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Scala Hosting is one of the most popular managed VPS hosting providers on the market. They have been around since 2007 and have won several awards for their amazing service.

But is ScalaHosting’s managed VPS service any good?
How scalable is this service?
Is there anything you should know before signing up?

In this article, I will answer all these questions and more…

By the end, you’ll know for sure whether or not Scala Hosting is the best option for your business.

ScalaHosting VPS Hosting Offerings

ScalaHosting has two different VPS Hosting offerings:

  • Managed Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Self-Managed Cloud VPS Hosting

Let’s go over each of them and what they offer…

Managed Cloud VPS Hosting

ScalaHosting’s managed cloud VPS hosting service makes it easy for anyone to run their website on a VPS server.

A VPS server is much faster than shared hosting and offers a lot more resources.

If you want your website to load fast and be able to handle heavy loads, you need a VPS. But managing a VPS can be a daunting task if you aren’t a web developer or don’t know what you are doing.

Fortunately, ScalaHosting offers 24/7 management on all their managed servers. This means you can contact ScalaHosting’s support team any time you hit a roadblock and need help managing your VPS.

They will not only answer your questions but will even fix any issues that come up!

One of the best parts about getting a VPS with ScalaHosting is that they offer 3 different platforms to choose from including their own, AWS, and DigitalOcean:

scala fully managed vps

This gives you the option to select between hundreds of different data center locations available. It also gives you the ability to bank on a platform you are already familiar with and trust.

If you want the biggest bang for your buck, I recommend going with ScalaHosting’s own data centers as they are the most cost-efficient:

scala hosting cost

If, however, you want more choice in data center location, AWS is your best bet. It offers a little over a dozen different data center locations to choose from.

The pricing for AWS is similar:

scala aws

The pricing for their DigitalOcean platform servers is identical to their AWS pricing:

scala digital ocean

With every plan, you get free website migration. You can ask the ScalaHosting team to migrate all of your websites over to your new VPS from any other web hosting provider.

You also get many other goodies such as a dedicated IP address, a free domain name for the first year, and much more:

scala hosting features

The best part about ScalaHosting’s VPS plans is that they all come with SPanel. SPanel is an alternative to the popular cPanel. It comes with all the tools you will need to manage your VPS with an easy-to-learn interface.

If you can’t find a plan that suits your needs, you can always build a custom plan on your own:

build your own vps

ScalaHosting lets you build your own VPS configurations. You can choose how much RAM, SSD space, and how many CPU cores you want in your new VPS.

Self-Managed Cloud VPS Hosting

Self-Managed VPS Hosting is for anyone who doesn’t need any help managing their own VPS server.

This service is great for you if you are a web developer or someone who knows their way around a VPS.

Self-Managed VPS Hosting is much cheaper than managed hosting and offers a lot more resources:

vps configuration

The best part about Self-Managed VPS Hosting is that it lets you build your own VPS. You can customize the number of CPU cores, amount of SSD NvME space, and RAM.

Self-Managed VPS Hosting offers twice as many resources as managed hosting for much cheaper prices.

There are many extras available that you can add to your VPS for a small fee:

vps hosting extras

The biggest difference between Managed and Self-Managed VPS Hosting is that the latter gives you complete control over your server.

You can even sell your own web hosting services on top of a self-managed VPS if you want.

ScalaHosting offers WHMCS and cPanel licenses for very affordable prices. WHMCS makes it really easy to start your own web hosting company.

It lets you create your own custom plans and charge whatever you want to your end customers. It then manages everything from billing to creating cPanel accounts on its own.

If you manage a lot of client websites as a web developer, this is a great way to make an extra side income.

Self-Managed hosting is also highly scalable. You can add more RAM, CPU Cores, or SSD space whenever you need it.

Another advantage of self-managed VPS Hosting is that it gives you the option to buy a LiteSpeed Webserver license. LiteSpeed hosting is the fastest Webserver when compared to Nginx or Apache.

If your website is built on top of WordPress, it will load twice as fast on LiteSpeed compared to Apache…

ScalaHosting VPS Hosting Pros and Cons

Although ScalaHosting is one of the best VPS Hosting providers in the market, there are some things you need to keep in mind before you buy any of their services.

If you aren’t yet sure about going with ScalaHosting, I highly recommend reading my in-depth ScalaHosting Managed VPS review.


  • Free Website Migration: ScalaHosting will migrate your website for free on any of the managed VPS hosting plans.
  • Free domain name: All managed plans offer a free domain name.
  • 24/7 Support For Managed VPS Hosting: ScalaHosting’s customer support team is available 24/7 to help you. They will fix any issues that arise and answer all your queries.
  • Dozens of Data Center Locations To Choose From: ScalaHosting allows you to choose between AWS, DigitalOcean, and ScalaHosting as your data center of choice. Combined these three platforms offer dozens of locations to choose from.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth on Managed VPS Hosting: This is only available if you choose a ScalaHosting data center.
  • Free SPanel on Managed VPS Hosting: SPanel makes it really easy to manage your VPS server and your websites. It comes with all the tools you will need including a file manager, database manager, etc.
  • Free WordPress Manager Tool: SPanel comes with a free WordPress manager tool that lets you quickly install WordPress and manage it on any of your websites. You can use it to clone a website or create backups among other things.
  • Cloudflare CDN: All managed VPS plans come with free Cloudflare CDN. A CDN can boost the speed of your website by delivering content to your visitors from locations that are closest to them.
  • NVMe storage that guarantees maximum IOPS and website speed performance.
  • Build Your Own VPS: Both managed and self-managed VPS hosting plans let you build your own VPS configurations. You can customize the number of CPU cores, amount of RAM, SSD space, and bandwidth capacity.
  • 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee: If you don’t like the service for some reason, you can get your money back within the first 30 days.
  • Start Your Own Web Hosting Business: Self-Managed Hosting allows you to get licenses for WHMCS and cPanel. This lets you sell your own web hosting packages on top of your own VPS.
  • Generous amounts of resources on Self-Managed VPS Hosting: Self-Managed packages are much cheaper than managed packages.
  • Highly Scalable: You can add more RAM, CPU Cores, and SSD space to your VPS server whenever you want with just a couple of clicks.
  • Scalable Minecraft hosting and reseller services with its self-developed SPanel control panel.


  • Free domain only for the first year: After the first year, you’ll have to pay the regular renewal rate for the domain name.
  • Only 3 locations are available for self-managed VPS hosting: ScalaHosting offers dozens of data center locations to choose from for managed VPS hosting but only 3 for self-managed hosting.

Is ScalaHosting VPS Hosting Good?

ScalaHosting’s VPS Hosting is reliable and highly scalable.

Whether you run a personal blog or a small business, ScalaHosting is a web host you’ll never outgrow. To scale your website, all you have to do is add more RAM, CPU Cores, and SSD space to your VPS, which you can easily do with just a couple of clicks.

ScalaHosting’s Managed VPS service is built for small business owners who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge but still want to take advantage of the power of a VPS server.

Their support team is available around the clock and will help you out whenever you face a problem. They will fix any issues that come up.

And if you are worried that ScalaHosting’s services might not be for you, don’t forget that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can get a refund if you aren’t satisfied with their services within the first 30 days.

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