Become a Resume Writer (Side Hustle Job Idea For 2024)

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Resumes and CVs have become integral parts of the hiring process, and with so many resumes being submitted to recruiters and companies, it is important for one’s resume to have the right content and formatting to help land that perfect job opportunity. This is where the side hustle comes in, helping people get jobs by creating interesting resumes people want to read!

The job market is getting tight, and there are more people looking for work than ever before. This means that you can capitalize on your resume writing skills by getting an edge in the competition while also making some good money!

You don’t even have to do much work; an average profile only contains 300 words. You will still require some research though different roles and job positions will require different wordings, luckily there are plenty of resources online which will help you become a skillful resume and CV writer!

side hustle idea: become a resumer writer

Pros of being a resume writer

  • Has the potential to become a full-time job that pays well.
  • Basic writing skills are needed, no need for special skills.
  • Be your own boss, and work whenever and wherever you want. 
  • Can be turned into a full-time gig if you wanted it to be. 
  • You get to meet new people and “interview” them.

Cons of being a resume Writer

  • You need to actively look for work.
  • Some interviews may be boring. 
  • You might encounter difficult clients that are too demanding. 
  • Not for extroverts who don’t like interaction.
  • You may need a certification if you want high-paying work.

Here are 4 top tips and tricks to help you when becoming a Resume writer

  1. Make sure you set a limit as to how many revisions you’ll do for a client before you charge an extra fee. That way you’re not wasting your time. 
  2. This gig can be taken offline too. Friends or family members that are graduating from university are a target market to earn extra.
  3. Always ask for feedback/testimonials when you’re done to help you build your repertoire. Create a basic website/social media page and upload them there. 
  4. Focus on certain industries (teaching/sales etc) or find gaps in the market to differentiate yourself from others. 

Resume writing earning potential

The average resume writer gets paid about $20/hour, which is definitely a good paying gig. You could earn $90 – 120 for a single resume or CV once you have established your reputation in the field as a good resume writer.

Starting with lower rates might get you through the door in order for you to build your reputation, but don’t underprice yourself! Once you’ve established yourself as a reputable writer, you could earn up to $800 or more for a single resume, so don’t give up!

Sites to use on how to become a resume writer

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