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Private Internet Access (PIA) is a popular and affordable VPN service for both individuals and small business owners. In this 2024 Private Internet Access review, we’ll look closer at its features, speed, pros & cons, and pricing to help you decide if this is a VPN you should sign up with.

From $2.19 / month

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Private Internet Access VPN Review Summary (TL;DR)
From $2.19 per month
Free Plan or Trial?
No free plan, but a 30-day money-back guarantee
30,000 fast & secure VPN servers across 84 countries
Logging Policy
Strict no-logs policy
Based in (Jurisdiction)
United States
Protocols / Encryptoin
WireGuard & OpenVPN protocols, AES-128 (GCM) & AES-256 (GCM) encryption. Shadowsocks & SOCKS5 proxy servers
P2P file sharing and torrenting allowed
Stream Netflix U.S., Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Youtube, and more
24/7 live chat and email. 30-day money-back guarantee
Kill-switch for desktop & mobile devices, built-in ad blocker, antivirus add-on, simultaneous connection for up to 10 devices, and more
Current Deal
Get 83% OFF + Get 3 months FREE!

Key Takeaways:

Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the cheapest VPN providers on the market in 2024, starting at $2.19 per month.

PIA has great apps for iOS and Android, and can support up to 10 simultaneous connections.

While PIA has a no-logging privacy policy, it is based in the US and has not undergone a third-party independent security audit.

Private Internet Access VPN (also known as PIA) was founded in 2009, and they’ve built a reputation as a reliable, secure VPN provider. They boast over 15 million satisfied customers worldwide, and it’s easy to understand why.

There’s a lot to love about PIA, from its incredibly cheap prices to its impressive number of servers and user-friendly apps.

Private Internet Access PIA VPN Review 2024

PIA comes with several unique features that set it apart from the competition, but there are a few areas where it falls short, too. In this Private Internet Access review I explore PIA VPN in-depth, so you can decide if it’s the right VPN for you.

Visit Private Internet Access VPN’s website to find out more and subscribe with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Get 83% OFF + Get 3 months FREE!

From $2.19 / month

Reddit is a great place to learn more about Private Internet Access. Here are a few Reddit posts that I think you’ll find interesting. Check them out and join the discussion!

Pros and Cons


  • One of the cheapest VPNs with prices starting at $2.19 per month
  • Great apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Can support up to 10 connections simultaneously
  • Decent performance in speed tests
  • Lots of server locations (30k+ VPN servers to choose from)
  • Intuitive, user-friendly app design
  • No logging privacy policy
  • WireGuard & OpenVPN protocols, AES-128 (GCM) & AES-256 (GCM) encryption. Shadowsocks & SOCKS5 proxy servers
  • Comes with a dependable kill switch for all clients
  • 24/7 support and unlimited simultaneous connections too. It doesn’t get much better than that!
  • Good at unblocking streaming sites. I was able to access Netflix (including the US), Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, and more


  • Based in the US (i.e. member of the 5-eyes country) so there are concerns about privacy
  • No third-party independent security audit has been conducted
  • No free plan
  • I wasn’t able to unblock BBC iPlayer


PIA is a good and cheap VPN provider, but it could do with some improvements. On the plus side, it’s a VPN that comes with a huge network of VPN servers, good speeds for streaming and torrenting, and a strong emphasis on security and privacy. However, its failure to unblock some streaming services and slow speeds on long-distance server locations are major letdowns.

Plans & Pricing

PIA offers three different payment options, all of which are decently priced. Users can opt to pay monthly ($11.99/month), pay 6 months ($3.33/month, charged as a one-time cost of $45), or pay for a 2-year + 2-month plan ($2.19/month, charged as a one-time cost of $57).

Monthly$11.99/monthComes with unlimited torrenting, dedicated IP, 24/7 support, advanced split tunneling, and ad and malware blocking.
6 Months$3.33/month ($45 total)Comes with unlimited torrenting, dedicated IP, 24/7 support, advanced split tunneling, and ad and malware blocking.
2 years + 2 months$2.19/month ($56.94 total)Comes with unlimited torrenting, dedicated IP, 24/7 customer support, advanced split tunneling, and ad and malware blocking.

The 2-year + 2-month plan is definitely the best value for your money. If signing up for a 2-year commitment makes you nervous, you’re in luck: all of PIA’s payment plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In other words, you can try it out and see if it’s the right fit for you with no risk of losing money if you change your mind. If you encounter any problems with your VPN or account, you can contact PIA’s 24/7 support.


Get 83% OFF + Get 3 months FREE!

From $2.19 / month

Speed & Performance

PIA gets mixed reviews when it comes to speed. Despite having an impressive number of servers across 84 countries, Private Internet Access isn’t the fastest VPN on the market. With that said, it’s far from the slowest.

Private Internet Access VPN comes with 10 GBPS (or 10 billion bits per second) connections and unlimited bandwidth. 

Download and upload speeds are pretty decent on servers close to where you are physically located, but unfortunately, my tests revealed that speeds drop significantly at long distances. The OpenVPN UDP protocol is also significantly faster than TCP, and faster than WireGuard.

ProtocolAverage Speeds
WireGuard25.12 Mbps
OpenVPN TCP14.65 Mbps
OpenVPN UDP27.17 Mbps
Average download speeds across 10 different, randomly chosen, locations

A general rule of thumb with Private Internet Access VPN is that you’ll get faster connection speeds if you connect to a server closer to your physical location

This isn’t a problem for many people, but it could be a dealbreaker for anyone looking to use a VPN to connect from a specific (far away) country.

It’s also worth noting that Private Internet Access VPN has performed better in speed tests on Windows than on Mac, meaning if you’re looking for a VPN for your Mac computer, it may be better to look elsewhere.


Get 83% OFF + Get 3 months FREE!

From $2.19 / month

Security & Privacy

PIA security

Private Internet Access VPN scores well overall on security and privacy, but there are some concerns, particularly regarding privacy.

PIA uses two highly secure protocols, OpenVPN and WireGuard, to encrypt all internet traffic. With OpenVPN, you can choose the encryption protocol you want to use.

If you don’t choose, the default protocol is AES-128 (CBS). Although you have several choices, arguably the best and most secure is AES-256. 

pia vpn protocols

PIA also uses its own DNS server for an added layer of protection against data leaks, but you can change this to your own DNS if you want.

In addition to the app-based features, you can access more security features if you install PIA’s Chrome extension, including the ability to block ads, third-party cookies, and third-party tracking.

Private Internet Access also owns all of its servers, which means you’ll never have to worry about a contracted third party having access to your data. 

Although most of this sounds awesome, there are a few potential privacy downsides. PIA is based in the U.S., which is a cooperating member of international surveillance alliances.

What this means is that companies headquartered in the U.S. could theoretically be legally required to turn over the information and personal data of their clients. This is naturally a cause for concern for many users.

The main goal of any VPN service is to protect your privacy and keep your online identity hidden – but if you have a DNS leak, your personal data could easily be exposed.

The good news is that in my tests (see below, I’m connected to the US Las Vegas server), PIA doesn’t reveal my real IP address while connected to its VPN service.

pia dns leak test

The DNS location shown is the same as the one in the VPN app. Since my real ISP’s DNS address and location aren’t shown, that means there are no DNS leaks.

PIA’s parent company, Kape Technologies (which also owns ExpressVPN and CyberGhost), also raises some eyebrows, as it has been accused in the past of spreading malware through its software.

However, PIA claims to be a no-log provider, meaning that they don’t keep any records of their users’ data. In a transparency report on their website, PIA reports that they have denied court orders, subpoenas, and warrants requesting logs.

Overall, it’s safe to say that PIA maintains a high standard of transparency and privacy that should satisfy all but the most paranoid of VPN users.

Streaming & Torrenting

Private Internet Access is a decent VPN for streaming content from the U.S libraries of popular streaming services. 

Although it fails to unlock certain streaming sites (such as BBC iPlayer – which I wasn’t able to unblock), PIA successfully unlocks many of the major streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Youtube. 

Amazon Prime VideoAntena 3Apple tv+
YoutubebeIN SportsCanal+
CBCChannel 4Crackle
Disney+DR TVDStv
France TVGloboplayGmail
GoogleHBO (Max, Now & Go)Hotstar
KodiLocastNetflix (US, UK)
Now TVORF TVPeacock
Rakuten VikiShowtimeSky Go
SpotifySVT PlayTF1

For these U.S-based streaming platforms, loading times are reasonably fast, and streaming is generally smooth and uninterrupted. However, if you’re trying to access streaming libraries from countries other than the U.S., you might be better off with NordVPN.

For torrenting, PIA VPN is consistently reliable and surprisingly fast. It has unlimited bandwidth and supports P2P as well as torrenting.

PIA uses WireGuard, an open-source VPN protocol that runs on a mere 4,000 lines of code (as opposed to the average of 100,000 for most protocols), which means you get better speed, stronger connection stability, and a more reliable connection overall.

multi hop

PIA also offers an optional added layer of protection called Shadowsocks (an open-source encryption protocol popular in China) that reroutes your web traffic. Best of all, all of PIA’s servers support torrenting, so you don’t need to worry about connecting to the right server.


Get 83% OFF + Get 3 months FREE!

From $2.19 / month

Key Features

private internet access review servers

Private Internet Access is an overall solid VPN with a number of great features. It has a seriously impressive 30,000 servers distributed across 84 countries, making it one of the most server-rich VPN providers on the market.

pia servers

A small number of these servers are virtual (usually because of legal restrictions on VPN servers in certain countries), but most are physical.

PIA comes with apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux, as well as most mobile devices, smart TVs, and even gaming consoles. Their apps are clear and intuitive enough for beginners to use with ease. 

pia chrome extension

In addition to the apps, PIA also has extensions for popular web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. The extensions are easy to install and manage, and users can choose their location and turn the VPN on and off the same way they can with the apps.

Let’s take a look at some of the other key features that PIA VPN has to offer.

Dedicated IP Address (Paid Add-on)

dedicated IP address

One of Private Internet Access VPN’s great bonus features is that users have the option to sign up for a Dedicated IP address. This is a paid add-on that costs $5 more a month, but it may well be worth the price

This feature helps you avoid getting flagged on safe sites. It also makes it less likely that you’ll encounter those annoying CAPTCHA checks.

This IP is yours and yours alone and protects your data transfers with an even higher level of encryption. At the moment, PIA only offers IP addresses in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, and the UK. They may expand their location options in the future, but at the moment, the list is pretty limited.

get dedicated ip address

You can order a dedicated IP address from the PIA app (which starts from $5.25/mo).

Antivirus (Paid Add-on)

pia antivirus

Another paid add-on that’s worth investing in is Private Internet Access’s antivirus protection. It comes with an impressive slew of features to keep your internet connection as secure as possible.

Antivirus protection uses a continually updated, cloud-based database of known viruses to identify threats as they emerge. You can control what data is sent into the cloud, so your privacy is always in your hands. You can also set virus scams to be conducted at a specific time, or run a quick scan anytime. 

Web Shield, PIA’s DNS-based ad blocker, is another great feature that comes with the Antivirus system.

It also comes with a unique “prevention engine” feature that searches for and patches up any holes in your computer’s existing antivirus software.

When malicious files are detected, they are immediately isolated and held in “quarantine”, where they can’t do any damage. You can then choose whether to delete them permanently or keep them in quarantine.

PIA’s antivirus system will also provide regular, detailed security reports, so you can keep track of what’s going on.

Built-in Ad Blocking

built in ad blocking

If you don’t want to shell out the extra cash for the full antivirus program, PIA still has you covered: all of their plans come with a built-in ad blocker, called MACE. 

MACE blocks ads as well as malicious websites quickly and efficiently and prevents your IP address from being captured by IP trackers.

In addition to protecting your data and private information, this feature has a few unexpected benefits. Your device’s battery life will last longer without ads and trackers draining your system’s resources, and you’ll also save mobile data and get faster results from browsers without ad loading slowing you down.

No-Logs Policy

pia no logs policy

PIA VPN is a strict no-logs provider. What this means is that they don’t track their customers’ internet activity or keep records of any data or private information.

However, they do collect their customers’ usernames, IP addresses, and data usage, although this information is automatically deleted as soon as you log out of the app.

PIA also logs your email address, the territory of origin, zip code, and some (but not all) of your credit card information, but all of this is pretty standard for the VPN industry.

Because PIA is headquartered in the United States, there are some reasonable concerns about surveillance. The U.S. is a member of an international surveillance agreement known as the Five Eyes Alliance, which also includes the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

In essence, these five countries agree to collect massive amounts of surveillance data and share them with each other, and any communications or internet business operating within these countries could also be subject to this agreement.

Being a strict no-logs provider is a smart way for PIA to circumvent any government demands for users’ data, and potential customers can rest assured that PIA (at least according to their own website) takes their commitment to privacy seriously.


Get 83% OFF + Get 3 months FREE!

From $2.19 / month

Split Tunneling

split tunneling

Split tunneling is a unique VPN feature in which you can select specific apps to have their internet traffic run through the VPN while leaving other apps open. 

In other words, with a split tunneling feature, you can have web traffic from Chrome directed through your VPN’s encrypted tunnels, while simultaneously having traffic from Firefox unprotected by your VPN. 

Under the Network tab in the PIA application, you can find multiple settings for split tunneling. You can set custom rules for both apps and websites, which means you can choose to include or exclude browsers, apps, games, and basically any internet-enabled app. 

This is a much more convenient option than having to turn your VPN on and off in order to use certain apps or perform certain activities (such as online banking) on the web.

Kill Switch

PIA VPN comes with a kill switch feature that automatically cuts your internet connection off if your VPN crashes. This protects your real IP address and data from being exposed while you’re browsing and keeps it secure until the VPN is back up and running again.

advanced kill switch

The kill switch feature has become pretty standard across most VPN providers, but PIA takes it further and includes a kill switch in its mobile device application. This is an unusual feature, but one that is a huge benefit for anyone who regularly streams content or accesses sensitive information from their mobile device.

Access to up to 10 Devices

With PIA, users can connect up to 10 separate devices with a single subscription and run Private Internet Access VPN on all of them simultaneously, something that makes it a great VPN for families or homes with a large number of devices.

These devices can be a mix of computers, mobile devices, routers – or any other internet-enabled devices that you want to protect with a VPN.

If you want to connect more than 10 devices, PIA’s help desk recommends looking into a router configuration for your home. This way, all the devices behind the router will be counted as one device, rather than multiple.

Free Boxcryptor License

free boxcryptor license

Another great offer that comes for free with a PIA VPN account is a free Boxcryptor license for one year. Boxcryptor is a top-notch cloud encryption tool that’s compatible with most of the major cloud storage providers, including Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. It’s user-friendly enough for the less tech-savvy, while still maintaining high standards of security.

You can access your one-year free Boxcryptor account after you sign on for a PIA VPN subscription. Simply be on the lookout for an email from PIA titled “Claim Your FREE 1-Year Boxcryptor Subscription.” This email may look a bit like spam, but it actually contains a button that you need to click on to claim your key and access your Boxcryptor account.


Get 83% OFF + Get 3 months FREE!

From $2.19 / month

Customer Support

Private Internet Access offers 24/7 customer support via live chat or ticket. Their customer service agents are polite and helpful, and their website also offers a knowledge base and community forum to help users troubleshoot problems before reaching out for professional help.

pia support

Common Questions Answered

Our Verdict ⭐

Private Internet Access is a solid VPN with a legit reputation and a lot of great features.

Private Internet Access: Your Private Tunnel to the Web
From $2.19 per month

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a comprehensive VPN service known for its high-speed network with 10 Gbps servers and unlimited bandwidth, supporting seamless streaming, gaming, and P2P sharing. Security features include advanced protocols like WireGuard®, an advanced Kill Switch, PIA MACE for blocking ads, trackers, and malware, and options like multi-hop and obfuscation for enhanced privacy. The service offers DNS leak protection, port forwarding, and dedicated IP add-ons for improved performance and security.

It’s particularly great for torrenting and used for general security and privacy protection, and it can also be used for streaming content from most streaming platforms/locations.

PIA is a good and cheap VPN provider, but it could do with some improvements. On the plus side, it’s a VPN that comes with a huge VPN server network, good speeds for streaming and torrenting, and a strong emphasis on security and privacy. However, its failure to unblock some streaming services and slow speeds on long-distance server locations are major letdowns.

If you’re ready to try PIA VPN out for yourself, you can check out their website here and sign up with no risk for 30 days.

Recent Improvements & Updates

Private Internet Access is constantly updating its VPN with better and more secure features to help users maintain their online privacy and internet security. Here are some of the most recent improvements (as of July 2024):

  • Geo-Located Regions Addition: PIA has expanded its network by adding 30 geo-located regions. These regions use IP addresses registered to the target country, allowing users to geolocate safely and privately. These regions will be marked with a globe icon in the server list and can be excluded from the list through settings. Importantly, they won’t be selected in the Auto-connect function, maintaining PIA’s commitment to transparency.
  • Next Generation Network Launch: PIA launched its Next Generation network of hardened VPN servers, exiting a beta phase. These servers are designed to offer enhanced security and performance, meeting the increasing demand for quality VPN services. One key feature is the implementation of 10Gbps network cards, replacing the previous 1Gbps cards, to offer better speed, security, and privacy.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: The NextGen VPN servers operate on an encrypted OS, with critical services isolated and deployed using RAMDisks, ensuring sensitive information is lost upon power loss. Additional security measures include enhanced man-in-the-middle (MITM) protection and blocked USB port access.
  • Dedicated IP Address Feature: Responding to user requests, PIA introduced a dedicated IP address feature. This feature adheres to PIA’s strict no-logging policy by using a token system to offer dedicated IP addresses without linking them to VPN accounts.
  • 50 Servers in 50 States Campaign: PIA has expanded its server presence to all 50 US states, providing physical or virtual server locations nationwide. This expansion is part of their commitment to helping users protect their privacy and access online services conveniently.
  • Transparency and Open-Source Apps: PIA emphasizes trust and transparency in its operations. Their apps are open-source, and they engage in various transparency initiatives. Regular audits are conducted to ensure data protection measures meet high standards.
  • Google’s Mobile App Security Assessment: PIA’s Android app recently underwent Google’s Mobile App Security Assessment (MASA), validating that the app is safe and adheres to good security standards.
  • Privacy Pass Initiative: PIA introduced the Privacy Pass initiative to support digital rights. This program provides free VPN subscriptions to journalists, nonprofits, and NGOs operating in high-risk areas, emphasizing PIA’s commitment to online privacy and digital freedom.

Reviewing PIA VPN: Our Methodology

In our mission to find and recommend the best VPN services, we follow a detailed and rigorous PIA VPN review process. Here’s what we focus on to ensure we provide the most reliable and relevant insights:

  1. Features and Unique Qualities: We explore each VPN’s features, asking: What does the provider offer? What sets it apart from others, such as proprietary encryption protocols or ad and malware blocking?
  2. Unblocking and Global Reach: We assess the VPN’s ability to unblock sites and streaming services and explore its global presence by asking: How many countries does the provider operate in? How many servers does it have?
  3. Platform Support and User Experience: We examine the supported platforms and the ease of the sign-up and setup process. Questions include: What platforms does the VPN support? How straightforward is the user experience from start to finish?
  4. Performance Metrics: Speed is key for streaming and torrenting. We check the connection, upload, and download speeds and encourage users to verify these on our VPN speed test page.
  5. Security and Privacy: We delve into the technical security and privacy policy of each VPN. Questions include: What encryption protocols are used, and how secure are they? Can you trust the provider’s privacy policy?
  6. Customer Support Evaluation: Understanding the quality of customer service is crucial. We ask: How responsive and knowledgeable is the customer support team? Do they genuinely assist, or just push sales?
  7. Pricing, Trials, and Value for Money: We consider the cost, available payment options, free plans/trials, and money-back guarantees. We ask: Is the VPN worth its price compared to what’s available in the market?
  8. Additional Considerations: We also look at self-service options for users, such as knowledge bases and setup guides, and the ease of cancellation.

Learn more about our review methodology.


Get 83% OFF + Get 3 months FREE!

From $2.19 / month


Private Internet Access

Customers Think

PIA: My Digital Ninja, Unblocking Netflix and My Peace of Mind

January 4, 2024

(5 stars, duh!)

Remember the Great Netflix Blockade of ’23? Yeah, those were dark times. My evening ritual of binging K-dramas turned into a pixelated wasteland of disappointment. But then, PIA swooped in like a digital ninja, slicing through geo-restrictions with its samurai sword of encryption. BOOM! Suddenly, I was back in Seoul, streets shimmering with neon and kimchi stews bubbling.

PIA’s not just a Netflix knight though. It’s my internet guardian angel, keeping my browsing history as hidden as a ninja’s secret stash. No creepy trackers, no government snooping, just me and my cat giggling at cat videos in total anonymity. The interface might be a tad labyrinthine for tech newbies, but hey, that’s what customer support is for, and those guys are wizards with a keyboard.

So, if you’re tired of internet Big Brother breathing down your neck, or just want to unlock the world from your couch, check out PIA. It’s affordable, reliable, and keeps your browsing habits as secret as a ninja’s laundry day.

(P.S. They even have servers in Iceland! Talk about chilling your online footprint.)

Avatar for A Satisfied Cyber Citizen with a VPN Obsession
A Satisfied Cyber Citizen with a VPN Obsession

Disappointing experience

April 28, 2023

I had high hopes for Private Internet Access, but unfortunately, the service has been a disappointment. While the VPN does work, it’s not as fast or reliable as I had hoped. I have also experienced connection issues and have had to restart the VPN multiple times to get it to work. Additionally, customer support has been unresponsive when I’ve tried to reach out with questions or concerns. I will be looking for a different VPN service.

Avatar for Emily Nguyen
Emily Nguyen

Good VPN, but slow at times

March 28, 2023

I’ve been using Private Internet Access for a few months now, and overall, I’m satisfied with the service. The VPN works well most of the time and provides good security and privacy features. However, I have noticed that the connection can be slow at times, especially when I’m trying to stream video content. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it can be frustrating. Overall, I would recommend Private Internet Access to others.

Avatar for David Lee
David Lee

Great VPN service

February 28, 2023

I’ve been using Private Internet Access for over a year now, and I couldn’t be happier with the service. It’s easy to use and provides excellent security and privacy features. I especially appreciate the ability to choose from a variety of server locations, which has allowed me to access content that was previously blocked in my area. I highly recommend Private Internet Access to anyone in need of a reliable VPN.

Avatar for Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson


August 10, 2022

PIA is a great VPN. All functions are excellent and work flawlessly. I bought a subscription for 3 years. I am very satisfied. So far I have used four vpn apps and for me PIA is the best. Connecting to servers is lightning fast. The appearance of the application is modern, reviewed and interesting. PIA is based in the USA, but in terms of privacy, it is a safe VPN because it has proven this in practice in court proceedings when it could not provide any information about its users in court because it does not manage them. Customer support via chat is instant and very efficient. I think PIA VPN deserves 4 out of a possible 5 stars. Thank you.

Avatar for Lenjin

Bunch of thieves

May 6, 2022

They’re a bunch of crooks. I tried their VPN, didn’t like their options, paid in Bitcoin (that was a mistake). Requested a refund, asked me to confirm a bunch of information for 3 days straight, now they’re ignoring me… I am NOT impressed. Very unethical company. Will probably never get my refund.

Avatar for Jaydee

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