15 Best Shopify Store Examples in 2023

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Shopify is the best ecommerce platform for creating an online store. It is used by people who dropship, and people who have a physical store and want to expand their business as well.

Are you looking for inspiration for creating your own Shopify store? Here are 20 Shopify store examples that will inspire you.

1. Jackie Smith

Jackie Smith

Jackie Smith sells clothing and accessories. If you want to describe the design of this store in two words, they are: bold and colorful. And you should have a little bit of those in your store as well if your products ask for it.

I like the design of this store because it compliments the design of the products very well.

Visit this amazing store

2. Taylor Stitch 

Taylor Stitch

This store sells high-quality clothes for men. The design is a very fresh-looking one that mostly consists of high-quality photos of their products and carefully chosen slogans for them.

I like Taylor Stitch because it looks clean and sophisticated at the same time. 

Visit this amazing store here

3. Moscot 


Moscot is a prescription glasses and sunglasses company that has a rich history of over 100 years and it has a few famous physical stores. It now has a great Shopify store that features a very modern-looking design with bright colors, the right font of the text, and a lot of eye-catching photos. This store should inspire you!

I like this store because it has a great balance of colors, fonts, and photos. Plus it offers a very easy-to-use service for customizing the products you want to buy.

Visit this amazing store here

4. Burga 


Burga is a cellphone case and other accessories store. The design of the store consists of high-quality photos of their colorful products arranged in a cool layout. This makes it a minimalist one with a hint of brightness at the same time. 

I like Burga because it has a very clean, visitor-friendly design, and you could easily select the category of products you are interested in on a bar situated at the top of the homepage. Plus they tell you a lot of information about the products.

Be inspired by this awesome store here

5. Made In Cookware 

Made In Cookware

This store offers a great variety of high-quality kitchenware such as pans, pots, plates, knives, and a few other kitchen-related items that are used by famous chefs in their restaurants. This store offers a few collections of products, which are very well structured. The overall design of the website is a very clean one with a hint of color and a lot of useful information for its visitors. 

I like this store because it has a very balanced design and it should be a great source of inspiration for almost everyone because it has a great design, high-quality photos, and a lot of useful information about every product. They also let you see a preview of their Instagram posts.

Let this wonderful store inspire you

6. Kylie Cosmetics 

Kylie Cosmetics

As you might guess, this is Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics and skincare store. This store has a lot of pink accents all over it, and this is a good thing in this particular case because it is a cosmetic store. The overall design is well-balanced and not too bold.

I like this store because its main colors match very well the products that they sell, and it looks like a customer-friendly store because they have a lot of photos of their products while being used.

Take inspiration from this store here

7. Helm Boots 

Helm Boots

Helm Boots is a store that sells footwear and a few other clothing articles. It has a very simple, but at the same time elevated design which is liked by a lot of people. They offer a pretty wide variety of footwear which is very well arranged in categories.

I like this website because they have high-quality photos of the products which show their quality. Plus they give the visitors a lot of useful information about their products.

Visit this great store here 

8. Triangl 


Triangl is a women’s swimwear store. Their homepage mostly consists of bright pictures of models wearing their products, but if the visitors click on them, they automatically go to the page where they can choose the product they want. The overall design is vibrant and very nice. 

I like the idea that they decided to keep the homepage clean and have the feature that you can click on the photos on the homepage to see all their products.

Click here to visit this nice store

9. Noemie 


The creators of this store believe that luxury should not mean overpriced. This is why they sell high-quality gold and diamond jewelry at pretty low prices. This store has a minimalist design with beautiful photos of its products to highlight their beauty.

I like Noemie because it tells you all the information you need to know about the products they sell, such as the gold purity, length, width, diamond carat, clarity, and color.

Take inspiration from this outstanding store here

10. Gymshark 


The purpose of this store is to sell game-changing workout clothing, but I have a feeling that they could be easily worn as everyday clothing instead of gym clothes as well because they look good and comfortable. 

This store has a well-balanced design with pictures of their products, not too simple, not too bold, somewhere in the middle. If you have those things in your store, your visitors will enjoy it.

I like Gymshark because it has a lot of photos of their products being worn by models and they tell you which is the height of the model, and what size he is wearing.

Take inspiration from this amazing store

11. Perfect Keto 

Perfect Keto

This store’s purpose is to convince everyone to start eating healthier. And I think it will because this store looks so good that it could convince a fast-food addict to start eating healthier. 

The design of the store is a bright and colorful one. Its homepage contains links to some of the products that are sold and tells the visitors what are the benefits of the keto diet.

I like this store because it has a very good design and it advertises its product very well.

Visit this store here to be inspired by it

12. Great George Watches 

Great George Watches

Great George Watches is a store that sells square watches made from Swiss parts. When a watch enthusiast sees this, he instantly becomes interested in such products because there are not a lot of such watches at affordable prices in the market.

This store has a very well-balanced, simple, and minimalist design that compliments the products very well.

I like this store because it has a pretty unique product and a very pleasant design for the visitors.

Take inspiration from this store here

13. Pop Chart Lab

Pop Chart Lab

This amazing store sells charts and scratch-off charts with different themes such as music, cars, baseball stadiums, sneakers, and a lot of other ones. This means that if you want to buy an unforgettable gift for someone, you will undoubtedly find a chart for them.

This store has a very modern-looking design with some color, a few different well-chosen fonts, and a lot of photos of the charts.

I like this store a lot because it looks very modern, offers a very nice variety of amazing products, and it could represent a very good source of inspiration for a lot of people who want to create their store.

Take inspiration from this exceptional store here

14. Seedlip 


Seedlip is a store that sells handmade, non-alcoholic, and distilled drinks. Outside of its outstanding products this store has an outstanding and unique design as well.

I like Seedlip because it has a very well-balanced design, with a little bit of color, a few photos of the drinks, and it looks very friendly. 

Visit this outstanding store here

15. Field Notes

Field Notes

Field Notes is a store that sells cute and colorful notebooks, pens, and pencils. This store has a relatively minimalist design with photos of their products which add a little bit of color to it. 

I like this store because it has a very friendly design and it is easy to choose what products you want on the homepage.

Visit this friendly store here

Quick Summary 

Shopify is the world’s leading e-commerce platform powering more than 800,000 stores.

This is the list of some of the best Shopify stores, with examples to help inspire you. We hope that now you have a better understanding of what you want your Shopify store to look like.

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