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Namehero might be new to the business, but they’re already one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies in the world. Find out more about this exciting new option for web hosting in this 2024 Namehero review!

NameHero Review Summary (TL;DR)
From $4.48 per month
Hosting Types
Shared, Cloud & Reseller hosting
Speed & Performance
LiteSpeed servers, LSCache, MariaDB, Cloudflare CDN
1-click WordPress management
Fast SSD and NVMe storage
Security Shield protection against malware & DDos
Control Panel
Free domain. Free site migration. Nightly/weekly backups
Refund Policy
30-day money-back guarantee
Privately-owned (Jackson, Wyoming)
Current Deal
Get up to 50% OFF on NameHero plans

The company was founded back in 2015 by Ryan Gray, and they’ve been serving thousands of customers with full integrity and enthusiasm. This company sells domain names, offers shared web hosting, managed cloud hosting, and reseller hosting, and offers a website builder product.

Features such as Litespeed web server and NVMe storage are certainly impressive, but if you’re looking for the cheapest web host out there, then this might not be your pick.

That being said, it’s time for you to dive deep into the whereabouts of Namehero and see if they’re worth your time or not!

Pros and Cons

NameHero Pros

  • LiteSpeed powered web servers (faster than both Apache and Nginx)
  • Unlimited SSD storage (and unlmited NVMe storage on Turbo plans)
  • HTTP/3 support for even faster load times
  • A dedicated support team ready to help you out 24/7 (call them on 855-984-6263, or open live chat, or open a ticket inside your dashboard) 
  • You get free SSL certificates once you choose their service
  • Dedicated IP address (extra $4.95 per month)
  • JetBackup daily automatic backup system
  • Gives you a free domain registration for one year
  • HeroBuilder drag and drop website builder
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed, a rare feat in most other hosting providers

NameHero Cons

  • Only have data centers in the US and Netherlands
  • Daily backups expire after 24 hours

Plans & Pricing

Namehero plans are divided into four different categories according to the type of service. This website builder company does web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated cloud hosting. They have a simple billing system – any PayPal user can pay according to the PayPal invoice.

namehero hosting dashboard

Web Hosting Plans

When it comes to web hosting, Namehero has four different plans. All of them come with unlimited SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, and free Litespeed servers.

You also get NVMe storage, Litespeed caching, Cloudflare integration, a free SSL certificate, and many more speed, performance, and security features. Web hosting pricing is divided into four separate plans.

Hosting PlanPricing/MonthWebsites AllowedRAM/MemoryFree SSLFree LiteSpeed
Starter CloudFrom $4.48 per month11 GBYesYes
Plus Cloud$5.1872 GBYesYes
Turbo Cloud$7.98Unlimited3 GBYesWith Speed Boost
Business Cloud$11.98Unlimited4 GBYesWith Speed Boost
  • Starter Cloud

This is a basic plan that comes with 1GB RAM and will cost From $4.48 per month if you opt for the 3-year plan.

  • Plus Cloud

The plan is quite similar to starter cloud; however, it includes 2GB RAM, and the monthly price is $5.18 for a 3-year plan.

  • Turbo Cloud

Turbo and business plans are relatively expensive options, but the service provided might make it worth the money for you. For a 3-year plan, you’ll get 3GB RAM for $7.98 per month. 

  • Business Cloud

The last plan costs the same as the Turbo Cloud plan, but you get 4GB RAM instead of the 3GB in Turbo cloud hosting. It’s great for e-commerce websites and comes at only $11.98 a month!

Reseller Hosting Plans

For other users who prefer to do cloud web hosting themselves, Name Hero has a reseller hosting service.

This service includes WHMCS panel, Litespeed cache, reseller toolkit, private nameservers, free Cloudflare, and many more. There are four different Reseller plans.

  • Silver

The silver plan is a basic plan for new resellers. It offers 500 GB bandwidth, 40GB SSD storage, and you get to host 40 client accounts with it.

  • Gold

If you have a reseller account and your business is slowly growing, then you’re on the right track to be a professional host. To assist you more, the gold plan will give you 800 GB bandwidth, 75 GB SSD storage, and you’ll be able to host at least 60 client accounts. This gold plan will cost you $14.83 per month in a 3-year service.

  • Platinum

The platinum plan offers you 150 GB storage, a whopping 1000 GB bandwidth, and a chance to host around 80 client accounts. You’ll have to pay $18.88 per month in their 3-year plan.

  • Diamond

As the name suggests, this is the most expensive and most efficient service out there. This plan lets you host at least 100 client accounts, plus gives you 2000GB bandwidth and 200 GB SSD storage. It will cost you $30.13 for 3 years.

Cloud VPS Hosting Plans

VPS hosting plans include four different plans for people who want to add an extra layer of security to their hosting account. NameHero has four different plans when it comes to cloud VPS hosting.

The plans include a dedicated IP address, one-click WordPress installation, free SSL certificates, and many more.

  • Hero 2GB

This is the most inexpensive plan among other plans. It costs $21.97 per month for a 1-year plan and offers 2GB RAM, 10 TB outgoing bandwidth, and 30 GB SSD storage.

  • Hero 4GB

The plan comes with 4GB RAM, 60 GB SSD storage, and 10 TB outgoing bandwidth. It will cost you $27.47 per month if you take their yearly plan.

  • Hero 6GB

Coming with 6 GB RAM, 90 GB SSD storage, and 10 TB outgoing bandwidth, this is one of their most effective plans out there. It will cost you $40.12 per month for the yearly plan.

  • Hero 8GB

The last of the VPS hosting plans is the Hero 8GB plan that offers you 120 GB SSD storage alongside 10 TB outgoing bandwidth and will cost $48.37 per month in a yearly plan.

Cloud Dedicated Hosting Plans

Dedicated cloud hosting plans are suitable for high-speed cloud web hosting companies or large-level website owners with frequent incoming traffic on their sites.

These plans have a fully managed server, one-click WordPress installation, offsite backups, and many other features. Namehero has four different dedicated cloud hosting plans.

  • Standard Cloud

This plan includes 8GB RAM, 5TB outgoing bandwidth, and 210 GB SSD storage. It will cost you $153.97 per month.

  • Enhanced Cloud

This is an even more lucrative plan that comes with a 3.6 GHz processor, 5 TB outgoing bandwidth, 450 GB SSD storage, and 15 GB RAM. The plan will cost you $192.47 every month.

  • Enterprise Cloud

31 GB RAM and 460 GB SSD storage is no joke, and if I consider the 3.8 GHz processor alongside 5TB outgoing bandwidth, the $269.47 per month pricing seems quite rational.

  • Hypersonic Cloud

This is by far their most expensive service, and deservedly so. It comes with 900 GB SSD storage, 2×2.1GHz processors, 62 GB RAM, and 5 TB outgoing bandwidth. This service will cost you $368.47 per month.

Speed and Performance

Apart from the user interface and great customer service, Name Hero claims that they provide some of the best performances among other web host services. Time for me to check and see how they perform!

A study from Google found that a one-second delay in mobile page load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%.

GTmetrix, a popular speed checker tool, gives an impressive 99% performance score to NameHero. Here are the GTmetrix scores for the test website I have hosted on a NameHero server.

namehero gtmetrix speed score

So what makes NameHero such a fast hosting company?


Litespeed web server is a massive upgrade to Apache, considering both the speed and the performance. It has high concurrent connection and transaction limits. Apart from giving the users a break from slow server speeds, this server has excellent caching features.

namehero litespeed

If I look at their WordPress caching plugin that does both server-level caching and private caching for users, I can easily say that Litespeed is clearly a better option than similar web servers.

Moreover, Litespeed is replacing proxy configurations such as NGINX and going for an event-driven build in order to reduce RAM requirements. The server comes with specific functions for the likes of bbPress and WooCommerce.

While Apache is a free product, Litespeed isn’t, which is why it’s better as a web server considering all factors.

litespeed vs apache
LiteSpeed vs. Apache server test 

I’d say that NameHero did a fantastic job incorporating Litespeed hosting for WordPress sites to enhance the speed and features. As a matter of fact, for people who are tired of slow websites with prolonged page load time, Litespeed in Namehero surely brings a breath of fresh air!

NVMe SSD Storage

NVMe stands for “Non-Volatile Memory Express”, and it’s a technology that access SSD drives over the PCI interface instead of SATA drives..

NVMe SSD storage is crucial in a modern-day hosting account, and yet many companies still haven’t shifted to SSD storage. Only Namehero and some others did it, and Namehero gets an extra point because they’ve been providing a decent amount of SSD storage ever since its inception.

Because of the storage, your dynamic content, including image optimization, will run way faster than before!

Cloudflare Integration

It might come as a surprise, but many companies offer features like a private cloud but don’t have any integration with Cloudflare. This is where Namehero is different, as it has Cloudflare integration to protect your website.

Cloudflare is an essential tool both for protecting the likes of APIs, websites, SaaS services and for boosting them with extra speed.

cloudflare integration

NameHero provides two different Cloudflare integration options. The first one is full integration, where you can use the name servers of Cloudflare. The other one is partial integration, where you can use the name servers of NameHero.


Hosting companies have to ensure high-grade security for their clients at any cost. This is a prerequisite, and NameHero seems to have taken it quite seriously. Apart from their server resources and fast loading time, they offer Imunify360 on their packages to ensure security.

namehero security

SSL Cerfificate

As a hosting company, NameHero has made quite a name for itself because of its automatic and free SSL certificates. These certificates are powered by ‘Let’s Encrypt.’ Now many people think that SSL certificates or an ‘HTTP’ on the site doesn’t make much difference, but in reality, it does.

It’s a basic standard for any website now, and the fact that the clients of NameHero are getting it for free makes it a lucrative option for all clients. Apart from that, an SSL certification allows the user interface to look as safe as possible.

Daily Backups

Most of the reseller account and web hosting account services have complimentary backup features in NameHero. The backup is run every single night, and thus, they retain data worth a single day.


The backed-up data is then stored in a highly secured third-party location, and you can access them anytime from the cPanel accounts. However, if you pay an extra $1.99 per month, you get the chance to add 5GB of backup storage every month and retain data for the whole month!


The company has an advanced firewall system that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to detect threats and immediately stop them. The whole process happens in real-time, so common threats like DoS(Denial of Service) or port scans are instantly neutralized by the firewall.

There are different cyberattacks, though, like a zero-day attack where the hacker finds a weak spot in the software, and before the developer could do anything about it- they infiltrate it.

With the AI technology in Namehero’s firewall, that isn’t possible as the proactive defense can easily identify any kind of attack and easily block malicious executions.

Malware Scanning

Shared hosting with full root access can result in malware infesting your beloved site. However, with Namehero, the chances of that are quite low as their security system can automatically scan files and put them in quarantine if they’re infected.

The real-time scanning helps neutralize the threat before it can actually become a threat!


DDoS protection

In order to protect your sites from vicious malware or DDoS, the company uses a special security shield. Their firewall knows how to detect attacks in real-time, and to add to that; they also have a malware scanner as an add-on.

Moreover, they have two-factor authentication enabled, so it gets quite difficult for hackers to infiltrate any site hosted by NameHero. 

Website Monitoring

Another crucial security feature of NameHero is how they monitor the reputation of your website. For example, their effective monitoring system tracks your site and checks if the IP or site is blocked/blacklisted anywhere on the internet.

Google and other search engines often put sites on ‘blacklist’ if they feel like the site could have potential malware, thereby removing it from their SERPs (search engine results pages). This is tracked by Namehero’s system.

Moreover, in situations like the server giving multiple errors, they can immediately find it and resolve the issue. The RBL (Real-time Blackhole List) is another issue since your site getting enlisted means your email accounts will be counted as spam accounts, and your subscribers might not get your mails in time.

Proper monitoring by Namehero makes sure instances like these won’t happen.

Key Features

Installs WordPress in One Click

All of the plans of Namehero come with an interactive feature where you can simply install WordPress without any sort of hassle. You won’t have to write any codes or move any files; one click and WordPress is installed!

If you don’t even want to do that, then their support team can do that for you, but I’d suggest you do that since it’s your site at the end of the day!

Website Migrations for Free

Switching WordPress hosts might seem like a very difficult task, but in reality, it’s quite easy, to say the least. Most of the hosts provide free domain and free migrations, and the same goes with NameHero.

namehero free website migration

All you have to do is ask for a website migration, and they’ll do it without any downtime. They’ll also set the SSL for you and ensure that the site works effortlessly. Just fill out the migration form, Namehero will take care of the rest!

After you sign up you can request a free migration.

Dynamic Server Caching

Not a lot of hosting plans cover server caching on shared hosting. So, people often opt for 3rd party plugins, a much slower option. NameHero is a bright exception here, as they offer this specific service for free in all of their shared hosting packages.

This is possible due to their LiteSpeed server, something that makes them fast and secured at the same time.

Their LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin ensures you get server-based caching, and the speed isn’t slowed down as well! Server caching is a very rare feat in many hosting services, so I’d have to say NameHero really did a great job here!

NVMe Drives

NameHero is also unique for its SSD storage service, something quite uncommon in its competitors. They have incorporated NVMe drives, which doubles their storage capacity overnight! The best thing about these drives is that they make heavy sites with data centers like WordPress run way faster now.

Jetbackup Tool

Jetbackup is a great addition to this company because it has improved its weekly backups as well as daily and monthly backup system greatly.

Now, the users get to restore files, databases, or DNS entries without contacting their customer support team. On many other sites, restoring previous data is considered too much of a hassle, whereas in Name Hero, all you have to do is click the right option, and that’s all!


Free Domain Name

Namehero lets you use a free domain for one whole year if you choose any of their hosting plans. This is a big deal for a relatively new hosting provider like them since the relatively older and experienced web hosts still charge a certain amount of money for the domain renewal every year.

If you take this free domain service into consideration, it’s safe to say that some aspects of their service are quite cost-effective.

Free Snapshots for a Week

JetBackup and its features simply don’t seem to come to an end! NameHero offers you to take a snapshot of your site and use it for seven days. Now, it might seem like an unnecessary thing to do, but if you’re planning to do major upgrades to the site and you want people to notice that – snapshots can be a great option.

This is a great function, to be honest, especially since you’re getting it for free!

Questions & Answers

Our Verdict ⭐

Many people like NameHero because of its superb reseller hosting plans, but this hosting company is much more than that. They’re pretty good with their shared hosting plans, too; at least that’s what I felt when I tried them out.

We like NameHero because of the top speed they provide, the overall pricing seems quite reasonable and legit. After testing the site for a period of two months, I have noticed the downtime is less than 4 minutes, a fantastic feat if I have to be honest.

From $4.48 per month

Web Hosting Plans With Free Domain, NVMe, cPanel, LiteSpeed, Site Migrations + Loads More

  •  Blazing Fast Website Speed
  •  Easy To Use, Guru-Free Platform
  •  Reliable Hosting That Scales
  • Trusted By Over 750,000+ Websites

Reviewing NameHero: Our Methodology

When we review web hosts like NameHero, our evaluation is based on these criteria:

  1. Value for Money: What types of web hosting plans are on offer, and are they good value for money?
  2. User Friendliness: How user-friendly is the signup process, the onboarding, the dashboard? and so on.
  3. Customer Support: When we need help, how quickly can we get it, and is the support effective and helpful?
  4. Hosting Features: What unique features does the web host provide, and how do they stack up against competitors?
  5. Security: Are essential security measures like SSL certificates, DDoS protection, backup services, and malware/virus scans included?
  6. Speed and Uptime: Is the hosting service fast and reliable? What types of servers do they use, and how do they perform in tests?

For more details on our review process, click here.



Customers Think

Highly recommend!

January 3, 2024

Switched to NameHero a year ago and it’s been a breath of fresh air! My e-commerce site flies on their LiteSpeed servers, with blazing-fast page load times even under heavy traffic. Plus, their EcoWeb Hosting initiative makes me feel good about hosting green. But the real star is their support – 24/7 live chat with actual tech experts, not robots! They’ve gone above and beyond every time I’ve needed help, even migrating my site for free and setting up some custom security tweaks. Maybe not the cheapest out there, but the value, speed, and incredible support are worth every penny. NameHero’s definitely earned my loyalty!

Avatar for Ben Murphy
Ben Murphy

Bad Service with some lacks

November 22, 2022

They Disabled the basic way of backup and replace with jetbackup, so you can’t migrate to another provider, and when I ask them to enable the backup feature, they reply me I should to upgrade to VPS and this feature is disabled server wide , Also cPanel doesn’t have a postgres or shell access, Also the first open of my websites take from 1 to 2 second to launch

Avatar for Mahmoud

Constantly down

November 19, 2022

About a year with them, Cannot recall a week without being down 3 or more times. This is the worst hosting I have been with.

Avatar for Odonel

Do not go to Namehero, save the headaches and the delays.

July 5, 2022

How can I qualify Namehero LLC, of so let me tell you about my experience, I had Webhosting, domains, and email’s with them. The Webhosting is one of the slowest I ever had, no SSL, very expensive if you want to buy it, it is impossible to use WordPress because they have incompatibilities with MYSQL and you have to use PHP 7.0 to make it work, many themes and plugins work only with PHP 8.0. Domain, they use a company called (BS is exactly the kind of service they give) they normally “FAKE” emails as if they are coming from ICANN simulating delays. For a regular transfer of a domain, go to the previous register (PR) and remove the lock and get the authorization code, go to the new register (NR) and start the transfer with the authorization code, then go back to the PR and agree with the transfer and DONE. With Namehero LLC you have to wait for to release the domain, more than 5 days after. Email, the server they use keeps blocking the IP number from my home, I called 3 times, every time saying DO NOT BLOCK MY IP AGAIN, but it keeps happening. Imagine having to use a VPN to get your emails. And talking about privacy, they let you send emails only if they like the subject, if somebody sends you an email saying amazon account (maybe a scam) they will never let you reply to this email. Even in a regular workday, if you have an email interchange with coworkers, they don’t let you send more than 50 emails in one hour. And a very dark way to do business, they like to ask for copies of ID and Credit card, when they really have no authority to ask for it, not a governmental office or a financial institution. They are a private entity. And what about the storage of all these copies.

Avatar for Gabriel Graciano
Gabriel Graciano

Great service on my 9 websites

June 7, 2022

I’ve been with Name Hero for over a year and am very happy with them. When I’ve needed to ask a question, their support has been excellent and their response time very fast.

Avatar for CJ

First Class

June 3, 2022

I’m in the UK and have around 60 sites with NameHero, on a range of plans – Reseller Hosting, Shared Hosting and VPS – hosted on their server in the Netherlands. Their uptime is excellent – never had any problems with outages, their speed is great – LiteSpeed on all servers, not just the expensive ones, and their customer service is truly world class. They’ve always got me out of a jam when I’ve needed to be in touch. I’m sorry that the two other reviews received so far give such a poor impression, but it’s far from the reality for everyone. Just look at the TrustPilot link in ‘References’ below to see what others have to say. I’d recommend NameHero to anyone.

Avatar for Anonymous

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