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InMotion Hosting Review (Best Small Business Web Hosting)

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With literally thousands of web hosts out there, you would probably expect the newer ones to offer more innovative and better features. It may come as a surprise, then, to learn that one of the fastest-growing, most respected, and most reliable web hosts is also one of the oldest, and that is: InMotion Hosting

From $2.29 per month

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InMotion Hosting Review Summary (TL;DR)
Rated 3.4 out of 5
From $2.29 per month
Hosting Types
Shared, WordPress, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated, Reseller
Speed & Performance
HTTP/2, PHP7, NGINX & UltraStack caching
Managed WordPress hosting. Easy WordPress 1-click installation
Ultra fast and reliable NVMe SSD storage
Free SSL (Let's Encrypt). Spam, hack & malware protection
Control Panel
Free no-downtime website migrations. Free BoldGrid website builder
Refund Policy
90-day money-back guarantee
Privately-owned (Los Angeles, California)
Current Deal
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Founded in 2001, InMotion Hosting has positioned itself as a trusted web hosting company that delivers reliable performance for all types of businesses. InMotion provides a perfect blend of low price and technical innovation, you can expect excellent uptime, speed, performance, and technical features when you sign up and become a customer.

Pros and Cons

InMotion Hosting Pros

  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • NVMe SSD drives on all plans
  • Managed WordPress hosting on all plans
  • Free private SSL certificate
  • Free no-downtime website migrations
  • Free automatic daily backups
  • BoldGrid website builder
  • UltraStack caching (NGINX, Redis, PHP-FPM, Brotli Compression)
  • Innovative speed technologies (SSD, PHP7, WP-CLI, CloudLinux + more)

InMotion Hosting Cons

  • Delayed account setup (manual verification)
  • No CDN is included

Get 50% OFF InMotion Hosting plans

From $2.29 per month

This InMotion Hosting review aims to get into all the details and give you all the pros and cons.

Their customer support, Max Speed Zone technology, and From $2.29 per month price are the 3 main things people like the most about them.

reviews on twitter
Good and bad ratings on Twitter

In this InMotion Hosting review I'll tell you if that is really the case.

Here I am going to take a close look at the pros and cons of this hosting service to see how it lives up to its reputation as a reliable web host that can handle all your web hosting needs for your growing online business.

Give me 10 minutes of your time, and I will give you all the must-know information about InMotion and I answer questions like.

  • How much does InMotion Hosting cost?
  • What's the difference between the different plans?
  • Do you get to choose a server location?
  • What are the pros and cons of using them?
  • Do they give me automatic backups of my site?
  • Does it come with NVMe drives?
  • Do they help transfer my website over to them?
  • Which is the best hosting plan for a WordPress site?

When you have finished reading this you will know if this is the right web hosting service for you to use, and if you should sign up with them or not.

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Here is how our web hosting review process works:

1. We sign up for the web hosting plan & install a blank WordPress site.
2. We monitor the site's performance, uptime, & page load time speed.
3. We analyze the good/bad A2 hosting features, pricing, & customer support.
4. We publish the great review (and update it throughout the year).

There are many web hosting services out there, and it can be difficult to sift through them and find one with a plan and features that work best for you.

inmotion hosting review

InMotion Hosting is a good option because it caters to just about everyone. Their web hosting service offers several affordable hosting plans.

They also provide really good uptime and helpful customer service to help answer any questions you may have along the way.

Below, I’ll outline the hosting plans offered in my inMotion review (2022 update) and delve deeper into what I find useful about their service as well as what I think could be better.

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InMotion Hosting Pros and Cons

If you’re wondering about the pros and cons are then I got you covered.

InMotion Hosting Pros

Let’s start by taking a look at what the pros are.

Customer Support

If you have had any previous experience with a web host, you know how easy it is to initially ignore the customer service factor. But undoubtedly, you will have some issues, and when they crop up, you need reliable and fast support.


Your business quite literally depends on it, since even a brief glitch in your website could mean the loss of numerous customers. At InMotion, they have many strengths where customer support is concerned:

U.S. based support

One of the biggest perks about using them is that you are guaranteed to get support that is based in the United States. This means faster response time as well as higher quality customer care.

Additionally, the customer reps that you will speak with are actually knowledgeable. All support staff is required to have at least 160 hours of internal training before being allowed to interact with customers.

I have found that they actually have the expertise required to properly handle your unique issues and are not just relying on a troubleshooting script.

Great onboarding process

They also have a fantastic process for getting you started using their hosting services. Especially if this is your first time getting your own website up and running, this is a major bonus.

They send a series of helpful onboarding emails to help you with each phase of setting up your website on their server. What is particularly helpful is that these emails are tailored to your specific type of website and its main purpose, so you get relevant setup instructions.

The end result is that this process preemptively avoids a lot of potential support problems down the road after you set up, because it takes care of them at the very start.

Multiple communication channels

They also offer numerous avenues through which to get customer support. You can do a live chat through their website, send an email, use the traditional ticket system, call in using Skype, or you can phone in on 888.321.HOST(4678).

I have found the response time for each to be fast. You can expect to get the support you need in a timely manner, which is important since every minute counts.

24/7 support

Like every good hosting service, their support team will take care of all the challenges you come across, no matter how difficult they might be – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are tons of good things I like about InMotion Hosting. Customer support, in particular, is one of them. Throughout my years with them – their tech support never fails to impress me. Support staffs I spoke to were always friendly, professional, and most importantly, knowledgeable. If you prefer to have someone looking after your back when the shit hits the fan, IMH is always there for you. Jerry Low – Web Hosting Secret Revealed

InMotion Hosting Performance and Speed

Their customer support is not the only thing InMotion Hosting excels at. The speed and performance of their servers are also very impressive.

To date, they have never had a major outage and they have a near 100% uptime, which is pretty darn good for a service of their size.

I have created a test site hosted on to monitor uptime and server response time:

inmotion hosting speed test

The above screenshot only shows the past 30 days, you can view historical uptime data and server response time at this uptime monitor page.

Furthermore, unlike many other shared web hosting services out there, they do not oversell their servers. In other words, they do not allow too many sites to be hosted on the same server.

Instead, they keep each server limited to what it can legitimately handle, meaning that even if multiple sites hit peak traffic at the same time, the server can handle it better.

Besides the above there are a number of more unique features that InMotion employs to ensure uptime, speed, and security for their hosting customers:

NVMe SSD drives for all of their servers

First off, every single server is supported by NVMe SSD (Solid-State Drive) drives, instead of a traditional HDD (hard disk drive) drive.

(Non-Volatile Memory Express) NVMe drives offer must faster read-write capabilities speeds and CPU performance. SSD drives are chip-based (non-mechanical), instead of disk-based, it is significantly faster at retrieving the stored data.

This means faster loading times and faster data retrieval for those utilizing your website, which means fewer people leaving your site because it takes too long.

A study from Google found that a one-second delay in mobile page load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%.

ssd drives

According to InMotion, and internal testing they performed:

  • With NVMe your website content is delivered in millisecond
  • SSDs perform about 20 times faster than HDDs
  • SSDs were able to push through about 65% more data from the server
  • During times of high I/O requests, these data numbers rose to approximately 95% when compared to HDDs

Multiple data centers and Max Speed Zones

Another unique element of InMotion is that instead of having one data center that serves the entire country, they have multiple data centers.

When purchasing their services, you get to choose a location that best serves you (based on where the bulk of your customers or visitors are from).

To see which data center works best for your location, they even have a file download test you can use on their website to compare which center gives you faster service!

max speed zones

Because they have multiple data centers, they also have what they dub Max Speed Zones that refer to geographical locations within a certain range of their centers. If you are within their Max Speed Zone, they promise that your website and email can run up to 6 times faster.

Strong focus on security

They take security seriously as they will monitor server security 24/7. Your websites are covered by DDoS protection, advanced firewall systems like ModSecurity as well as custom firewall rules.

Solid WordPress features

They offer managed WordPress hosting on all plans, in terms of core WordPress auto-installer updates and patching of common security holes.

managed wordpress hosting
  • All WordPress sites runs on a WordPress Optimized Stack UltraStack platform with NGINX, Varnish, FastCGI, Brotli Compression and Advanced Server Caching enabled.
  • You can choose to have WordPress pre-installed when you sign up, or you can submit a website transfer request afterwards.
  • All WordPress sites come with WP-CLI integration (a command-line tool for managing WordPress installation, meaning you can update plugins, configure installation and much more, without using a web browser).
  • PHP 7 is available on InMotion WordPress hosting. PHP 7 helps WordPress sites perform as much as 2 to 3 times faster versus prior PHP versions.

InMotion Hosting offers FREE private SSL certificates on all Shared Business Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Server plans. IMH customers can now easily secure their websites for safe browsing with a single click.


  • Domain Validated SSL
  • 256-bit Encryption
  • Powered by Comodo and cPanel
  • Free Automatic SSL Renewal

Offering free private SSL certificates is a great move, and perfect must-have for ecommerce sites, as a free SSL certificate allows you to accept payments and complete online transactions worry-free.

Free Website Backups

Besides strong customer service and high-quality hosting performance, I have found that they have a few other serious advantages to consider.

One of these is that they offer free website backups. It is not uncommon for hosting services to regularly perform backups, but it is unusual that they offer backup retrieval for free.

free website backups

Most hosting services charge a fee when you need an emergency backup, but InMotion does not.

There are a couple of limits that apply to the backups included with your account. Restoring your account is free, but limited to once every 4 months. A fee of $49 will apply for any additional restores. Also if your site is larger than 10GB then it will not be backed up automatically.

Free Site Migration

Another pro is that if you are moving your website from one hosting service to theirs, they offer a free website transfer service. Their website also promises that your website will experience zero downtime when they perform this transfer.

free website migration

There are a couple of caveats you should be aware of. Migration of email accounts is only included with cPanel migrations. Non-cPanel migrations may require an email to be manually migrated. Costs may apply to website transfers consisting of greater than 3 sites and/or databases or more than 5GB of data.


Finally, for a web hosting service that is, frankly, so old for its industry, it certainly isn’t lagging behind the times. They offer many options that mean you have quite a bit of flexibility with your website(s).

When you host through them, you get excellent Google App integration and because of their numerous partnerships with ecommerce services, you can get a lot of ecommerce support and application integration as well.

They also offer a unique service for WordPress integration, including a pre-Installation of WordPress as an option when you purchase hosting through them.

They also provide you with $250 worth of free advertising. You get $100 of Google AdWords credits, $75 of Bing advertising credits and $75 of Yahoo advertising credits, to help you drive quality traffic to your website.

Powerful website builder

BoldGrid is the name of their premium website-builder that comes included with every hosting plan. BoldGrid is an easy drag-and-drop editor allows you to quickly build stunning, responsive websites that are powered by WordPress.

boldgrid website builder

BoldGrid is intuitive and simple to use thanks to features like drag and drop design, free pre-built and responsive themes. Plus it comes with features like built-in SEO and site staging.

And unlike other website builders, it's completely free and you have 100% ownership and complete control of your own site.

InMotion Hosting Cons

So, now I have reviewed the pros, let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of using them.

Price Point

Probably the biggest con is that its price point is higher than most other shared hosting services offering similar services.

However, you do get what you pay for, and with the customer service options, and free backup & restore, free migration services, and a number of other free applications, I believe they make up for it in other areas.

Year Long Contract

Another downside is that when you do purchase their services, you are locked into a year-long contract. This does mean you take a little bit of a gamble that you will be satisfied with it and it will be worth the money.

However, they do offer a very generous 90-day money back guarantee, so ultimately, the risk isn’t too bad. Industry standard is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The guarantee is especially reassuring if you are prepaying for an entire year to get better pricing. However be aware that the money-back guarantee does not include any add-on purchases such as SSL certificates or domain name registrations.

Limit for Number of Sites

Another negative that I found is that customers are typically limited to the number of websites that they can host on one single account. However this is only the case for the Launch and Power packages (the Pro package allows for unlimited addon websites).

So, if your plan is to run a significant number of websites, you may have to consider a different host, or just be prepared to pay a bit more for the Pro package. But if you just need a couple of sites, this shouldn’t really impact you at all.

Slow account setup

They have strict fraud prevention policies in place (which is a good thing) and all new customers need to verify their hosting purchase by going through a phone verification process.

But your hosting account will be activated on the very same business day.

Verifying your account is hassle and worry-free, but this means that you won't be able to instantly access your hosting account, and it can be inconvenient for some users, especially non-US residents.

InMotion Hosting Plans and Prices

InMotion Hosting offers a range of hosting services from VPS and dedicated servers, to cloud and WordPress hosting. But here I'm only going to cover their shared web hosting packages.

They offer 4 shared web hosting plans: Core, Launch, Power, and Pro.

inmotion hosting plans

Here are the main features of each hosting plan:

InMotion Core plan

  • Entry – beginner – plan
  • Host 2 websites
  • 100GB diskspace
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 2 MySQL & PostgreSQL databases
  • Free website transfer and setup
  • Free daily website backups
  • Max Speed Zone technology
  • Basic US based support
  • Malware and email spam protection
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

InMotion Launch plan

  • 6x speed & performance
  • Host unlimited websites
  • Unlimited diskspace and bandwidth
  • 2 MySQL & PostgreSQL databases
  • Free website transfer and setup
  • Free daily website backups
  • Max Speed Zone technology
  • Basic US based support
  • Malware and email spam protection
  • NGINX-powered caching system UltraStack
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

InMotion Power plan

  • 12x speed & performance
  • Host unlimited websites
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • 50 MySQL & PostgreSQL databases
  • Free website transfer and setup
  • Free daily website backups
  • Ecommerce ready 1-click shopping carts
  • Max Speed Zone technology
  • Basic US based support
  • Shared SSL certificate is included
  • Malware and email spam protection
  • NGINX-powered caching system UltraStack
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

InMotion Pro plan

  • 20x speed & performance
  • Host unlimited websites
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL & PostgreSQL databases
  • Free website transfer and setup
  • Free daily website backups
  • Ecommerce ready 1-click shopping carts
  • Max Speed Zone technology
  • Pro-level US based support
  • Shared SSL certificate is included
  • Malware and email spam protection
  • NGINX-powered caching system UltraStack
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

Hosting Plan Comparison

Which hosting plan should I get?

Here is a comparison of InMotion Hosting's Launch vs. Power, and Power vs. Pro, where I outline what the key differences are between the Launch, Power and Pro shared business hosting packages.

InMotion Hosting Launch vs Power Review

The obvious difference between the Launch and Power plan is of course the price. The Launch plan is InMotion's entry level and therefore its cheapest shared hosting plan.

With the Power plan you can host up to 6 websites and the plan comes ecommerce ready with one-click shopping cart installations for WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, osCommerce and DrupalCommerce. The Power plan also gives you a shared SSL certificate.

You should consider choosing the Power plan if:

  • You want to be able to host 6, instead of 2, websites
  • You ecommerce and shopping carts installed
  • You want a free shared SSL certificate

InMotion Hosting Power vs Pro Review

There are a couple of differences between the Power and Pro plan. The Pro plan offers almost unlimited everything (websites, domains, databases etc and the Pro Plan gives you about 4x more resources as well as additional features such as pro-level support.

If you're looking to expand and host more websites (more than 6 websites which the Power plan allows) then the Pro plan would be a better option for you.

You should consider choosing the Pro plan if:

  • You want “unlimited” everything
  • You want a server with more resources
  • You want pro-level support

Which InMotion Hosting plan is best for you?

Now you are hopefully in a better position to choose the right shared hosting plan from InMotion. Remember you can always go up a level and upgrade to a higher hosting plan if you require more resources and features.

Based on my personal experience, here is my recommendation for you:

  • I recommend that you only go with the Core plan if you want to start a basic (non WordPress) webiste
  • I recommend that you sign up with the Launch plan if you are starting out and intend to basic WordPress websites.
  • I recommend that you sign up with the Power plan if you intend to run multiple WordPress, other CMS or ecommerce powered site.
  • I recommend that you sign up with the Pro plan if you intend to run a WordPress, other CMS or ecommerce site that need more performance resources and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions about IMH.

What is
InMotion Hosting is a web hosting company that was founded in 2001. It has offices in Los Angeles, CA and Virginia Beach, VA, in the United States and the company has two datacenters: one in Los Angeles, and one in Herndon, Virginia. Inmotion Hosting is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Their official website is:



What payment methods does InMotion Hosting accept?
The accept credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), as well as payment via check and money order. However payment via PayPal is not an option.



What technical support do they provide?
They offer US based support via phone, Skype email, and live chat. Support is available 24/7/365. You can also tweet them on @inmotioncares. They also have a YouTube channel that is packed with good video tutorials.



What are InMotion Hosting nameservers?





How long does it take to activate my hosting account?
Your account will be activated the same business day you place your order. But all new customers need to verify their hosting purchase via a phone verification process.



Does InMotion Hosting offer a free domain?
No, they do not offer a free domain name with their web hosting plans.



Does they have a money-back guarantee?
InMotion Hosting offers a generous 90-day money-back guarantee (only DreamHost's 97-days guarantee is more generous) for new orders (not renewals). If you are not satisfied with their service in any way, they will refund all hosting charges, no questions asked. The guarantee does not apply to addon purchases such as domain names or SSL certificates.



Will InMotion Hosting transfer my website from another web host?
Yes, they will migrate your website across to them. Costs may apply to website transfers consisting of greater than 3 sites and/or databases or more than 5GB data.



Does InMotion Hosting offer automatic backups?
Yes, they perform backups of all websites under 10GB. There are additional backup options for websites over 10GB, available upon request. Restoring your website is free, but limited to once every 4 months. A fee of $49 will apply for any additional restores.



Does InMotion Hosting offer free SSL certificates?
Yes, all of their shared hosting plans come with access to shared SSL certificate free private SSL certificates on all Shared Business Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Server plans (as of July 28 2017).



Are InMotion Hosting reviews on Reddit and Quora any good?
Yes for the most part Quora and Reddit are both good places to read reviews from real people and customers about InMotion. You can read reviews on Reddit, and on Quora. You can also find customer reviews on Yelp and TrustPilot.



Are there any good InMotion Hosting alternatives?
Yes there are a couple, but I believe InMotion Hosting is a solid web hosting provider to go with. Then again, you should do your own research and look into other web hosting services out there as well. Two good alternatives to InMotion Hosting worth looking into are A2 Hosting, Bluehost and SiteGround.



Where can I find InMotion Hosting coupon codes?
InMotion Hosting does not offer any discount codes through third-party websites. However they regularly run various promotions and sales, and you are best off visiting for legitimate coupon and promo codes.


What do I do if I need help using InMotion Hosting's BoldGrid website builder?
InMotion Hosting provides free support for users of the BoldGrid website builder. Its experts are available 24/7 via phone, live chat, and email. Users can also post their questions through the Community Forum page. InMotion Hosting also provides detailed instructions on how to get started with its website builder through its Support Center page.



InMotion Hosting Review 2022 – Summary

Do I recommend InMotion Hosting?

Yes I do recommend them.

The times I have used them I have found it to be a solid web host. They provide excellent customer care, solid uptime, and high performance and feature-rich shared hosting, in large part due to the fact that it is U.S. based and has multiple data centers that enable fast loading websites.

InMotion Hosting also goes above and beyond expectations with a good deal of their free services and added features. Finally, with a variety of packages and abilities to add-on, they are prepared to serve a wide variety of website types and purposes.

This is the end of this InMotion Hosting review and if you are still sitting on the fence about signing up, remember they offer each and every customer a no-questions-asked 90-day money-back guarantee.


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From $2.29 per month

User Reviews

Subpar Service and can't even provide a basic e-mail account

Rated 1 out of 5
November 14, 2022

Inmotion Hosting's outbound e-mail support is non-existent. When alerted to the fact that e-mails are getting queued on their servers because those servers are being flagged as SPAM servers, Inmotion's response was to tell me to manually resend the e-mail. This is quite a suggestion when I will not learn that the e-mail is sitting in an outbound queue for 24 hours or more (making e-mail an impracticable method of communicating since there is supposed to be a minimal delay before receipt by the recipient or an alert to the sender that it has not been delivered at least to the recipient's e-mail provider). As for hosting, Jetpack monitors my website and I regularly get alerts that my website was unreachable for 15-20 minutes. Inmotion may put my site on an SSD but what good is it if the server is unreachable?

Avatar for John

No free backup

Rated 3 out of 5
November 3, 2022

I am new with this hosting. I like the support and everything so far but the backup. Very expensive for something that should be free. With that I would give 5 stars but once you take this factor into account they are on the expensive side of hosting companies.

Avatar for Cristian

Very good

Rated 4 out of 5
May 2, 2022

I have been using InMotion Hosting's WordPress hosting for a long time now. I haven't faced any problems and their cPanel makes it really easy to manage everything. I tried using their VPS once but it wasn't as good as DigitalOcean. I highly recommend trying their WordPress hosting. It's reliable and fast.

Avatar for Roy

Best business hosting

Rated 5 out of 5
April 2, 2022

Excellent web host whose customer support team isn't technically-challenged. My previous web host had an incompetent support team and it would take me days to get even the smallest issue resolved. I have had some hiccups with InMotion Hosting but none were a problem for their support team. I can get in touch with them any time using live chat within a couple of minutes.

Avatar for Fiona A
Fiona A

Good for my first site

Rated 5 out of 5
March 6, 2022

I started my first site with InMotion Hosting and I was really impressed with the amazing support. I now use them for all my new cliExcellent web host whose customer support team isn't technically-challenged. My previous web host had an incompetent support team and it would take me days to get even the smallest issue resolved. I have had some hiccups with InMotion Hosting but none were a problem for their support team. I can get in touch with them any time using live chat within a couple of minutes.ents. When I launch a new WordPress site, I never have to worry about speed. I have never faced any significant downtime whatsoever.

Avatar for Henri

Freebies and Money-Back Guarantee are Impressive

Rated 5 out of 5
October 4, 2021

InMotion is quite affordable. Yet, what impressed me the most are the awesome freebies or extra features and its 90-day money-back guarantee. I don't have any complaints about the service.

Avatar for Wyx F
Wyx F

I'm very happy with Inmotion Hosting

Rated 5 out of 5
January 14, 2021

Pretty easy to get an account and get set up. The problems I've encountered have been very minimal and have been dealt with quickly. So far the users of my website have been happy with the loading speeds. Will recommend this service!

Avatar for Harper O.
Harper O.


Rated 1 out of 5
January 9, 2021

My site has been unreachable for a few days now. I am not sure where their promise of a 90 day money back guarantee stands as there has been no assistance at all when you need it the most. There is no point in going with this host , price point is higher than a lot of better services out there. You will have dead web space, since no one will be able to visit it.

Avatar for Linda

Horrible tech support, long wait time.

Rated 1 out of 5
August 30, 2020

I have been with inmotion for 7 years. Their tech support used to be excellent but the last couple years that has gone down badly. My site was offline due to an issue on their side for two hours. I spent well over an hour waiting for a response via chat tech support. They fixed it, sort of. Six hours later I am back waiting and waiting for a response because they didn't fix it properly. This has turned into a terrible company.

Avatar for Hans Decoz
Hans Decoz

My site is in good hands!

Rated 5 out of 5
June 25, 2020

The attention they give you is unparalleled I tell you. I've been with other providers and it's only InMotion that's able to cater and give you the attention you need. Unlimited bandwith and great customer support is what really makes me happy that they're the provider of choice for me. My site is indeed in good hands!

Avatar for Todd H.
Todd H.

They used to be great

Rated 1 out of 5
June 19, 2020

I have been an Inmotion customer since 2009. There service used to be great. Those days are over. Many so-called review sites give them a positive review only because they get a commission when people sign up. I wish they wouldn't mislead unsuspecting customers. Read reviews from actual customers to know what they are really like. Inmotion Hosting is awful Websites seem to be down more often than they are up. The speed is much slower compared to other hosting companies in this price range. Hold times for dealing with customer service are ridiculous. Some of the reps are polite and helpful while others are complete a-holes. Either way, they never apologize for the problems they cause (which have become more and more frequent). If you're running a business, you don't have time to spend several hours per week dealing with these people and trying to get your site running. I would strongly advise anyone against doing business with this company.

Avatar for Glenn

Stay away!

Rated 2 out of 5
May 30, 2020

They billed me incorrectly one time and it took me forever to get that corrected. I wondered if I didn't bother in getting that corrected that they would get away with it. Imagine the many customers they are probably doing this to and getting away with! It doesn't matter if their hosting service is good if you get billed incorrectly.

Avatar for Amy

Happy Customer!

Rated 5 out of 5
April 14, 2020

I have been with InMotion Hosting for 5 years. Whenever I have a problem, I call support and it gets solved immediately.

Avatar for Johnny E
Johnny E


Rated 5 out of 5
March 17, 2020

I was new to webhosting but their customer suppport was the one who guided me along the way. They explained to me everything that I might need and a whole lot, they never judged me for my lack of knowledge and I am grateful. As a business owner though I feel like several of their domain prices are a bit high but I can see there is a workaround to that.

Avatar for Lawrence

Not the best out there

Rated 2 out of 5
January 12, 2020

I used to be a fan of this provider but have since moved on. The reason being an incident back then when I asked for assistance when I faced a problem and they kept shoving their responsibility on me. I wanted assistance but they kept telling me to check this and that, it didn't seem like any of help and they simply told me they couldn't do anything about it anymore.

Avatar for Jake B.
Jake B.


Rated 1 out of 5
December 9, 2019

The bizs254 and now also the ecobiz156 servers have problems server is running in recovery mode for almost a week now, after a file system crash. Support is trying to calm users down, but has no ETA when the platform is fixed again. I am using a different provider and rerouted my web site, but email is working very spotty. I cannot speak for the ecommerce. How can a provider get into this position? Do they have more than a modified desktop that they hacked together? Looks like they have neither a fail safe nor a disaster recovery plan. This is scary and is calling for a change.

Avatar for Joe Colorado
Joe Colorado

Worst Hold Times EVER!!!

Rated 2 out of 5
October 25, 2018

Worst Hold Times EVER!!! No matter when you call you will face a extremely LONG hold time. I am on hold right now, it has been 32 minutes and no one has came to the phone yet. Stupid Music that is way to loud. For 2 years they tell me how its going to get better. LIES

Avatar for Jay

InMotion spares no dime to give you exceptional services

Rated 5 out of 5
September 20, 2018

This is a very good article for those who are fresh to the WordPress. Your selection of topic is very good and also well written. Thanks for sharing moreover their service is dedicated to giving its users great services. That is why a lot of manpower is invested in customer support. While other companies put less effort into customer experience, InMotion spares no dime to give you exceptional services. I recommend everyone try it for the first-hand experience.

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Naman Modi

Wished I'd have found you earlier!

Rated 5 out of 5
March 7, 2018

Great review site you have here. Wished I'd have found you earlier, my decision would have come easier and even simpler to pull the plug with my previous loyal hosting companies. I'm absolutely loving my move from Hostgator and another respectful SSD company I joined years ago, to my latest VPS with InmotionHosting. William at support was fantastic today and you can definitely see one heck of a difference when you talk with their live agents over the phone. Such a difference! Competent, clear and absolutely great their specialty, just as it looks with you. Congrats on the blog here, was checking a WP Rocket review on your end and had to see/read your thoughts on these guys

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a very solid hosting service

Rated 5 out of 5
June 1, 2017

Just my 2 cents here but I find this company to be a very solid hosting service. They have powerful features and like most others hosts they have a WordPress installer that will get your site up running quickly. The only thing I don't like is that a free CDN isn't included. Thx!

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  • 11/02/2022 – InMotion Hosting now offers NVMe drives
  • 22/12/2021 – Minor pricing update
  • 03/02/2021 – New feature: NGINX-powered caching system UltraStack
  • 01/01/2021 – InMotion Hosting pricing update

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