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Atlas VPN is a breath of fresh air in the VPN industry. They’re a surprise, and their rise has been nothing short of a miracle. Being a relatively new VPN company, they’ve managed to provide their customers with quite a decent service. Even their free feature is one of the fastest among other free versions of VPNs! 

From $1.99 per month

Get 82% OFF Atlas VPN (from $1.99/mo)

If you’re confused about whether Atlas VPN is worth it or not – we can assure you that it is great as a budget VPN option. For a minimal cost (from $1.99/month!), they provide a great streaming service at a fast speed. Overall, they’re a new company but have a lot of potentials to reach the top in due time.

We have tried out the atlas VPN app, and truth be told, we were surprised! Time for you to go through our Atlas VPN review and try it for yourself from here!

Atlas VPN Review Summary (TL;DR)
Rated 5 out of 5
From $1.99 per month
Free Plan or Trial?
Free VPN (no speed limits but is limited to 3 locations)
750+ high-speed VPN servers in 37 countries
Logging Policy
No logs policy
Based in (Jurisdiction)
Delaware, United States
Protocols / Encryptoin
WireGuard, IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec. AES-256 & ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption
P2P file sharing and torrenting allowed (not on free plan)
Stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Disney+ and more
24/7 live chat and email. 30-day money-back guarantee
Unlimited devices, unlimited bandwidth. Safeswap servers, Split tunneling & Adblocker. Ultra-fast 4k streaming
Current Deal
Get 82% OFF Atlas VPN (from $1.99/mo)

We kick start our Atlas VPN review for 2023 with a few pros and cons of this VPN company. While they have their fair share of strongholds and weak zones, we’ll mainly focus on the crucial aspects of their service. 

Atlas VPN Pros and Cons


  • One of the fastest working VPNs in the world now
  • Great budget option (one of the cheapest VPNs right now)
  • Includes an additional privacy option with SafeSwap servers
  • Thinned-down protocol list (WireGuard & IPSec/IKEv2)
  • Excellent security and privacy features (AES-256 & ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption)
  • Decent customer support service
  • Many streaming services are available (Ultra-fast 4k streaming)
  • It comes with built-in adblocking, SafeSwap servers, and MultiHop+ Servers
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections with as many devices as you like


  • Small VPN server network
  • Sometimes the kill switch doesn’t work 
  • It comes with some minor bugs


Get 82% OFF Atlas VPN (from $1.99/mo)

From $1.99 per month

Pricing and Plans of Atlas VPN

3-Year$1.99 per month ($71.49/year)Unlimited devices, unlimited simultaneous connections
1-Year$3.95 per month ($47.40/year)Unlimited devices, unlimited simultaneous connections
1-Month$10.99Unlimited devices, unlimited simultaneous connections
Free$0Unlimited devices (limited to 3 locations)

Considering the atlas VPN speed and features like data breach monitor, we’ll have to say that the pricing plans of Atlas VPN are pretty inexpensive. As a matter of fact, the free version of atlas VPN provides you with quite a lot of service. 

sing up

The Atlas VPN premium version offers you unlimited devices and unlimited connections simultaneously – at a minimal cost. 

After going through many Atlas VPN video review of users, we can safely say they prefer the 3-year plan the most. This very plan costs only $1.99 per month, but you can save some more money by paying $71.49 for all three years at once. 

Now you might be skeptical about their VPN connection or be unsure how Atlas VPN works, which is natural.

For you, they have short-term plans like a yearly plan where you’ll have to pay $3.95 per month for 12 months. However, if you want to try them for a month, you’ll have to pay much more: $10.99 for that single month. 

The Atlas VPN premium version has a 30-day money-back guarantee on any plan you choose, so you have the liberty to try it out and then finally make your decision. You can pay using google pay, PayPal, and credit cards.


Get 82% OFF Atlas VPN (from $1.99/mo)

From $1.99 per month

The Free Version of Atlas VPN

Not many companies provide free VPN service, but Atlas VPN does. As a matter of fact, their free VPN version is a very efficient one if you only require a VPN temporarily and don’t frequently use it. 

free atlas vpn

There’s a 10 GB data limit for the free version of Atlas VPN, so it’s not for regular users as streaming optimized servers or downloading media won’t be feasible with this plan. 

Go here and download the 100% free version now (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)

Speed and Performance

Implementing the WireGuard Tunneling protocol worked like magic for the Atlas VPN server. Since WireGuard is deemed a very fast protocol, it ensures the download speed doesn’t get reduced by a big margin when the VPN is turned on. 

As a matter of fact, after doing a few tests and trials with this VPN, we can be sure that the upload speed and download speed with Atlas VPN is quite satisfactory. The reduction rate for download speed is close to 20%, while the upload speed reduction rate is nearly 6%.

Atlas VPN comes with solid speed because they have replaced the age-old IKEv2 with a faster protocol, WireGuard. It also makes Atlas VPN secure more than ever.

It makes them faster than many popular VPN services like StrongVPN or SurfShark, but they still are behind NordVPN and ExpressVPN. However, since they have been acquired by Nord security now, it’s safe to say that the situation will improve even more!

In our Atlas VPN review for 2023, we have measured their overall performance based on a few benchmarking services. The SpeedTest website,, and nPerf all came to our aid. 

Atlas VPN speed test results (using Sydney as it’s closest to my physical location)

As a matter of fact, all of them came with similar results even when done from different server locations. Even after doing these tests in multiple IP addresses, the speed remained similar. 

While internet connection and local server location are factors in speed discrepancies, we can finally say that Atlas VPN has quite decent speed and performance as a new VPN service.

Security and Privacy

To tell the truth about Atlas VPN privacy and security features, we’ll have to say that they have great encryption and tunneling protocols, and you can be safe and assured with their service. Their key security services include:

No Logging 

The company prides itself on its ‘no-logging policy.’ According to Atlas VPN, they never collect the details on their user’s activities, data, or DNS queries of any kind. 

Atlas VPN privacy policy clearly states that “We do not collect information that would allow us to trace Internet usage on our VPN back to individual users.”

They only collect the minuscule amount of data that is absolutely necessary for them to run the service – and nothing more. You don’t even have to create an account to use the Free version – that speaks a lot about their service.

All of their data is encrypted, so hackers won’t be able to access your browser history or data in any possible way. Because when it comes to privacy, Atlas VPN is very serious about keeping the user as anonymous as possible. 

Supported Protocols (WireGuard)

VPN protocols are crucial for ensuring a decent speed for any VPN service. Thankfully, Atlas VPN is blessed with WireGuard, one of the very best protocols out there. 

It’s not just fast; it’s highly secured and gives the premium users and the free users an excellent service in all ways. However, this protocol still isn’t ready for IOS and macOS, so their users will have to stick to the previous protocol, IKEv2. 

Encryption Methods 

While Google Play Store or the official website of Atlas VPN doesn’t have a level of encryption listed, we did manage to get their encryption level. Atlas VPN’s customer support was responsive enough to let us know that they use the AES-256 encryption level, the same as financial and military institutions. 

This encryption is considered unbreakable – so safety shouldn’t be a concern with this VPN service. 

Once you’re connected with this encryption, nobody can track your activity. Their tracker blocker plays a good part in this too. Moreover, the company also implemented the Poly1305 authenticator alongside the ChaCha20 cipher as a means to ensure extra protection. 

Private DNS

We’ve done an extensive check on their Private DNS, as many VPN services come with DNS or Ipv6 leaks. Fortunately, they don’t have any such leaks as they have a well-made leak protection service. 

Even after doing an independent security audit, we can see that our actual location never came up. Overall, we can at least be sure that Atlas VPN works and doesn’t give away our address in any way possible.

atlas vpn server locations

Speed, security, and privacy are important factors to consider when choosing a VPN. So I asked Atlas VPN what sets them apart from the competition when it comes to speed, security, and privacy features. Here’s their answer:

Can you tell me a bit about your speed, security, and privacy features?

Atlas VPN offers all the essential features that users can expect from a VPN service and much more. In order to ensure the privacy and security of our users, we use world-class IPSec/IKEv2 and WireGuard® protocols, as well as AES-256 encryption. Using such cutting-edge protocols as WireGuard coupled with a wide selection of servers in 37 locations across the world helps us ensure high speed for seamless streaming, gaming, and overall browsing experience.

Depending on users’ preferences, we offer special streaming-optimized servers as well as servers with advanced privacy features. It is also important to note that we have a strict no-logs policy, which means we do not log or store details about our users’ activities or other data that could be linked to our users.

Ruta Cizinauskaite – PR Manager at Atlas VPN

Get 82% OFF Atlas VPN (from $1.99/mo)

From $1.99 per month

Streaming and Torrenting

Most people use VPNs to unblock streaming services and/or download movies via torrents. This is a crucial factor, and surprisingly Atlas VPN is quite efficient in this regard!

Amazon Prime VideoAntena 3Apple tv+
BBC iPlayerbeIN SportsCanal+
CBCChannel 4Crackle
Disney+DR TVDStv
France TVGloboplayGmail
GoogleHBO (Max, Now & Go)Hotstar
KodiLocastNetflix (US, UK)
Now TVORF TVPeacock
Rakuten VikiShowtimeSky Go
SpotifySVT PlayTF1



Many people believe that since Youtube has a lot of free content, they won’t need a VPN to watch the restricted content. Funnily enough, their exclusive or area-restricted videos are nothing short of gems. 

From rare NBA clips to videos banned in your geographic areas – you can see it all using Atlas VPN. We’ve tested it thoroughly, and unblocking youtube seemed like a cakewalk for them.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a streaming service only available in a few selected areas. Many people look for VPN apps that can unblock this very service, and Atlas VPN is successful in doing so. They unblocked BBC iPlayer, and you can easily use it without any buffering or stutters.


It’s a basic requirement for any VPN to unblock Netflix in different areas since they have specialized content for specific geographical locations. Atlas VPN claims they can unblock different Netflix libraries, and we’ve tested them to find their claim to be true.


Atlas VPN offers many different features, but they were surprisingly silent about their torrenting ability. While they don’t have a dedicated P2P server and don’t advertise this very service, we’ve tried and tested torrenting with them, and it worked.

According to our first-hand experience, we can see that the speed was 32-48 Mbps (4-6 MB/S) and took us around 6-7 minutes to download a 2.8 GB file. 

The results vary depending on the seeders/leechers and your internet speed. However, we can see that Atlas VPN’s speeds when it comes to torrenting are pretty decent. While you won’t get the same speed in Atlas VPN’s free servers, you can still download via torrent.


Get 82% OFF Atlas VPN (from $1.99/mo)

From $1.99 per month

Atlas VPN Key Features

Now that you know about the characteristics of Atlas VPN, time for you to have a good look at its key features.


In simple words, SafeBrowse protects you from any sort of malware. While using Atlas VPN, if you come across any webpage with a malware threat – Atlas will instantly block it. 

The feature is only available in the android and IOS app, which is a bummer because the malware threat mostly comes in the windows browsers, but the windows app doesn’t have SafeBrowse. That being said, they’re working on it, and someday, this feature will be available for macOS and Windows.


atlasvpn safeswap and multihop servers

Having SafeSwap means atlas VPN provides multiple IP addresses when you go from one web page to another. It is a unique feature and not available in many other VPN servers. 

Each and every SafeSwap comes with multiple IP addresses and is shared between different users to ensure the IP rotation is as unpredictable as possible. Atlas VPN offers SafeSwap and guarantees that the speed won’t drop during the swapping.

You can choose from Singapore, the US, and the Netherlands as SafeSwap locations. The company plans to increase the number of servers, and if they turn out to be one of the best VPN providers, they may as well do it. This feature is available in all their platforms except for macOS, which they’ll release any day from now.

Hack Protection

This feature is only available in the premium version and is crucial to check if the data has appeared in the data breach monitor. 

In a scenario where you have faced a data breach, you’ll be given instructions on what sort of data was revealed so it would be easy for you to track exactly where the data breach began. It also helps you to ensure security in all your online accounts. 

Data Leak Protection

atlas vpn dns leak test

Atlas VPN servers are proud about one thing – they have prevented data leaks in every way possible. If you want a safe and secured VPN service, then we do recommend atlas VPN simply because they’re successful in preventing any data leaks. Here’s how we measured it:

We’ve tried to find data leaks regarding IP addresses and couldn’t find any as the addresses are well-encrypted. Next, we looked for DNS leaks and couldn’t find any there either. WebRTC, a P2P communication server, also possesses the risk of revealing your IP by mistake. 

We’ve tried it as well, and no leaks were detected. We also looked for IPv6 data leaks, which are data that aren’t sent through a VPN tunnel. Fortunately, Atlas VPN completely disabled IPv6, reducing the risk of a data leak to a bare minimum.

Split Tunnelling

Split Tunneling is a very interesting feature from Atlas VPN. What happens with the usual VPN services is that all the online traffic goes through their VPN server. Split Tunneling gives you an option to choose what sort of data you want to go through Atlas VPN’s servers. 

This makes it easier for the user to work, especially when multitasking – because with split tunneling, you get to browse both overseas and local content all at once and connect to foreign and local networks frequently. It also saves your boost speed by a lot.

Many users face a common problem with VPN, and that is, while the restricted contents are easily available, the local contents are taking way too long to load. Split tunneling is a massive remedy to prevent such issues.

Currently, split tunneling is only available for Android devices, split tunneling for Windows 10 (and other versions) is coming shortly.

Kill Switch

Apart from their usual data protection, the Kill Switch Atlas VPN came up with is pretty effective too. It’s a simple tool that will shut down the whole internet traffic in the case of an interruption. We wanted to check this feature thoroughly, so we went for a common test.

atlas vpn killswitch

We first disabled the internet connection from the router, and the kill switch worked pretty well. It killed the connection the moment the server access was blocked. 

While they didn’t notify the user about the activation of the kill switch, it still worked. We also disabled a client while the kill switch was turned on, and it worked just fine. That being said, there are a few customer complaints regarding their kill switch not working at times – but it didn’t occur with us. 


Like most other VPN services, Atlas VPN has a no-logs policy, which means they don’t store the private information of their clients. What’s even better is that the policy applies to both the premium version and the free version. 

Atlas VPN privacy policy clearly states that “We do not collect information that would allow us to trace Internet usage on our VPN back to individual users.”

Moreover, if you’re uninstalling atlas VPN and want your account to be deleted permanently, you can ask them for a copy of the data they have on you – they’re bound to give you that information.

Customer Support

While Atlas VPN offers features like a 30-day money-back guarantee or unlimited simultaneous connections, we’ll have to say that their website lacks adequate information about a lot of things. 

For starters, there aren’t enough articles or blogs to cover the most basic questions a potential user might have about a VPN service. Moreover, some of their articles don’t have enough content in them.

For example, the Troubleshooting section doesn’t have enough solutions to the problems that frequently occur with VPN services. They don’t have any live chat support either, so if you’re facing any issues – the best way to contact them is via e-mail. 

To test how efficient their customer service is, we mailed them with basic questions like if they had a tracker blocker and if the protocols atlas VPN has are well-secured or not. 

It took them a couple of hours to reply to us, which is quite decent, to be honest. Their response was quite clear and concise, too, so we’ll have to say that their response time and overall customer service quality are pretty satisfactory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Atlas VPN for Netflix?

Can Atlas VPN unblock Netflix? This remains one of the most common questions regarding any VPN service, and you can rest assured – the premium version does work with Netflix.

We used it with the different locations atlas VPN provides – and we were able to watch Netflix UK, US, and Canada! As a matter of fact, the VPN seemed perfect for unblocking streaming services like BBC player, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or HBO Max as well.

Does Atlas VPN support torrenting?

In short, yes. Atlas VPN will let you use P2P traffic, and you’ll be able to torrent anonymously using their servers. The download speed is decent, to say the least, and all Atlas asks of you is to use P2P responsibly.

Is Atlas VPN free?

You can access the free version of Atlas VPN, but unfortunately, that won’t allow you unlimited data. You’ll be given 10 GB of data every month to use on the free version, which isn’t a lot if you are a frequent VPN user.

Is Atlas VPN fast?

Yes, even with their free servers, they are quite fast and lightweight. As a matter of fact, their free service is often considered faster than their premium version, but they’re working hard to improve the situation.

Is Atlas VPN safe?

If we consider military-level encryption, super-safe tunneling, and their no-logs policy, we can say that Atlas VPN is by far one of the safest VPNs out there. Moreover, additional features like SafeSwap and Kill Switch add more to the safety of this VPN. 

Atlas VPN Review 2023 – Summary

What sets AtlasVPN apart from the rest of the VPN services out there?

We are one of the most affordable VPN services on the market. Nevertheless, we offer many advanced privacy and security features that go beyond the basic VPN functions. For example, we offer a Tracker Blocker that blocks malware, third-party trackers, and advertisements.

Our Data Breach Monitor feature alerts users when their personal information is leaked online. In addition, our engineers have developed a unique privacy feature called SafeSwap, which allows users to have many IP addresses that change automatically as they browse the internet for added anonymity.

Ruta Cizinauskaite – PR Manager at Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN rose to fame with its super-fast free service. It’s true that their premium version requires a bit of improvement, but the fact that they have user-friendly apps for all platforms surely makes them a decent budget option. 

Moreover, their service is one of the fastest among their competitors, and if we consider the safety they provide – Atlas VPN does seem like a great option.

While their customer support on their website is quite limited, we’ve noticed that they have a fast response time. A downside for them is that they don’t have a lot of features like other top VPN services. 

That being said, they’re still new to the business and have every chance to grow to be a VPN powerhouse within a decade. As for you, we’d recommend you to try at least the free version of Atlas VPN and see how it turns out for you. Stay safe; use VPN carefully!


Get 82% OFF Atlas VPN (from $1.99/mo)

From $1.99 per month

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So cheap – So good

Rated 5 out of 5
February 14, 2022

This is an excellent VPN service for a very cheap price. I’m glad I signed up!

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