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pCloud Pass is an encrypted password manager that helps you secure your online accounts, and never forget another password. With pCloud Pass, you only have to remember your master password. All other passwords in your pCloud Pass account can only be accessed after you enter your master password.

It’s like a database for your passwords. The best part is that it automatically fills your passwords when you visit a website’s login page.

In this article, I’ll explore what pCloud Pass is, what it does, and if it’s worth your time and money investing in this password manager.

What is pCloud’s Password Manager?

pcloud pass review

pCloud Pass is a password manager from the pCloud cloud storage platform. pCloud is already known for its affordable cloud storage service. And recently they released this free product.

Reddit is a great place to learn more about pCloud. Here are a few Reddit posts that I think you’ll find interesting. Check them out and join the discussion!

This password manager comes with apps for all your devices including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. It also has browser extensions for all popular browsers.

It’s not just a secure store for all your passwords. It also allows you to store other important data such as your credit card details. This way, you only need to remember one long, secure master password rather than remembering dozens of different passwords.

If you’re like most people, you probably have one or two passwords that you use for all your online accounts. This is really unsafe. If one of your accounts gets hacked, the hacker will try your email address and password on all other popular platforms including PayPal and even your bank’s website.

Most people’s accounts get hacked because they use weak passwords. Most people use their’s pet’s name or their birthday or something similar as a password, which makes their accounts really easy to hack for anyone who knows them.

For example, my brother uses his date of birth as his password. He’s been using it for years now, and still hasn’t changed it. How do I know? I saw him enter it years ago and I can still log into his accounts… Just for testing purposes. Please don’t tell him!

To keep you safe, pCloud Pass generates a long string of random characters and gives you that as your password whenever you sign up for a new online account.

This way, even if one of your passwords gets cracked, all your other accounts are safe. Not only that, these randomly generated passwords are much more secure and can’t be cracked using brute force attacks.

pCloud Pass isn’t the only product offered by pCloud. I highly recommend that you check out my pCloud 2024 review. It’s one of the best cloud storage services on the market.

You should definitely check it out if you’re looking for a service to back up your important files. You should also check out their pCloud Transfer service. It lets you share files as large as 5 GB with other people without an account for free.

Key Features

pcloud password features

pCloud Pass comes with all the features you’d look for in a password manager. The interface is really simple and easy to use. It may not have a lot of advanced features but it has everything the average user needs.

Apps For All Your Devices

Even in the age of smartphones, there are password managers that are only available as browser extensions. pCloud Pass is available for all your desktop and mobile devices regardless of the operating system.

Once you install it on your devices, it keeps your passwords in sync. If you create a new account (or update a password) on your PC, the changes will reflect on your smartphone in a couple of seconds.

Generates Strong, Secure Passwords

Stop using simple passwords that are easy to crack! Most people use weak passwords that are easy to remember for them. This makes it really easy for hackers to guess your passwords. They don’t do it in their head of course! That would take an eternity.

They use powerful computers to guess thousands of passwords per second. If you’re using a really weak password, they’ll crack it in an hour or two.

pCloud Pass generates strong passwords for you that would take decades for a hacker to crack by guessing. This is because these passwords are long strings made up of random characters.

And because you don’t need to remember these randomly-generated passwords, you can choose to generate passwords that are really long.

The longer your password, the more difficult it would be to crack. I’ve cranked up my password manager’s settings to generate the longest possible passwords.

When people store passwords in their heads, they only use one or two simple passwords that are easy to remember.

But with pCloud, because you only need to remember one password, you can make your master password really strong and long. It won’t be easy to memorize but you only have to remember one password. How difficult can it be?

Really Affordable Pricing

pCloud’s Pass pricing is one of its strongest points. It is more affordable than most other password managers on the market:

pcloud pass pricing

The annual plan is just $29. And if you’ve been using pCloud Pass for a while, you might want to spring for the lifetime plan that is only $149 (one-time payment). It covers all your devices and can save you a lot of money in the long term.

If you have never used pCloud Pass, I recommend that you try out the free version. It only allows one device, but it’ll give you a good idea of this password manager’s strengths and weaknesses.

There’s a monthly plan available, to access it, you need to click the Click here link at the bottom of the pricing table. I recommend going for the annual plan. It will save you $5 a year.


pCloud’s password manager lets you:

  • Securely (using elliptic curve secp256r1 encryption) store unlimited passwords, credit card details, and encrypted notes.
  • Two-factor authentication can be enabled from the pcloud dashboard.
  • Automatically save passwords, usernames and credit card details.
  • Autofill passwords and instantly log in to apps and websites.
  • Instantly fill out payment forms with your securely stored credit card details.
  • Generate strong and unique passwords.
  • Access your passwords and personal data on Windows, macOS and Linux, Android and iOS, and as a web browser extension.
  • CSV import and export functionality.
  • Free plan (1 device) and premium plans (unlimited devices) from $29 per year.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick list of pros and cons we found while testing pCloud Pass:


  • One of the cheapest password managers on the market especially if you look at their lifetime plan.
  • Account recovery features in case you forget your master password.
  • Easily create secure passwords for all your accounts.
  • All your passwords are fully encrypted. That means even pCloud’s engineers who have access to the servers can read your passwords. They are only readable once decrypted with your master password, which isn’t stored on the pCloud server.
  • Apps for all your devices including your mobile devices.
  • Extensions are available for all modern browsers. Once you install the extension and log into it, your passwords will automatically get filled in.


  • Doesn’t allow uploading important documents. But the landing page says it’s coming soon.
  • There is no organizing of passwords, credit cards and notes using labels. (This feature is coming.)
  • It’s not possible to share logins with family members, team members, or work colleagues. (This feature is coming.)

Our Verdict: Is pCloud Pass Any Good?

pCloud Password Manager may not be the best password manager on the market (LastPass and Dashlane) are still ahead) but it’s still pretty good for most use cases.

It’s really affordable. If you really want to save money, you could buy the pCloud Pass lifetime plan.

You get apps for all your devices so that your passwords are always available to you no matter which one of your devices you’re using. It does lack a couple of features though. It may be one of the easiest password managers, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

For one, it currently does not support uploading important documents. This is a feature that almost all other password managers offer. They are working on it though and it should be available soon, at least according to their website.

pCloud Pass offers a lifetime plan that helps you save money. But that’s not the only place pCloud can help you save money. pCloud also offers a cloud storage service with a lifetime subscription.

If you are looking for lifetime subscriptions to cloud storage services, read my article to discover the best cloud storage services that offer lifetime deals.

How We Test Password Managers: Our Methodology

When we test password managers, we start from the very beginning, just like any user would.

The first step is purchasing a plan. This process is crucial as it gives us our first glimpse into the payment options, ease of transaction, and any hidden costs or unexpected upsells that might be lurking.

Next, we download the password manager. Here, we pay attention to practical details like the size of the download file and the storage space it requires on our systems. These aspects can be quite telling about the software’s efficiency and user-friendliness.

The installation and setup phase comes next. We install the password manager on various systems and browsers to thoroughly assess its compatibility and ease of use. A critical part of this process is evaluating the master password creation – it’s essential for the security of the user’s data.

Security and encryption are at the heart of our testing methodology. We examine the encryption standards used by the password manager, its encryption protocols, zero-knowledge architecture, and the robustness of its two-factor or multi-factor authentication options. We also assess the availability and effectiveness of account recovery options.

We rigorously test the core features like password storage, auto-fill and auto-save capabilities, password generation, and sharing features. These are fundamental to the everyday use of the password manager and need to work flawlessly.

Extra features are also put to the test. We look at things like dark web monitoring, security audits, encrypted file storage, automatic password changers, and integrated VPNs. Our goal is to determine if these features genuinely add value and enhance security or productivity.

Pricing is a critical factor in our reviews. We analyze the cost of each package, weighing it against the features offered and comparing it with competitors. We also consider any available discounts or special deals.

Finally, we evaluate customer support and refund policies. We test every available support channel and request refunds to see how responsive and helpful the companies are. This gives us insight into the overall reliability and customer service quality of the password manager.

Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to provide a clear and thorough evaluation of each password manager, offering insights that help users like you make an informed decision.

For more information about our review process, click here.

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