What Does IYKYK Mean in Texting & Social Media?

IYKYK is social media and Internet slang for “If you know, you know”

IYKYK means “If you know, you know.” An acronym that originated on social media, IYKYK implies that only certain specific people or groups will understand the joke. For example, someone might post a meme that would only make sense to computer coders, with the caption “IYKYK.”

what does iykyk mean

What does IYKYK mean? IYKYK is an acronym that stands for “if you know, you know.” It is often used in text messages and social media posts as a way to show that the sender knows what they are talking about.

IYKYK is commonly used informally, but it can also be used in a more professional setting. In this article, we will discuss the origins of IYKYK and how it is used today. We will also provide some examples of how IYKYK can be used in different contexts.

If You Know, You Know

IYKYK is an acronym that is commonly used on social media and in text messages. It stands for “if you know, you know”. The phrase is often used to let the other person know that you are aware of what they are talking about, or to let them know that you understand the situation.

IYKYK is also commonly used as a way to start a conversation. IYKYK is frequently represented as a hashtag in the caption of a photo or video, particularly on social networking sites like TikTok and Instagram.

For instance, someone might produce a film of themselves at a party and post the phrase “Last night was insane! #iykyk.” This indicates that something significant occurred at that gathering that no one else knows about – except for those in attendance.

Where IYKYK Comes From

“IYKYK” is a relatively recent innovation, unlike many internet dialect words we write about on this blog. The acronym and phrase first appeared on Urban Dictionary in December of 2016, some eight years after the internet became popular.

It began showing up in social media postings earlier that year before becoming a well-known acronym several years later. The American rapper Pusha T’s song “If You Know You Know” (2018) helped popularize the term.

The hashtag for IYKYK grew rapidly in popularity in 2020, and users began creating videos for distinct audiences on TikTok. The term peaked on Google Trends at around the same time.

References to… Something

So, what exactly does one “need” to know in order to be considered “in the loop?” It all depends on who’s posting it. If the material is on a big, public platform like TikTok or Twitter, it’s probably attempting to appeal to a specific but large group of people.

If the post is about a certain activity or pleasure, you can tell if you did it. If you see a video with the title “Music production issues #iykyk,” you’re probably a musician. It also applies to media fans of TV shows or games.

But IYKYK can also take a more general form. A popular post on the image-sharing app Imgur featured a picture of a cat with the caption, “I know I’m not supposed to like Mondays #iykyk.”

Not For Everyone

Someone who uses IYKYK on a more private feed, such as their Instagram stories, is usually implying a certain set of friends and acquaintances. These posts are usually connected to a common shared experience with other people.

Alternatively, IYKYK is a vocal inside joke. Not everyone will get IYKYK because they weren’t there. That’s fine! IYKYK is not supposed to be exclusive; it is merely a method for people to connect more deeply.

After all, you’ve been watching movies with your friends every night. You may also include “IYKYK” as a subtle gesture to your friends in your Instagram story. A friend who doesn’t respond to your movie night group chat might not understand it.


IYKYK is a common acronym used in text messages and social media, typically when someone is trying to get a point across quickly. IYKYK stands for “if you know you know,” and is often used as a way to signal that the person understands the topic at hand. 

IYKYK is useful when trying to explain something complex or confirming that the other person understands you. However, IYKYK might be used to end a conversation or make someone feel excluded.



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