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I’m sure that soon after you did some online research on web hosting, you saw the inevitable ads. In each of these videos, the hosting company claims to be the best. Well, anyone can say this but few live up to the hype. If you’re struggling to choose between iPage vs Hostinger, I can help you avoid trouble.

A while ago, I paid for both web hosting services and dug deep into their features. My findings helped me create this detailed review. Here, I’ll be comparing Hostinger vs iPage based on the following:

  • Key hosting features
  • Server security and privacy
  • Plans pricing
  • Technical support
  • Extra features

No worries if you don’t have time to read the details – the next paragraph should be enough to help with your decision.

The main difference between Hostinger and iPage is that Hostinger is faster and more flexible than iPage. It also offers more advanced web hosting options. This makes Hostinger the better choice for a business website. iPage is more secure and simple. However, it makes more sense to use the service to host non-profit websites, as they require little resources and adequate security.

If you hope to grow your business online quickly, try Hostinger. If you prefer something simple and cost-effective, try iPage.

iPage vs Hostinger: Main Features for Shared, Cloud, and VPS Hosting

Hosting Types●        Web hosting
●        Web WordPress hosting
●        Shared hosting
●        WordPress hosting
●        Cloud hosting
●        VPS hosting
●        cPanel hosting
●        CyberPanel hosting
●        Minecraft hosting
Websites1 to Unlimited1 to 300
Storage SpaceUnlimited20GB to 300GB SSD
BandwidthUnlimited100GB/month to Unlimited
DatabasesUnlimited2 to Unlimited
SpeedTest site load time: 0.7s to 2.4s
Response time: 658ms to 2100ms
Test site load time: 0.01s to 0.55s
Response time: 37ms to 249ms
Uptime100% in last month99.9% in the last month
Server Locations1 country7 countries
User InterfaceEasy to useEasy to use
Default Control PanelvDeckhPanel
Dedicated Server RAM1GB to 16GB

When it comes to picking web hosts for a personal or business website, you need to consider several key features. I’ve categorized those of iPage and Hostinger into four sections.


iPage feature

Web Hosting Key Features

Let’s start by dealing with the main capabilities that directly affect the quality of your website hosting. There are also four:

  1. Available hosting types
  2. Max. number of websites
  3. Monthly bandwidth
  4. RAM (mostly useful for dedicated servers)

The packages offered by these companies can either take the form of shared hosting or dedicated hosting. If it’s shared, your website and its content are stored on the same server as those of other users.

That means the more other users consume RAM, bandwidth, etc., the less is available for your site to use. This can get to a point where your website either becomes too slow or crashes frequently. The one advantage of shared web hosting is that it’s the most affordable type.

Dedicated hosting is more expensive, but it has several advantages. With this type, you get specific and closed resources. This could come from having a full server to yourself or getting parts of its resources allocated to your account.

Either way, you never have to worry about your site’s performance dropping because other users succeed online.

So, before I signed up for iPage, I was given a choice of hosting packages. I must say it didn’t feel like much of a choice as I only found two plans to choose from: Web hosting and WordPress hosting.

Both of those plans (Web and WordPress) are the shared hosting kind. They’re ideal for personal blogs, small business websites, and landing pages.

The optimized WordPress hosting includes lots of specialized features that will greatly improve your experience. I’ll show you more about that later.

iPage does not offer dedicated server hosting. I was shocked to see this as I could remember they used to offer these services in the past.

So, I contacted their support staff through the live chat option (more on that later). It turns out that iPage has stopped offering dedicated hosting of any kind.

The company seems to be focusing all its resources on shared web hosting. While this strategy may have its advantages, many big business sites can’t compete without dedicated resources.

Now, for the good stuff. You can host from 1 to unlimited websites with iPage. Also, all plans come with unlimited bandwidth, which means your site can transfer an endless amount of data over the internet when visitors use your site.


Servers are basically special computers. Hence, they have limited disk space for storing your site’s files, images, videos, and more.

Most times, this storage comes as either HDD or SSD. You want to get one with SSD or SSD Nvme because it’s faster. With iPage, you get unlimited storage (SSD) no matter the plan.

While the storage helps with keeping web content (videos and other media files), you also need a way to keep site data such as inventory lists, web polls, customer feedback, leads, etc. Having a database on the backend should do the trick.

MySQL happens to be one of the best database management systems out there, which makes it cool that iPage allows unlimited MySQL databases on its plans.


Your website’s performance will be determined by several factors, especially speed (load and response times) and uptime.

The faster your site, the better its chances of ranking higher on search engines. Also, how often your site remains responsive (uptime), will affect your visitor’s experience and keep you from losing customers and money.

Bearing all that in mind, I tested iPage’s performance. Here’re the results:

  • Test site load time: 0.7s to 2.4s
  • Response time: 658ms to 2100ms
  • Uptime: 100% in last month

iPage’s speed is well below the average in the hosting business. However, it makes up for this a little with impeccable uptime.

Server location also affects performance because those close to your target audience will reduce response and load times.

Unfortunately, iPage only has servers in the US.


Even without any tech knowledge, a control panel allows site owners to manage their hosting without stress. iPage uses vDeck, their custom software, as the default control panel. I found it easy to use.

For more relevant options, you can check our iPage alternatives guide.



Web Hosting Key Features

There are seven hosting plans on Hostinger: Shared, WordPress, VPS, Cloud, and more.

For shared web hosting, the Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting packages fall within the category. The VPS and Cloud hosting plans are dedicated in nature. Both are similar with some minor differences.

VPS and Cloud hosting on Hostinger use partition technology to give each client dedicated resources from a pool of servers. However, VPS will give you and your tech team root access, while Cloud will not.

I recommend that you only pay for root access if you or your team members have the technical knowledge to manage the server configuration. Otherwise, let Hostinger bother about that.

Other differences are in their RAM sizes. VPS hosting plans offer 1GB – 16GB RAM and Cloud, 3GB – 12GB.

According to web experts, you only need less than 1GB to run a high-traffic blog. Bigger sites with cart and payment processing features such as an eCommerce store require 2GB RAM.

Hostinger will allow you to create 1 to unlimited websites based on your package. You also get 100GB/month to unlimited bandwidth.


In terms of disk space, you get 20GB to 300GB SSD storage. The hosting provider also allows 2 to unlimited databases. I don’t see the point of having such a small lower limit when other services are offering a lot more, including iPage. The 300GB maximum SSD storage could also be better.


Here’s a rundown of Hostinger’s performance:

  • Test site load time: 0.01s to 0.55s
  • Response time: 37ms to 249ms
  • Uptime: 99.9% in last month

The hosting service has a high performance that few competitors can match. It blows iPage out of the water when it comes to site speed.

Hostinger has data center and server locations in 7 countries:

  • the USA
  • the UK
  • the Netherlands
  • Lithuania
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Brazil 


The web host has its own control panel, a user-friendly software called hPanel. I found it as easy to use as vDeck.

For more details on Hostinger, you can check the complete Hostinger review.

🏆 Winner is: Hostinger

Without a doubt, Hostinger wins this round. The mere fact that they offer dedicated hosting and iPage does not is a big win.

iPage vs Hostinger: Security & Privacy

SSL CertificatesYesYes
Server Security●        Malware protection
●        Blacklist monitoring
●        Anti-spam
●        mod_security
●        PHP protection 
BackupsDaily (paid add-on)Weekly to Daily
Domain PrivacyYes ($9.99 per year)Yes ($5 per year)

It’s not enough to have high performance and abundant resources – a web hosting service should also secure user data and information on the client’s website. Let’s see their security measures.


SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is a digital security program that encrypts website content, keeping it safe from unauthorized third parties.

iPage offers a free SSL certificate on every plan.

Server Security

iPage sitelock

They also provide key security features thanks to iPage’s SiteLock, a web application firewall for online business sites. Some of SiteLock’s functions are:

  • Malware protection
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Anti-spam

The starting price for SiteLock is $3.99/year.


You need to have regular backups on your site in case something goes wrong. Plugins could affect your content, you could accidentally delete key items, or someone may have compromised your database.

When any of those things happen, a backup could be your only way out of trouble. iPage offers daily automatic backups if you pay for them as an add-on service.

Domain Privacy

To register a domain name, you may need to provide some personal information. The problem is this info (name, address, phone number, etc.) will become stored in the WHOIS directory, a public database for such data.

To protect clients from spammers and scammers, most hosting services offer domain privacy which redacts all your personal info in the WHOIS directory.

With iPage, you get domain privacy for $9.99 per year.


SSL Certificates

Any Hostinger plan you pick will come with a free SSL certificate. You can check the guide on how to install Hostinger SSL on all Plans for more details.

Server Security

For more security, you’ll get mod_security and PHP protection (Suhosin and hardening) modules to safeguard your website.


They offer weekly to daily backups depending on your plan. However, this is still better than iPage’s offer because it doesn’t cost extra.

Domain Privacy

Hostinger’s domain privacy costs $5 per year. Again, it’s way cheaper than iPage’s.

🏆 Winner is: Hostinger

Although many of Hostinger’s security measures are free, they do the trick. iPage’s SiteLock can be really helpful, but I can’t help but see it as a non-inclusive service. This review is about hosting perks only.

iPage vs Hostinger: Web Hosting Pricing Plans

Free PlanNoNo
Subscription DurationsOne Year, Two Years, Three YearsOne Month, One Year, Two Years, Four Years
Cheapest Plan$1.99/month (3-year plan)$1.99/month (4-year plan)
Most Expensive Shared Hosting Plan$6.95/month$19.98/month
Best Deal$71.64 for three years (save 34%)$95.52 for four years (save 80%)
Best DiscountsNone●        10% student discount
●        1%-off coupons
Cheapest Domain Price$2.99/year$0.99/year
Money Back Guarantee30 days30 days

Next, we’ll consider how much it costs to get iPage and Hostinger web hosting.


iPage plan

Below are the most affordable annual hosting plans for iPage:

  • Web: $2.99/month
  • WordPress: $3.75/month

I couldn’t find any running discounts on their website or social media accounts…



Below are Hostinger’s annual hosting plans (starting price):

  • Shared: $3.49/month
  • Cloud: $14.99/month
  • WordPress: $4.99/month
  • cPanel: $4.49/month
  • VPS: $3.99/month
  • Minecraft Server: $7.95/month
  • CyberPanel: $4.95/month

I found a 15% student-only discount on the site. You can also save more by checking out the Hostinger coupon page.

🏆 Winner is: Hostinger

This one was close! However, I’m giving Hostinger the win because of the long-term value that comes with its plans and also the available discounts.

iPage vs Hostinger: Customer Support

Live ChatAvailableAvailable
Phone SupportAvailableNone
Support Team QualityExcellentGood

As with any tech product, a time might come when you’ll need support from the vendor. I got access to their support team using various methods.


The service offers 24/7 live chat support but I couldn’t find any email ticket or inquiry form to fill. However, I did use the phone support. Their team members were efficient and helpful.

On the site, I found lots of information in the FAQ and tutorial sections. Having one user rating a company’s customer support doesn’t cut it. I needed to get the opinions of others.

So, I headed over to Trustpilot and checked iPage’s last 20 customer support reviews. 19 were excellent and only 1 was bad. Judging from my experience, the comments, and ratings, I can say iPage has excellent customer support.



The company had 24/7 live chat support. I also used the email ticket. However, there was no phone support available.

The FAQ and tutorial sections are rich in helpful content. For the Trustpilot reviews, Hostinger had 14 excellent and 6 bad. Safe to say, their support quality is good but still has a long way to go.

🏆 Winner is: iPage

iPage gets the win thanks to its phone support and excellent support team.

iPage vs Hostinger: Extras – Free Domain, Site Builder, Email, and More

Dedicated IPNoneAvailable
Email AccountsAvailableAvailable
SEO ToolsAvailableAvailable
Free Website BuilderAvailableNone
Free Domain3/3 packages8/35 packages
WordPressAutomatic and One-clickOne-click install
Free Website MigrationNoneAvailable

Although I only paid for hosting, I love it when hosting companies go the extra mile to ensure I have all the tools I need for little to no cost.


Dedicated IP

It’s always better to have a dedicated IP address for your website, and here’s why:

  • Better email reputation and deliverability
  • Improved SEO
  • More server control
  • Improved site speed

Unfortunately, iPage does not offer dedicated IP.

Email Accounts

You get free and unlimited email accounts with any iPage hosting plan.

SEO Tools

Your iPage hosting package will come with a free site builder (more on that next), and this software has several SEO tools to help you rank higher on Google.

Free Website Builder

You may need some site building tools to help with your setup process. As I said, iPage offers a free website builder (aka. Web Builder) on all plans. It comes with several specialized templates and you may upgrade to the premium version.

Free Domain

You can get a free domain name registration when you buy one of their plans.


You may install WordPress to your site using one click. The specialized WordPress hosting automatically installs the software and provides some pre-installed plugins.

Free Website Migration

New customers who already have their website hosted by another company will need to move their content to iPage servers via web migration.

iPage doesn’t offer web migration services. You have to transfer your web content from your previous host, which is disappointing.


Dedicated IP

Only the VPS hosting plans on Hostinger offer free dedicated IP.

Email Accounts

All plans come with free domain-based email.

SEO Tools

They have SEO Toolkit Pro.

Free Website Builder

There is no free builder, but they offer Zyro, a web design product with a starting price of $2.90/month.

Free Domain

8 out of 35 plans offer a free domain name.


You can install WordPress with one click.

Free Website Migration

With Hostinger, website migration is also free.

🏆 Winner is: Hostinger

They simply have more to offer in terms of add-on services, specially dedicated IP, and free migration.



It’s time to see which is better. Overall, Hostinger is the winner 🏆. Right from the start, the hosting provider proved that it’s ideal for small to large business websites.

iPage can also be a good choice but it will have more value with non-profit business websites.

You should try either iPage or Hostinger today. Both are highly affordable and come with a money-back guarantee.


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