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Online side hustles are great ways to earn extra cash 💵, but finding the right one can be difficult. Because you need to know what type of work you’re skilled at doing, and then find the right side gig based on those skills. To help you reach financial freedom faster, here are some of the best side hustles for 2024 ⇣

Taking on a side hustle to make some money on the side is one way to reach financial freedom. Whether you need extra money to pay the bills, saving up to buy something special, or just want to bring in some side income, a side hustle can help you do just that.

Did you know that 40% of Americans already have a side hustle? And those who have a side hustle make, on average, make $12,689 per year from it. And almost half, 46%, do it because they want to create passive income.

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The beauty of having an online side job is that it doesn’t need a large upfront investment or specialized skills. You can fit it around your schedule, and you can do the work from the comfort of your home.

Plus, if it’s something you enjoy doing and it works out well, you might even be able to make enough money to leave your job and turn it into a full-time career!

Get your hands on my list of unique and online side hustling ideas, proven to make you extra money on the side.

No previous experience is needed!

No technical expertise is needed!

No commuting for work!

No fixed work or time commitment!

No limits on how many jobs you can do!

What are the best online side hustles for 2024?

I have compiled a list of 30+ online side hustle ideas to make you start earning that extra money right away.

My list of the best side hustle ideas for 2024 that'll make you extra income

best side hustles

If you want to make some extra money in 2024, consider starting an AI-based side hustle. There are a number of great opportunities available, and I’ve listed some of the best ones AI side hustle ideas in this article.

Here’s more information about each of the online work-from-home jobs listed:

Doing paid surveys online is how you turn your waiting-in-line time into money. Granted it doesn’t pay as well as some of the other online side hustles for 2024 on this list, but it is also one of the easiest. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions.

Most paid online surveys only require you to fill in some details about yourself in a form. As you can imagine, the simple ones don’t pay so well. If you want to make $100 dollars online per day with this side hustle, go for face-to-face and video conference surveys. Generally, the more time a survey takes, the better it pays. This is also one of the best side hustles for teenagers.

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Work From Home Facebook Groups

Most easy-looking Work From Home jobs posted online is scams. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is a scam. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any real Work From Home jobs that anyone can do. Because there’s a huge supply of people who can do these jobs (virtually anyone), the good ones are gone as soon as they are posted.

If you want to increase your chances of finding a simple Work From Home job, your best bet is to be active in WFH Facebook groups. People posting in these groups are verified in one way or another. Most real Work From Home jobs are posted in Facebook groups and are gone really quickly.

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Make Money on Reddit

Reddit has a lot of awesome communities about every topic under the sun. It’s an addictive site filled with memes. BUT it also has a lot of communities where people post gigs and tasks that can make you a lot of money. It’s not just for small tasks though, you can even find freelance gigs and full-time jobs on Reddit.

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Do “Micro” Tasks

Micro Tasks are simple tasks that require little to no skill. A lot of online businesses outsource small tasks such as transcribing videos, basic proofreading, content moderation, etc. These tasks usually take 5-10 minutes to complete and can be as simple as sorting data into categories.

Although most micro-tasks don’t pay a lot, if you do these consistently, you can easily create a monthly side income. Most of these micro-tasks are repetitive and can be boring. But on the plus side, you get to do these repetitive tasks while listening to your favorite podcasts or audiobooks.

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Become a Customer Service Rep

The more successful a business becomes, the more support requests they receive from their customers. Fast-growing companies are always looking for new customer support representatives to join their teams. The pay depends on your skill and experience level. Hourly rates range from $10 to $50 an hour.

The best part about this side hustle is that it requires almost no skill or experience to get started. Most companies train their new customer support reps before starting them in the field. This job often can be done remotely and only requires access to a computer, a headphone, and a good internet connection.

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Get Paid To Test Apps

This is one of the easiest ways to make some money on the side. It doesn’t pay a lot but it does add up if you do it consistently. There are apps on the market that pay in one way or another for simply using them.

Some only require you to keep them on your phone and let them run in the background. If you do it consistently, you can make $2-$3 an hour.

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Get Paid To Test Websites & Apps

Businesses need the feedback of their target demographics to improve their apps and websites. You can make money by helping these businesses by giving them feedback about their websites and apps.

All you need for this online side gig is a computer, a webcam, a microphone, and a good internet connection. Most of these gigs involve recording your screen and webcam using platform-provided software. Most of the time, you only have to give your first impressions and tell them whether or not all the information listed is easy to understand.

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Become a Mystery Shopper

What if I told you you could start getting paid to shop? That’s a real thing retail businesses do. This side hustle requires you to get on your feet and get out of your house. As a mystery shopper, your job is to visit the business that hired you and go through their buying process. 

Once you go through the buying process, you report back feedback on how your experience went and if the employees were actually helpful. You might have to ask for assistance and report back if the employees were helpful or not. This lets businesses improve their processes and verify whether their employees are actually doing what they are supposed to.

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Become a Freelance Writer

Writing on the internet can be very rewarding. You get to improve your communication skills and make a good amount of money. As a side hustle, you can easily pull in $1000 a month working only a couple of hours a week. Once your side hustle gets off the ground, you can turn it into a business that makes over $100k a year if you work hard enough.

Freelance writing allows you to choose the topic you want to write about. Crazy about personal finance? Write about that. Love talking about marketing? Write about that. You get to decide who you write for and what subject you write about. This side gig is the perfect fit for a college student!

The best part about this online side job is that you don’t have a boss to answer to. And if you choose a subject you are passionate about, you get to learn more about it with every new project. What’s more, is that you can build a name for yourself in your industry by writing regularly.

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Get Paid To Search The Internet

If you spend any time browsing the internet, you probably search for a lot of stuff. There are companies out there that pay you to search the internet. All you have to do is use their search engine when searching the internet.

Although it doesn’t pay a lot, it can surely add up if you do a lot of searching every day. You can make anywhere from $25-$100 per month with this side hustle.

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Get Paid To Provide Expert Answers

If you’re a subject matter expert in your field, you can get paid to give expert answers on topics you know about.

Sites like JustAnswer and PrestoExperts will pay you to provide expert answers on subjects from personal finance and pets to gardening.

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Join Marketing Focus and Research Groups

Companies need feedback from their target demographics from time to time to improve their products and to develop new lines of products. Online focus groups give you an opportunity to get paid for giving your opinion on a company’s ads or their products.

This gig doesn’t require a lot of attention and can be done while doing something else. A lot of these gigs pay in Amazon gift cards.

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Become a Research Participant

If you are willing to spend some time answering questions related to your field, you can make a handsome side income every month. Respondent is a website where researchers look for business professionals who can answer their research questions.

Researchers on this website look for software developers, marketers, salespeople, business owners, executives, and enterprise software users. The amount of money you can make depends on your profession and your experience level. The highest paying profession on this site is executive and pays an average of $700 an hour.

Respondent is a great way to create an additional income stream. Signing up only takes a couple of minutes, and then when you are invited to a study, you get to pick a suitable time to participate. This makes this the perfect side hustle for stay-at-home moms.

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Become a Transcriber

Businesses like to have their videos and podcasts transcribed. With so much audio and video content being produced every hour, transcribers are in huge demand. The only thing you need for this job is a set of ears.

The best part about this job is that you get to do as much or as little work as you want and set your own hours. The only limit to how much you can make is how fast you can type and how good your listening comprehension is.

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Become a Fiverr Freelancer

Fiverr is a marketplace for services. It connects freelancers selling services with businesses. If you have a sellable skill, you can make thousands of dollars every month on Fiverr. Although Fiverr is known for its $5 price tag, your service can be priced much higher than just $5.

Businesses pay more for services that have a high demand and require a lot of work. Programming pays a lot more than graphic design. What businesses will pay you also depends on your experience level. But don’t let that hold you back. You can start selling on Fiverr and make a good living even if you are a beginner.

If you are an expert at what you do and have a good portfolio, you can turn this side hustle into a 6-figure business. The best part about Fiverr is that you get to decide who you work with, what you do, and when you work.

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Do Retail Arbitrage Online

Arbitrage is when you buy something at a low price and sell it at a higher price. The difference is your profit. If you are good at hunting bargain deals and securing products for a low price, this is the online side hustle for you.

The idea is to buy a product from one site at a low price that you know you can sell for a higher price on another site. In some cases, you might have to hold the product for a few weeks and wait for the prices to rise. A good example is buying rare pokemon cards and holding them until they become scarce in the marketplace.

The amount of money you can make from this side hustle depends on experience and the amount of research you do. The best place to start is a niche you already know about.

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Become a Social Media Moderator

As a social media moderator, you help moderate the content that is created by followers of a business. The job usually entails replying to people’s tweets and comments. It also includes deleting comments that might be negative or spam.

Some businesses hire social media moderators to moderate the content that is posted in their Facebook groups. The best part about this job is that it requires little to no attention and can be done from anywhere, anytime. This job pays $20-$25 an hour. If you clock in a couple of hours every day, this side hustle can become a monthly income stream.

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Create an Online Course

Learning something on your own is difficult and takes a long time. Online courses help you learn faster with an easy-to-follow curriculum and concise content. If you are good at something that other people are interested in learning, creating an online course is a great side hustle to start.

You can create a course about virtually any skill such as gardening, graphic design, programming, dating, and public speaking. How much you can make from an online course depends on how in-demand the skill is and how good you are at marketing.

As a side hustle, once you get an online course up, you can make hundreds of dollars every month passively with very little marketing. And if your course ends up doing well, you can turn it into a full-blow business that can make millions of dollars every year.

Ready to get started? Check out some of the very best online course platforms on the market right now,

Learn more about this side hustle >>

Become a Voiceover Actor

Voiceover actors are in huge demand. There are lots of businesses on the internet that need voiceovers for their videos and ads. Whether you have a talent for doing voiceovers or not, you can make a good amount of money with this side hustle.

The best part about this side hustle is that if you work on your voiceover skills, you can turn this into a full-time freelance business that makes 6-figures.

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Get Paid to Listen to Music

If you love listening to music, this one’s for you. There are websites that pay you for listening to music and providing feedback. This helps artists improve their music.

You can not only get paid for giving your feedback, but you can also make money by just listening to your favorite music. There are websites and apps that put ads in between your music and pay you for listening to music. If you spend more than 10 minutes listening to music every day, then this gig is definitely worth looking into.

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Become a Tasker

Task marketplaces let people do tasks for other people for money. These tasks could include anything from delivering something from one place to another or cleaning up after a party. Although these gigs aren’t the most lucrative, they are a great way to earn some cash on the side every month.

The best part about these tasks is that they require little to no skill. Usually, these are tasks people don’t want to do or are too busy to do themselves. It can be as simple as shopping for something local for someone who doesn’t have the time themselves.

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Become a Resume Writer

Sending a resume that isn’t eye-catching is as good as sending nothing at all. A resume writer is someone who specializes in writing eye-catching resumes that highlight the best qualities of the candidate. There’s a lot of money to be made in this industry. Most people have no idea how to write a resume let alone a good one. 

Resume writers who make the most money are the ones who have experience serving a particular industry or profession. A resume writer who only writes resumes for software developers will be able to charge a lot more than someone who works with everyone. If you want to charge more than the average resume writer, pick a niche, study it, and build a portfolio for that niche.

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Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are in huge demand right now as most work takes place online. Businesses prefer hiring virtual assistants for their executives because it’s much cheaper. Although this job can be a bit dull, it can become a part-time income stream for you if you do it right.

As a virtual assistant, you might get hired by a business owner who just needs you to send some cold emails. Or you might get hired to set up virtual meets for an executive. Or you might get hired to be a full-time virtual assistant. The pay depends on your skill level and your experience.

Learn more about this side hustle >>

Publish Articles on Vocal

Vocal is a platform that pays you for your writing. It’s a publishing platform that anyone can publish to. It pays you based on how many views your content gets. If you publish new content every month, you can easily build a passive income that pays you on autopilot.

The content you publish today will keep paying you as long as it stays on the site if it’s interesting. Vocal also allows people to tip you if they like your content. There are also competitions that you can participate in and win cash prizes.

Learn more about this side hustle >>

Rent out Things on Peer-to-Peer Renting Sites

Did you know there are marketplaces that let you lend your stuff to people who are looking for it? In exchange for money, of course!

Now, not all stuff pays the same. Technical equipment that costs a lot to purchase usually pays the most. It’s better to lend it for money than let it rust in your garage. Equipment that is hard to get or costs a lot of money to buy can fetch you a good monthly income that can add up to over $10,000 a year.

Learn more about this side hustle >>

Start a Blog

Starting a blog isn’t what it used to be. This side hustle isn’t about starting a 2008-style online journal where you write about your life. If you have a hobby or a passion, you can turn it into a side hustle by regularly blogging about it.

This side hustle has the potential of turning into a full-time business that makes over 6-figures a year. There are a lot of successful entrepreneurs who first started with a blog and are now making millions of dollars. Names include the popular author Tim Ferris who wrote 4-Hour Workweek and 4-Hour Body. He started with just a blog.

Another example is Ramit Sethi who started a simple blog about personal finance and is now a best-selling author in the personal finance industry. His blog got so popular that he made about $5 million in only one week by selling a course on his blog.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog it’s important to choose the right hosting solution. Hosting helps to ensure your content is secure and reliable when it reaches your customers.

Learn more about starting a blog >>

The era of the side gig economy is taking place right in front of us. These side hustle statistics for 2024 will show you the key driving factors behind it.

side hustle statistics 2024

Data from different sources show that the number of side hustles in the United States is on the rise and that the side hustling jobs trend is expected to continue into 2024 and beyond.

This is good news for people who are looking to make some extra money, as there will be more opportunities available to do so.

Questions & Answers

Wrau Up – Side Hustle Ideas to Help You Make Money Online

Many people are searching for easy side hustle jobs from home to supplement their income.

Starting a side hustle can be a great way to earn extra income and pursue your passions.

To get started, it’s important to have a solid business model and a clear understanding of your side hustle idea. Crafting a strong cover letter can also help you stand out to potential clients or employers.

Whether you’re looking to start a side business for a specific purpose or just explore different opportunities, there are many options to choose from.

With some dedication and hard work, a side hustle can provide a fulfilling and profitable source of income.

In today’s digital age, there are countless opportunities for side hustles that can help you earn extra income in July 2024.

College students can take online surveys or become content creators, and create an online side hustle through a YouTube channel or social media management.

Online courses and affiliate marketing are also popular options for those looking to make money on the side.

For those who prefer more traditional side hustles, food delivery or starting an e-commerce store are also lucrative options.

Additionally, translation services can provide a great way to earn extra money for bilingual individuals.

The possibilities for side hustles are endless, so find the one that fits your interests and skills to start earning some extra cash.

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