Become a Tasker (Side Hustle Job Idea For 2024)

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Not everyone is cut out for this site, but if you’re looking to make some money and enjoy the outdoors while doing so then this side hustle might be worth checking out. This side hustle involves offering your services on an online marketplace for tasks and services; ranging from doing admin tasks to cleaning or moving homes, or even doing random tasks for someone.

Taskers get paid an hourly rate for doing various things that are needed by other people. As mentioned earlier, tasks can range from cleaning up after parties or helping in an emergency situation. A few other examples:

To start out as a tasker all you need is your application form with your skills and talents, as well as what you’re most interested in, and the website will try to match your skills to what people are looking for online.

To become accepted as a tasker, you’ll also have to pass a security/police background check because of the nature of the job (you’ll be entering people’s homes and businesses).

side hustle idea: become a tasker

Pros of being a tasker

  • Extra income if you’re already in the cleaning or handyman industry. 
  • Plenty of jobs if you live in a metro area.
  • Most jobs pay well. 
  • Work whenever you want. 
  • If you’re in need of a job, there are no shortages of them here.

Cons of being a tasker

  • Less work if you live in an area with fewer people.
  • You need to pay a sign up fee. 
  • There is a flat service fee on the earnings you’ve made. 
  • Job timings can be inconsistent. 
  • Sign up process can be quite complicated.

Here are 4 top tips and tricks to help you when become a better tasker

  1. Fill out your profile as much as you can (skills/talents/availability/website/socials). Treat it like a resume in order to get the best jobs out there. 
  2. Focus on work quality and not quantity. Poor reviews will stop you from becoming an elite/recommended tasker by the algorithm, which will in turn stop you from getting better paid jobs. 
  3. Always ask for reviews to be done in detail if you can after you’ve completed a task. 
  4. Try to line up and schedule tasks in a calendar so you don’t run out of work/getting double booked for jobs. Use free tools like Asana and Trello to your advantage. 

Tasker earning potential

Taskers earn an average of $20-30/hour so the potential for earning on this site is high. In actual fact, the Tasker community is home to many people who make a full-time living online. They’re not all treating it like just another side hustle – some are actually making up to $5000 a month as a full-time gig!

Tasks such as cleaning and furniture assembling pay around $30-$80 per hour, while easier and simpler tasks such as waiting in line or being a virtual assistant pay from $30-$50. 

Sites to use to become a tasker

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