Should Your Host be SiteGround’s GoGeek Plan? Review of Features & Performance

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SiteGround is one of the best web hosts for beginners. In fact, we always recommend it for beginners ourselves! If you are looking at SiteGround’s pricing, you might wonder whether you should go with the biggest plan; GoGeek.

Or maybe you are thinking of upgrading your current GrowBig plan to GoGeek…

I’m a big fan of SiteGround. In my SiteGround review, I have covered all the key features and pros and cons of this premium web hosting service. Here, I will zoom in on their GoGeek plan ($7.99/month).

If you aren’t sure about SiteGround’s GoGeek plan, then read on… Because in this article, I will clear all your doubts about the GoGeek plan. By the end, you will know whether or not it is worth spending your money on.

Reddit is a great place to learn more about SiteGround. Here are a few Reddit posts that I think you’ll find interesting. Check them out and join the discussion!

GoGeek Plan Features

What’s included in the GoGeek Plan?

The pricing for SiteGround’s Shared Web Hosting plans and WordPress Hosting plans is the same. 

The only difference between the two is that WordPress hosting comes pre-installed with WordPress. So, this review of the GoGeek plan applies to both Shared Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting.

The GoGeek plan comes with everything you need to run a successful online business. 

Whether you get a thousand visitors a month or ten thousand visitors a day, this plan can handle it without breaking a sweat!

At a glance, here’s what’s included in the GoGeek plan:

siteground gogeek plan pricing 2024

If you aren’t sure which plan is best for you, check out my review of all SiteGround’s plans and prices where I go over them in detail.

Now, let’s talk about all the goodies that come packed with the GoGeek plan…

Unlimited Websites

The GoGeek plan allows you to host an unlimited number of websites on a single account. This plan is great if you host a lot of client websites yourself. 

For a cheap price of $7.99/month per month, you can host as many client websites as you want.

If you are a freelancer, you can charge your clients a small monthly fee, and host all their websites in one place. 

Think of how much money you can make every month hosting your client’s websites for them!

siteground gogeek web hosting

Even if you don’t do client work, it’s great for any business owner. If you’re like me, you like putting up a coming-soon website before you even begin working on a new idea, then this plan can save you hundreds of dollars every year. 

Host as many websites as you want in one single account!

40 GB Disk Space

40 GB of Disk Space is enough for almost any kind of website. This much space is enough to host a podcast, a video course, or images of your entire product catalog.

If your website is image-heavy, this plan is perfect for you. You will probably not need any more space for the next 2-3 years even if you upload new images every day.

Staging + Git

SiteGround Staging Tools let you create development copies of your websites in just a couple of clicks.

gogeek staging and git

A development environment saves you from yourself! It lets you make changes to your website in a testing environment. Your visitors don’t get to see this version of your site.

And once you are done adding new features or testing, you can deploy this new version to your site in just a couple of clicks.

White-Label Web Hosting

SiteGround lets you give access to your clients using a very simple interface:

gogeek white label

All you have to do is enter their name and email, and SiteGround will send them an invite. The best part is that you can select a role for your client. 

This lets you limit the amount of control your client has over the website.

When you host your client’s site on SiteGround, you can give them access to the web hosting dashboard and replace SiteGround’s logo with yours.

siteground site tools

Or you can have no logo at all like in the above screenshot.

This allows you to charge them extra every month for hosting and managing their website.

Priority Support

SiteGround is known for its amazing industry-leading customer support experience.

You can get in touch with SiteGround’s support team in minutes and they will help you solve your problems. You can reach out to them 24/7.

siteground support

With the GoGeek plan, you get even better support. Your support queries as a GoGeek customer are prioritized meaning you will be able to get in touch with customer support even faster!

The Difference Between the GrowBig and GoGeek Plan

More Server Resources

When you go for the GoGeek plan you get allocated more server resources (i.e. better website performance and faster load times) than on the GrowBig and StartUp plans.

  • CPU seconds / program and script Executions: 4000/hour, 40000/day, 800000/month
  • Server memory per process: 768 MB
  • Inodes: 600,000

GoGeek gives you 2x more resources than GrowBig and 3x more resources than the StartUp plan. GoGeek is faster than SiteGround’s GrowBig plan because it comes with more server resources.

You’ll see that GrowBig and GoGeek are much faster than StartUp since you get more server resources.

More Disk Space

One of the biggest differences between GrowBig and GoGeek plans is the amount of disk space you get. 

With GoGeek, you get 40 GB of disk space. With GrowBig, you only get 20 GB of disk space.

gogeek more disk space

If you publish a lot of new content on your website, then the 20 GB plan might not be enough for you. 40 GB is enough for most websites, even the ones that upload lots of new images every month.

Number of Visitors

Although there’s no limit to the number of visitors your website can get on either of these plans, the GrowBig plan can only handle about 100k visitors a month.

You might think that you will never hit the 100k visitors limit, but don’t forget that you will receive thousands of spam and bot clicks on your website as it grows. 

That doesn’t even count the number of visits search engines like Google and Yahoo will make every month.

gogeek more monthly site visits

The GoGeek plan on the other hand can handle 4 times as many visitors. So, even when you start getting thousands of visitors every month, your website will be able to handle the load and not slow down!


If you are a freelancer or an agency offering WordPress hosting, then you need this plan. It lets you white-label the SiteGround dashboard and give your clients access to it.

white label hosting

You can charge your clients a monthly fee to host their website and when they visit the SiteGround dashboard, they will see your logo.

And because SiteGround lets you host an unlimited number of websites on this plan, you can add as many client sites as you want!

Essential web hosting features:

  • Monthly Visitors (StartUp: 10,000, GrowBig: 100,000, GoGeek: 400,000)
  • Generous Web Space (StartUp: 10GB, GrowBig: 20GB, GoGeek: 40GB)
  • Hosted Websites (StartUp: 1 site, GrowBig: unlimited sites, GoGeek: unlimited sites)
  • Dedicated Server Resources (StartUp: normal, GrowBig: +2x times, GoGeek: +4x times)
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • Free Drag & Drop Weebly Sitebuilder
  • Free CMS Install (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.)
  • Free Email Accounts
  • Free Email Migrator
  • Unlimited MySQL DB
  • Unlimited Sub and Parked Domains
  • Friendly Site Tools
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • 100% Renewable Energy Match

Performance features:

  • Servers on Four Continents
  • SSD Storage
  • Customized Server Setup
  • Free CDN with Each Account
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers
  • SuperCacher caching plugin
  • 30% faster PHP (only on GrowBig & GoGeek plans)

Security features:

  • Power Redundancy
  • Hardware Redundancy
  • LXC-based Stability
  • Unique Account Isolation
  • The Fastest Server Monitoring
  • Anti-Hack Systems & Help
  • Proactive Updates and Patches
  • Spam Protection
  • Automated Daily Backup
  • Advanced On-demand Backup (only on GrowBig & GoGeek plans)

E-commerce features:

  • Free Shopping Cart Install
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates

Agency and web designer features:

  • Ship Site to Client
  • Collaborators Can Be Added
  • White-label Hosting & Client Management (only on GoGeek plan)
  • Free Private DNS (only on GoGeek plan)

Web development features:

  • Managed PHP version (7.4)
  • Custom PHP Versions 8.1, 8.0, 7.4 & 7.3
  • Free SSH and SFTP Access
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL Databases
  • FTP Accounts
  • Staging (only on GrowBig & GoGeek plans)
  • Pre-Installed Git (only on GoGeek plan)

Support features:

  • 24/7 Amazingly Fast Support
  • We Help Via Phone, Chat & Tickets
  • Advanced Priority Support (only on GoGeek plan)

Pros and Cons

Even if you have decided to host your website on SiteGround’s GoGeek plan or are thinking of upgrading to it, here are some pros and cons you need to keep in mind:


  • More resources and faster speed: GoGeek gives you a lot more server resources that are guaranteed to deliver faster load times.
  • Supports a lot more traffic: When your site starts gaining traction, you will never have to worry about hitting any traffic limits. For most websites, the SiteGround GoGeek plan is powerful enough to handle thousands of monthly visitors.
  • A lot more disk space: If you upload a lot of images to your WordPress site, you will see your disk space usage spike up really quickly. The GoGeek plan comes with 40 GB of disk space, which is enough for most image-heavy websites.
  • White label: If you do client work, you will love this feature. It lets you hide the fact that you’re using SiteGround. You can replace the SiteGround logo with yours when you give access to your clients.
  • Priority Support: SiteGround’s support team is already quick enough. But it’s nice to have this feature of this plan. If waiting to connect to customer support makes you want to pull your hair, you need this!
  • Free Private DNS: This lets you use your own domain name as the DNS server. This will make your clients think that you really are the web host.


  • Not for hobby sites: If you are just hosting a hobby site that gets no traffic, then you might not need this plan. Here’s my list of good alternatives to SiteGround.
  • You don’t have any “serious sites”: If you are just playing around, then this plan might be an overkill. But if you are a serious business owner, then you need this plan. It comes with enough resources to handle thousands of daily visitors.
  • Can be a little expensive: If you’re just starting out, then this plan might seem a little expensive. But if you are running a profitable online business, then this plan’s affordable price will seem like an accounting error.

Is It Time To Upgrade From GrowBig to GoGeek?

Yes, the SiteGround GoGeek plan is worth it:

If your website has started gaining traction, you need this plan. You don’t want to hit any traffic limit right when your website is going viral.

If you are sending a lot of paid traffic to your website, this plan will save you a lot of money. Imagine sending thousands of dollars worth of traffic to your website from Facebook Ads. And losing all that ad money because your website went down…

If you are sending a lot of traffic to your website, your website might slow down on a cheaper plan. If you are spending a thousand dollars a month on ads, do yourself a favor and upgrade to the GoGeek plan on

If you want more security, speed, and performance features, you’ll get Google Cloud-powered servers, ultrafast PHP, enhanced security, server/client/dynamic caching, on-demand backups + lots more.

If you are still not sure about SiteGround, let me assure you that it is one of the most beginner-friendly web hosts

If you are interested, read my complete review of to find out why it’s one of the best web hosts on the market.

I hope you found this expert editorial SiteGround GoGeek review helpful!

Recent Improvements & Updates

SiteGround constantly improves its hosting services with faster speeds, better security, a user-friendly interface, enhanced customer support, and eco-friendly initiatives. Here are just some of the recent improvements (last checked May 2024):

  • Free Domain Name: As of January 2024, SiteGround now offers its customers a free domain registration for the first year.
  • Advanced Email Marketing Features: SiteGround has significantly upped its game in the email marketing arena. The introduction of an AI Email Writer stands out as a game-changer, enabling users to craft compelling emails effortlessly. The feature is designed to aid in generating high-quality email content, streamlining the email creation process. Additionally, the new scheduling feature allows for better planning and timing of email campaigns, ensuring optimal engagement. These tools are part of SiteGround’s broader strategy to enhance digital marketing capabilities for its users.
  • Enhanced Security with ‘Under Attack’ Mode: In response to the increasing sophistication of HTTP attacks, SiteGround has bolstered its CDN (Content Delivery Network) with an ‘Under Attack’ mode. This mode provides an additional layer of security, safeguarding websites against complex cyber threats. It’s a proactive measure that ensures website integrity and uninterrupted service, even under duress.
  • Email Marketing Tool with Lead Generation for WordPress: SiteGround has integrated a lead generation plugin with its email marketing tool, specifically tailored for WordPress users. This integration is a significant step towards empowering website owners to capture more leads directly through their WordPress sites. It simplifies the process of converting website visitors into potential customers, enhancing the overall effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.
  • Early Access to PHP 8.3 (Beta 3): Demonstrating its commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, SiteGround now offers PHP 8.3 (Beta 3) for testing on its servers. This opportunity allows developers and tech enthusiasts to experiment with the latest PHP features, providing valuable feedback and insights ahead of its official release. It’s an invitation to be part of the evolving PHP landscape, ensuring that SiteGround users are always ahead of the curve.
  • SiteGround Email Marketing Tool Launch: The launch of the SiteGround Email Marketing tool marks a significant milestone in their service offerings. This tool is designed to boost business growth by enabling effective communication with customers and prospects. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make it an indispensable tool for businesses looking to enhance their digital marketing efforts.
  • Implementation of SRS for Reliable Email Forwarding: SiteGround has implemented the Sender Rewrite Scheme (SRS) to improve the reliability of email forwarding. SRS addresses issues related to SPF (Sender Policy Framework) checks, ensuring that forwarded emails are not wrongly classified as spam. This update is crucial for maintaining the integrity and deliverability of forwarded emails.
  • Expansion with Paris Data Center and CDN Point: To cater to its growing global customer base, SiteGround has added a new data center in Paris, France, and an additional CDN point. This expansion not only improves service quality and speeds for European users but also signifies SiteGround’s commitment to global reach and performance optimization.
  • Launch of SiteGround’s Custom CDN: In a significant development, SiteGround has launched its own custom CDN. This CDN is tailored to work seamlessly with SiteGround’s hosting environment, offering improved loading times and enhanced website performance. This custom solution signifies SiteGround’s dedication to providing a holistic and integrated web hosting experience.

Reviewing SiteGround: Our Methodology

When we review web hosts like SiteGround, our evaluation is based on these criteria:

  1. Value for Money: What types of web hosting plans are on offer, and are they good value for money?
  2. User Friendliness: How user-friendly is the signup process, the onboarding, the dashboard? and so on.
  3. Customer Support: When we need help, how quickly can we get it, and is the support effective and helpful?
  4. Hosting Features: What unique features does the web host provide, and how do they stack up against competitors?
  5. Security: Are essential security measures like SSL certificates, DDoS protection, backup services, and malware/virus scans included?
  6. Speed and Uptime: Is the hosting service fast and reliable? What types of servers do they use, and how do they perform in tests?

For more details on our review process, click here.

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