50K monthly visits, 6GB SSD storage, 100GB CDN, 1 free site migration, Multisite support, daily backups, 24/7 support, a staging area, free SSL certificates, site cloning, and a caching plugin for $60/month.
  • Business 1. This plan includes 3 WordPress installs, 100K monthly visitors, 10GB SSD storage, 200GB CDN, 1 free site migration, Multisite support, daily backups, 24/7 support, a staging area, free SSL certificates, site cloning, SSH access, and a caching plugin for $100/month.
  • Business 2. This plan includes 10 WordPress installs, 250K monthly visitors, 20GB SSD storage, 300GB CDN, 1 free site migration, Multisite support, daily backups, 24/7 support, a staging area, free SSL certificates, site cloning, SSH access, and a caching plugin for $200/month.
  • Their other plans are: Business 3 ($300/mo), Business 4 ($400/mo), Enterprise 1 ($600/mo) and Enterprise 2 ($900/mo).

All plans, no matter which one you choose, let you pick one of 24 data centers on the Google Cloud Platform, and receive expert support, a highly secure network with daily monitoring and security measures, and all-speed features designed to deliver site content immediately.

If you decide to pay early you get 2 months for free! Also, all plans come with free white glove site migrations.


Try Kinsta risk-free for 30 days


Keep in mind that they charge overages if your site runs over the monthly allocated visits and CDN gigabytes:

overage prices
Site visits over-usage is $1 / 1,000 visits and the CDN over-usage is $0.10 / GB

Lastly, it’s good to know that Kinsta also offers WooCommerce hosting. This is great for those with WordPress sites that run online shops using the popular WooCommerce platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Kinsta? Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting company. Their tech stack is powered by Google Cloud – the world’s largest and fastest and most preferred cloud network. Kinsta was founded in 2013 by Mark Gavalda, who is the current CEO of the company. They work with companies such as Intuit, TripAdvisor, ASOS, Drift and FreshBooks.
  1. What type of hosting plans are available with Kinsta? They only provide managed WordPress hosting, with WooCommerce and Enterprise support.
  1. What kind of control panel is used? Kinsta’s custom MyKinsta dashboard has all the features of cPanel and Plesk, and more. Find out more about the MyKinsta site management tool.
  1. Will I receive an SSL certificate? Yes, all customers receive free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for their sites. All plans come with one-click free SSL integration
  1. Can I host an email account? No, Kinsta does not host email accounts for its customers.
  1. Does Kinsta offer domain name registrations? No, you must secure a domain name with a third-party company and connect it to Kinsta when you sign up for one of their hosting plans.
  1. Does Kinsta offer a website builder? No, they do not have a built-in website builder. That said, since it is hosting for WordPress, any site builder, such as Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, or Visual Composer will work with your website.
  1. What kind of customer support can I expect with Kinsta? With Kinsta, you can access live chat support through your MyKinsta dashboard 24/7. You can also submit a ticket request, which is typically answered within 5 minutes of submission by a team of WordPress specialist designed to give you top notch WordPress and Kinsta hosting support.
  1. Do they offer an uptime guarantee and refund for downtime? Their 99.9% uptime guarantee is backed by a service level agreement (SLA) which will guarantee you a 5% credit from your bill’s total in case they do not ensure a 24 hours, 7 days per week service availability. They also have a 30 minutes first time response for emergencies.
  1. What’s their money-back guarantee? If you cancel your hosting account during the first 30 days of service, they will issue a full refund.
  1. What payment options do they offer? They accept all the major credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express (No PayPal)

Kinsta Review 2023 – Summary

Do I recommend Kinsta?

Kinsta is an exceptional managed WordPress hosting solution that has everything you need to run a fast loading and secure WordPress website.

In their own words:

What sets Kinsta apart from the competition when it comes to the three S’s of hosting, speed, security and support?

Even though other providers are now starting to use Google Cloud Platform, we still consider this an advantage for Kinsta. Why? Because we are able to roll out the new data centers immediately when they are available. We now have 24 data centers and counting.

We also include Google’s premium tier network (not the standard tier) on all plans. If a provider doesn’t mention which network they use, it’s most likely they are trying to save money by going with the slower option. The premium tier network ensures lightning-fast latency for all of our clients.

Kinsta uses isolated Linux container technology, which means every WordPress site is completely isolated. This ensures performance and security by design. No resources are shared and every site has its own PHP, Nginx, MySQL, MariaDB, etc. This also allows for auto-scaling for sudden traffic surges as CPU and memory are automatically allocated by our virtual machines as needed.

We partnered up with KeyCDN, one of the fastest HTTP/2 CDN providers in the industry to turbocharge client’s assets (media, JS, CSS) around the globe. While Cloudflare is great, and many of our clients use it, it’s not a real CDN but a proxy service + WAF (it does operate in a similar fashion). Because of this, Cloudflare comes with some overhead (additional TTFB) due to the fact that it’s sitting between the site and the host. For our clients, we wanted the fastest latency and network speeds unbarred from anything in-between.

We support two-factor authentication, GeoIP blocking, automatically ban repeat IPs (over a certain threshold), and enforce strong passwords on all new installs. We even have an IP deny tool in our dashboard which allows our clients to manually block IPs if needed. We have hardware firewalls, active and passive security, and other advanced features to prevent access to data. And for all Kinsta clients, we offer free hack fixes if on the off chance their site is compromised.

We are the fastest managed WordPress host to push out the latest versions of PHP when they become available. Not only is this needed for security reasons, but also for performance. We have a CEO (developer by trade) who is obsessed with performance, so ensuring we run the latest software is something our team takes very seriously.

Kinsta does support a little differently than the rest, and it’s truly what sets us apart. We offer 24×7 support via Intercom. But we don’t have different level-tiered support reps. All of our support team members are highly skilled Linux Engineers and WordPress developers. This ensures that our clients aren’t being bounced around and their problem is resolved quickly.

Our average ticket response time is less than five minutes, usually less than two. We also monitor uptime on all client sites 24×7 and pride ourselves on being proactive. If a site goes down for any reason, whether it is server-related or even plugin-related, we’ll reach out right away. A lot of times before you even know something is wrong.

Kinsta logo
Brian Jackson – Former CMO at Kinsta

And to top it off, with stellar customer support, a user-friendly control panel dashboard, and developer-friendly tools, the established WordPress website owner has much to gain from using Kinsta hosting.

In fact, someone looking for those features may just believe Kinsta is the best Google Cloud WordPress hosting solution in the world.

That said, this type of hosting might be a little advanced for beginner website owners. And at a starting price of $30/month for the most basic hosting services, those on a tight budget may not want all the nag for their buck, no matter how great it seems.

So, if you’re in the market for fully managed WordPress hosting and are thinking about upgrading to another hosting provider, check out Kinsta and see what how you like it. You never know, the features, speed, security, and customer support may be just what you’re looking for.


Try Kinsta for FREE for 30 days

From $35 per month

User Reviews

Superb customer support

Rated 5 out of 5
May 2, 2022

Kinsta’s customer support is better than any other web host out there. Their dashboard is very easy to use and their support team is always ready to help you. My site loads up really fast and I was able to choose a datacenter for my site that was in my country. That’s something most web hosts don’t allow you to do.

Avatar for Kimmi

WordPress hosting!

Rated 4 out of 5
April 27, 2022

What I like about Kinsta is that it makes launching and managing a WordPress website really easy. If you are someone like me who isn’t good with computers, I would highly recommend using Kinsta for your website. The only thing I dislike is how little space and bandwidth you get for the premium price tag. If you host a lot of videos and images on your website, be ready to see some overage charges in your invoces.

Avatar for BennyB

Should have moved sooner

Rated 5 out of 5
March 1, 2022

I have been a paying customer with Kinsta for the last 3 years. The quality of their service keeps getting better every year. My site gets a lot of traffic every day and Kinsta’s servers are able to handle all of it without breaking a sweat. Even on days when I was getting somewhere around 20,000 visitors a day from my Facebook Ads, Kinsta was able to handle that load.

Avatar for Tobias

Too Costly

Rated 2 out of 5
September 23, 2021

It may have some advanced features exclusively for Kinsta but the price is too high for me. I’d rather to my current web hosting provider. Sorry but this my honest review here.

Avatar for Jacob J
Jacob J

Free Trial

Rated 5 out of 5
September 9, 2021

Kinsta’s 30-day free trial offer lets me see Kinsta at its best. It has flawless technical support, an awesome technology, and superior speed. I love recommending this to you all!

Avatar for Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson

Upselling is Annoying

Rated 2 out of 5
September 9, 2021

Kinsta’s premium plans has lots of upsells. Prices are even higher than usual for the various tools the company upsells. I hate it. It really annoys me.

Avatar for Joyce Royce
Joyce Royce

No, not the best in the world

Rated 3 out of 5
February 8, 2021

For the prices they charge you and the premium feeling interface you’d think they could assist you with the same level of grace. Unfortunately not. They should realize to be the best in the world they should look into concerns of their customers as well. Having a great product without good support still makes an overall bad thing.

Avatar for Kaitlin


Rated 5 out of 5
January 14, 2021

Excellent performance, 100% uptime ever since day one. I have worked with a TON of previous providers and none of them could match the features and service provided by Kinsta. They are there when you need them. No need to look elsewhere, go with Kinsta.

Avatar for Jane Lee
Jane Lee

Kinsta, nein danke!

Rated 1 out of 5
October 13, 2020

War bei Kinsta mit 5 Websites (kostet etwa so viel wie 10 Seiten bei Wpengine) und – was soll man sagen? 1.6 Sekunden idle time bei der Server Connectivity. Also ab in den Chat und nur Standardantworten und Links zu Artikeln bekommen, in denen Sie einem sagen, dass man einen Developer nehmen soll. Ich habe dort sogar mit einer Managerin gechattet, die mir nochmal in freundlich gesagt hat, ich solle mich sonstwo hinscheren. Hab ich auch gemacht. Bin direkt zu einem Mitbewerber und siehe da. 500ms statt 1.6 sekunden. Komplette Seite in 2 Sekunden geladen. Im Vergleich zu 3.2 bei Kinsta. Kann es daher nicht empfehlen. Schlechter Support wenn es drauf ankommt. Und viel teurer als zuverlässige Anbieter. (Translated to English: Was with Kinsta with 5 sites (costs about as much as 10 pages at Wpengine) and – what can I say? 1.6 seconds of idle time for server connectivity. So off the chat and just get standard answers and links to articles that tell you that you should take a Developer. I even chatted there with a manager who I was again told in kind, I should go elsewhere. Went straight to a competitor and see there. 500ms instead of 1.6 seconds. Complete page in 2 seconds loaded. Compared to 3.2 in Kinsta. Can not recommend it. Poor support when it matters. And much more expensive than other providers.)

Avatar for Dennis

Best WordPress Hosting

Rated 5 out of 5
July 12, 2020

My Wordpress sites are running really fast. I never knew they were running so slow before I moved to Kinsta, lol. Great service and company. I like that there is a reliable hosting company out there who seems to care about their customers. Reliability is of the utmost importance when dealing with websites, especially if you host websites for clients.

Avatar for Steve Wright
Steve Wright

Fast.. Easy to Use.. Great for Blogs!

Rated 5 out of 5
June 16, 2020

I have 11 blogs that I manage and I switched to Kinsta because of their speed and efficiency and I’ve had a great experience. Their tech people are top notch and are very personable. I would give them a 100/100!

Avatar for Gary

Kinsta not cheap but you get what you pay for $$

Rated 4 out of 5
June 9, 2020

Well thought out backend design – 24/7 Excellent support – No Upgrade Sales Pushing

Avatar for Ed L.
Ed L.

Kinsta is 10/10

Rated 5 out of 5
June 1, 2020

I have been with Kinsta for 12-months now and I am incredibly happy. The support is fast and my site loads fast and my uptime has been 100%. It’s a bit pricey but it’s worth it.

Avatar for Dave

WP Site Hosting!

Rated 5 out of 5
May 25, 2020

Best WP Hosting that you can find!! My sites are running insanely fast – YAY!

Avatar for Lori Eichel
Lori Eichel

Kinsta is an amazing WordPress host

Rated 5 out of 5
May 23, 2020

Nice post! I completely agree Kinsta is an amazing WordPress host providing spectacular premium and Google Cloud Platform WordPress hosting

Avatar for Alex

Not super impressed

Rated 3 out of 5
May 12, 2020

I was lured into Kinsta because their hosting is “powered by the Google cloud platform”. I was expecting the “lightning fast” site speed that was promised, but I can’t notice any differences between Kinsta and my old hosting at Dreamhost. Their support team is great, but at the end of the day, this hosting is overpriced.

Avatar for Raven

Amazing (except for prices)

Rated 4 out of 5
April 3, 2020

I picked Kinsta as my hosting provider for my agency site. From day one I have been blown away by the perfect response times, support and the easy to use backend. Only if the prices weren’t so expensive I would leave a 5 star rating. Overall I’m very happy and looking forward to expanding my business in the future!

Avatar for Tommy Loe
Tommy Loe

This hidden gem deserves more attention!

Rated 5 out of 5
April 2, 2020

Switching over to Kinsta has been a breath of fresh air! My tech inquiries are answered quickly and the hosting is fast and secure. Worth every penny!

Avatar for ELAINE

Fancy hosting, poor support

Rated 2 out of 5
March 30, 2020

I was getting a weird looking screen when I tried to migrate the hosting over, their support team kept telling me to clear the cache. Well, that didn’t work, so finally I got someone with a brain who was able to help me out. Kinda frustrating since I am forking over $30+ a month on this hosting.

Avatar for Quentin


Rated 1 out of 5
March 25, 2020

They said my site got 10K hits on the server according to their analytics, but they couldn’t show me the data!! I have called repeatedly and they say they have put a ticket in to show me the log data, but they never get back to me! On the backend of my Google Analytics I didn’t see any increase in traffic to my site! Stay away from these people, they are just there to take your $$! No better than any cheap hosting plan!

Avatar for Pat

Support is not the greatest

Rated 2 out of 5
February 14, 2020

Had their cheapest plan, support didn’t seem like they cared about my problems with Wordpress that much. Seemed to give short, scripted responses. Perhaps if I was spending more money, they would have seemed more concerned.

Avatar for Gio C.
Gio C.

Seemed to change the staging process without telling me

Rated 2 out of 5
January 25, 2020

Tried to follow their videos but when I called support they told me something different, they didn’t update the staging process videos as they should have and in the end I got passed around from one support tech to another. They seemed to be as confused as I was.

Avatar for Lee

Best of the BEST!

Rated 5 out of 5
December 3, 2019

Kinsta has all of the features you’d want from a hosting provider. Migrating over from my previous hosting provider (Siteground) was simple, because the Kinsta took care of everything and was super helpful during the site migration. Where Kinsta really stands out above the rest is the knowledge and responsiveness of their support team.

Avatar for Steve NYC
Steve NYC


Rated 4 out of 5
November 25, 2019

Appreciated the free migration from my old host. But the wait times have been long at times when I try to contact support. I hope they hire more support staff.

Avatar for Clint Eubanks
Clint Eubanks

Google Cloud servers

Rated 4 out of 5
September 4, 2019

Love Kinsta – it’s a fantastic wordpress web host. Backend powered by Google Cloud platform was the deciding reason for me. So fast and so good!

Avatar for Maya TX
Maya TX

Smooth Sailing

Rated 4 out of 5
August 1, 2019

Nice to work with Adam via chat, he was very helpful and even removed some lines of code for me, which I appreciated greatly given that my coding skills are not the best. Price is higher than a lot of other hosting companies though.

Avatar for Morgan Richards
Morgan Richards

Beware! Read their TOS

Rated 3 out of 5
June 20, 2019

Read their terms of service. They delete your site if you don’t pay your bill after 14 days. This is really disconcerting, especially when times are tough right now. I like their hosting though.

Avatar for R. Murphy
R. Murphy

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Review updates

  • 10/12/2021 – Small update (South American DC)
  • 24/03/2021 – Opens Warsaw data center
  • 20/01/2021 – DevKinsta – a free suite of local development tools for macOS and Windows
  • 01/01/2021 – Kinsta pricing edit
  • 15/09/2020 – Kinsta adds self-healing PHP, automatic MySQL database optimizations, and GCP firewall
  • 31/08/2020 – Kinsta moved to GCP’s compute-optimized (C2) VM
  • 15/06/2020 – Kinsta has 24 datacenters
  • 10/12/2019 – Pricing plans updated

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