10 Best Squarespace Templates in 2023

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Squarespace is one of the best website building and hosting companies at the moment. Squarespace offers its users a wide variety of templates to choose from for creating their websites.

Squarespace is great for creating websites for businesses, portfolio websites, online stores, blog websites, and other types of websites. It also allows you to add extensions to your website.

Best Squarespace Templates 2023

Are you looking for the right Squarespace template for your website? Well, here are a few of the best ones you could choose from:

1. Skye 

Skye Squarespace Template

Skye is a Squarespace blog template you could choose for creating a great-looking blog. With this template, you could create a minimalist and modern-looking blog that would be liked by its readers.

I like the Skye template because it lets you organize your blog posts based on the topics they have, so visitors will easily find the blog posts they are interested in.

Check out the Skye template here

2. Galapagos 


Galapagos is a Squarespace template that will help you create a very good online store. Using this template you can show your products in a beautiful grid layout on the homepage. This template allows you to have a blog along with your online store.

I like this template because it allows you to showcase all your products on the homepage and it also lets you have a blog. 

Check out the Galapagos template here

3. Pacific


Pacific is one of the most popular Squarespace templates made for building beautiful websites for restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and other types of local businesses. With this template, you could create a one-page website that allows its visitors to select what section of the page they want to see, for example, the menu, the working hours, etc.

I like the Pacific template because it is versatile and it lets you create a simple free website that looks elevated. 

Check out this impressive template here

4. Avenue 


Avenue is a portfolio website template offered by Squarespace that allows you to create a simple, minimalist website to showcase your work. The homepage of this template has a grid-based layout that could include examples of your work. If someone clicks on a certain example from that grid, they will automatically go to a page where you could include more information about it.

I like this template because it has a very intuitive design and it allows you to have a blog along with a portfolio.

Check out the Squarespace Avenue template here

5. Anise 


Anise is a Squarespace template that will create a simple and beautiful online store. This template comes with the option to choose how many pages you want your website to have, but you could add more pages anytime.

I like the Anise template because it has a very good design and it has a few beautiful animations as well.

Check out the Anise template here

6. Loam Bakery 

Loam Bakery

Loam Bakery is a great template for creating a wonderful website for a local business such as a food service business. This template allows you to have a small online store on your website because its visitors could not only view the products that your business offers but could also order them. This sounds pretty clever, doesn’t it?

I like this template because it is very versatile and it allows you to have an online store and a blog on your website as well.

Check out this awesome Squarespace template here

7. Keene 


Keene is one of the top Squarespace templates created for building websites for businesses in the health niche, but it could be customized for businesses in other niches as well. This template has a very simple, but useful design because there are links to the pages that the visitors might be interested in directly on the homepage.

I like the Keene template because it could create a great website for businesses that offer different types of services. I also like the fact that it has a very useful appointment form that could be used for booking an appointment.

Check out this impressive template here

8. Lange 


Lange is a very good Squarespace template for creating an outstanding portfolio website. This template has a simple and minimalist design. With Lange, you could create a page for every example of your work that you have in your portfolio, so you could tell more details about them.

I like this template because it could create an amazing portfolio website that also has a small blog.

Check out the Lange template

9. Brine


Brine is a Squarespace template that lets you create a simple online store that has a modern-looking, minimalist design with a little bit of color. This template is mostly suitable for online stores that sell a small variety of products.

I like the Brine template because it is a very good choice for a small online store with an excellent design. Also, with this template, you could have a blog along with an online store.

Check out the Brine template here

10. Rover 


Rover is one of the best Squarespace templates for service businesses that want an outstanding websites to showcase their services. This template offers a great layout for beautifully combining content and pictures and a great font choice.

I like this template because it is an excellent choice for someone who wants to showcase the services that they offer to a wider audience and I also like that you could include links to your social media accounts.

Check out the Rover template here

Quick Summary:

Hopefully, you have found the Squarespace template that you were looking for in this article. If not, Squarespace has a lot more templates to choose from. Squarespace pricing starts from only $12 per month. 

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