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Wing Assistant is revolutionizing the way businesses hire virtual assistants. With its user-friendly platform, businesses of all sizes can easily find and hire highly skilled and reliable virtual assistants to help with a range of tasks, from administrative work to specialized projects. This Wing Assistant review will will explore the features and benefits of this virtual assistant hiring platform, providing an in-depth look at what makes it stand out from all the rest.

From $499/mo (part-time) to $899/mo (full-time)

Hire your dedicated and fully managed VA today

I’ve been using Wing Assistant for a couple of months now. My VA helps me focus on growing my business without worrying about admin and maintenance tasks.

I decided to hire a virtual assistant from Wing for two main reasons.

Firstly, I wanted to grow my business and take it to the next level, but I found myself bogged down by repetitive administrative tasks that were taking away from the more important aspects of running my business. By outsourcing these tasks to a virtual assistant, I am able to free up my time and focus on the things that really matter, and do the things a business owner should focus on.

Secondly, I wanted to achieve a better work-life balance. I found that I was working longer hours than ever before and was constantly stressed about getting everything done. With a virtual assistant, I am able to delegate tasks outside of my normal working hours, giving me more time to relax and recharge. This has not only improved my personal life, but has also allowed me to approach work with a fresh perspective, leading to increased productivity and success. By hiring a virtual assistant from Wing Assistant, I am able to achieve my business goals and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Wing Virtual Assistants
Hire a full-time VA from $899/mo
Key Features:
  • 8 hours/day, Mon-Fri, unlimited work (no hourly rates)
  • Dedicated assistants working only for your business
  • Hire fully managed, truly dedicated virtual assistants
  • Create custom workflows, processes, and training materials
  • Integrates with Salesforce, Slack, Trello, Later, Hootsuite, Asana, Google Workspace etc.

If you are a business owner or a freelancer, I highly recommend hiring a VA from Wing Assistant. You can get a virtual assistant right away for just $499 per month.

Wing Assistant Features

wing virtual assistant review

No longer do you have to navigate the complicated and time-consuming process of hiring and managing an in-house team. Wing Assistant streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

With its vast pool of talent, advanced screening processes, and 24/7 support, Wing Assistants is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to outsource their administrative tasks to achieve greater efficiency, flexibility, and success.

wing assistant VA job roles

Wing Assistant is a San Fransisco-based Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that allows you to hire virtual assistants at affordable prices.

You can hire virtual assistants who specialize in tasks related to social media management, eCommerce, sales, online marketing, graphic design, web development, and much more.


Hire your dedicated and fully managed VA today

From $499/mo (part-time) to $899/mo (full-time)

Dedicated Assistant, Plus a Dedicated Account Manager and Success Manager

Wing Assistant gives you access to a dedicated (yours-only) virtual assistant. Most other VA platforms provide you with access to a shared assistant. With them, your VA works with more than one client at a time, but that’s not the case with Wing.

how wing assistant works

Hire your dedicated and fully managed VA today

From $499/mo (part-time) to $899/mo (full-time)

Because your VA is dedicated to you, they can do long-running tasks. Other VA services only allow you to task your VA with tasks that take less than 30 minutes. On the other hand, Wing allows you to assign as much work as you want to your VA.

Wing not only gives you a dedicated virtual assistant but also provides you with access to a customer success manager. This manager’s role is to help you get a headstart and get the most out of your VA. 

Rather than figuring everything out alone, your success manager will help you hit the ground running. You can hit them up whenever you have a question.

Your VA is fully managed by Wing

The best part about using Wing is that you don’t need to worry about managing your VA. If you hire a VA on your own, you’ll need to spend considerable time just managing them.

When you hire a Virtual Assistant on your own, you are responsible for keeping an eye on their activity. Not only that, there’s not much you can do if they suddenly start dodging your calls.

If you hire a VA on your own, there’s not much you can do if they decide to steal your banking credentials and misuse them.

On the other hand, when you hire a VA using Wing, it’s their responsibility to ensure your work gets done. 

And if the VA quits their job entirely, Wing will be able to hook you up with another assistant relatively quickly. And the best part is that they will keep an eye on the VA’s activity.

Fulltime or Part-time “Unlimited Work,” No Hourly Rates

There are a lot of services that offer affordable Virtual Assistants. But most of them limit how much work you can provide your assistant. 

This is because their assistants work with more than one client at a time. That’s why they only allow you to give your VA a minimal number of daily tasks. Some only allow one or two tasks per day.

This is where Wing Assistant stands out. They give you a dedicated assistant who’ll only work on your projects in your selected time slot.

You can assign your assistant an unlimited number of tasks. There’s virtually no limit. The only limit is how much your assistant can achieve in a given day.

If you’re a small business owner, you can assign all the tasks you want your VA to do in one go rather than assigning one task at a time. 

With other similar services, you’d have to wait for your VA to finish the given task before you can assign another one.

This is why love working with my Wing virtual assistant. I can assign my VA all the tasks for the day in one go and then go about my own work. My VA goes through all the assigned tasks one by one.

Easily Create Tasks, Workflows, and Routines

The Wing web app makes it really easy to communicate with your VA and assign tasks to them.

wing assistant dashboard
Wing Assistant dashboard, with chat and tasks

Every task you assign your VA can go through several stages: To Do, In Progress, In Review, and Done. When your VA starts working on a new task, it goes from To Do to In Progress. 

When the VA is done working on the task, it goes from In Progress to In Review. You can then review the work, and mark the task as done.

The best part about Wing is that it lets you create workflows and routines. A workflow allows you to create a flow chart describing what steps your VA should take to complete a task:

wing assistant create workflows for your va
Easily create workflows for your virtual assistant

Your workflows allow you to delegate not just basic tasks but also complex tasks that involve a lot of steps. 

I have a workflow for uploading new content to my website. In this workflow, My VA takes new content from freelance writers, uploads it to my WordPress site, formats it, and then schedules it for posting.

Another great feature Wing offers is called Routines:

wing assistant create routines for your va
Easily create routines for your virtual assistant

Routines are tasks that your VA is supposed to do at regular intervals. One of my routines involves creating a backup for my website at the end of every month. My VA takes care of this for me automatically.

Effortlessly Communicate with your VA (and Account Manager and Success Manager)

Communicating with your VA is really easy. Using the web or mobile app Wing offers, you can stay in touch with your VA:

wing assistant chat and tasks

You can also call or text your VA on their dedicated phone number. Or add them to your Slack channel.

The same goes for your account manager and success manager. You can contact them whenever you want via the web app or the mobile app, or via email.

Really, Really! Affordable

The average annual salary for assistants is $41,469, according to Glassdoor.

For less than a quarter of the average annual salary of an assistant, you can get a full-time (8 hours a day) virtual assistant fully managed by Wing Assistant. 

And that’s only if you need a full-time assistant. If you only need a part-time assistant who works 4 hours a day, then the price is even half that for full-time.

The pricing for Wing Assistant starts at only $499 per month for part-time assistants. A part-time assistant will work 4 hours a day on whatever you want. You can assign as many tasks to them as you wish. 

The best part? Unlike other services, Wing Assistant gives you a dedicated virtual assistant who only works for you.

If you are a business owner, this deal is a steal!

As a business owner or a freelancer, you must spend your time on tasks that generate the most revenue for your business. If you make $100 an hour, then every hour you spend on a task that could be outsourced is $100 lost. 

If you spend 10 hours every week on cold email, you’re losing $1000 a week. A virtual assistant can easily do this job for you. Think about how much time and money a virtual assistant can save you!

The best part about hiring a virtual assistant from Wing Assistant is that if you decide to go full-time with your VA, it’ll only cost you $899 per month.


Hire your dedicated and fully managed VA today

From $499/mo (part-time) to $899/mo (full-time)

Wing Assistant Pricing

wing assistant pricing and plans

Pricing for Wing starts at only $499 per month. The starting plan gives you access to a part-time virtual assistant who works for you 4 hours every day. For $899 per month, you can get a full-time VA who works 8 hours a day for you.

This pricing is for general virtual assistants who can help you with simple tasks. You can assign as much or as little work to them as you want. Your VA can do even complex tasks if you create a detailed workflow for them.

You can also hire US-based virtual assistants based on experience and industry-specific knowledge.

wing assistant advanced VAs
Example pricing of US-based VAs

You can get a VA with expertise in sales calls, administration tasks, online marketing, web development, graphic design, and much more. The pricing will, of course, increase with experience.

Here’s what’s included with all plans:

  • A dedicated virtual assistant.
  • A customer success manager who’ll help you get a headstart.
  • Fully managed Virtual Assistant service.
  • Unlimited work.

Wing Task Management App

The Wing web and mobile apps make it really easy to manage your VA and assign them tasks.

You can create both one-off and recurring tasks. You can also create workflows that give you VA detailed instructions on how to complete a complex task.

The apps also feature built-in chat and video messaging. The app also allows you to share images and videos to assist your VA in their assigned tasks.

wing videos
Easily create videos and screen recordings, and upload and share them with your virtual assistant

You can also upload and share files, documents, and bookmarks.

wing uploads
Easily upload and share files, documents and bookmarks with your virtual assistant

It also offers an easy-to-use feature that lets you securely share login credentials with your VA.

wing assistant password and login sharing
Share logins and credentials with your virtual assistant

This feature allows you to share login credentials securely and revoke access when the task is done.

Wing also offers a huge library of training courses VAs can enroll in to upskill about the tools and services your business uses.

wing training courses
Wing’s training center where your VAs can upskill

Wing Customer Support

Wing gives you access to a dedicated customer success manager. This person will be your contact whenever you need any kind of support with the service. 

You can also contact Wing’s customer support team, who are available around the clock.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant for Startups and SMEs

Wing Assistant is great for small businesses, startups, and freelancers. You can hire VAs for both general and specialized tasks at an affordable price.

You can hire VAs who specialize in the following:

  • Social Media Management
  • Executive assistance
  • Online Marketing
  • CRM management
  • Data entry
  • Web and app development
  • Graphic design
  • Sales Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Real Estate
  • and much more… for a full list see the Wing website

Reasons why you should hire a freelance writer:

  • Increased efficiency: Virtual assistants can handle administrative tasks and take over routine work, freeing up time for business owners and employees to focus on more important tasks.
  • Access to specialized skills: Virtual assistants can provide specific skills that might not be available in-house, such as graphic design, social media management, or data entry.
  • Cost savings: Hiring a virtual assistant can reduce overhead costs associated with traditional employees, such as benefits, office space, and equipment.
  • Flexibility: Virtual assistants can work from anywhere, allowing for a more flexible work schedule and the ability to scale up or down as needed.
  • 24/7 availability: With virtual assistants, businesses can have support available around the clock, improving their ability to meet the demands of their customers and clients.
  • Increased productivity: Virtual assistants can handle repetitive and time-consuming tasks, enabling employees to focus on more important and high-level tasks.
  • Access to a broader pool of talent: Virtual assistant hiring platforms provide access to a global pool of highly skilled and experienced virtual assistants.
  • Improved work-life balance: Virtual assistants can handle tasks outside of regular business hours, allowing business owners and employees to spend more time on personal and family responsibilities.
  • Scalability: Virtual assistants can be hired on a project-by-project basis, providing businesses with the flexibility to expand or reduce support as needed.
  • Reduced stress and improved focus: Outsourcing tasks to virtual assistants can reduce the stress and distractions associated with administrative tasks, allowing business owners and employees to focus on their core responsibilities.


What is Wing Assistant?

Wing Assistant is a Business-Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that helps you outsource smaller tasks to virtual assistants. They give you access to a virtual assistant to who you can delegate. You can get a general VA to help you with all sorts of tasks.

Or you can get a specialized virtual assistant who has experience with the type of tasks you want to delegate. Wing offers assistants specializing in social media, e-commerce, online marketing, sales, data entry, real estate, web development, and more.

How much does Wing Assistant cost?

Pricing for Wing Assistant starts at only $499 per month for a part-time assistant. A part-time assistant will give you 4 hours per day. You can get a full-time assistant for $899 per month. A full-time assistant works 8 hours a day.

The part-time $499 per month plan is enough for most small businesses to get started. You can later upgrade to a VA with more experience or hire them full-time.

At the lower end of the pricing, you get access to entry-level virtual assistants who can help you with general tasks. Experienced virtual assistants cost more. You can also get a VA with domain-specific experiences, such as a social media assistant, data entry assistant, online marketing assistant, etc.

The monthly price increases based on experience. For a US-based expert-level assistant with industry-specific expertise, expect to pay between $1,000 and $4,000 per month.

Who owns Wing Assistant? (Is it safe to use?)

Wing Assistant is a reputable US company based in Irvine, California. It was founded by Karan Kanwar, Martin Gomez, Roland Polzin, and Saideep Gupta. Contact Wing via telephone at +1 888-802-2877 or email [email protected]

Where are Wing Assistant VAs from?

Wing’s virtual assistants are from all around the world. They have assistants from India, the United States, the Philippines, and Mexico.

Can I integrate my existing business tools with Wing?

Wing can work with any software your team already uses, including Salesforce, Notion, Asana,, Trello, Hootsuite, Microsoft Office, or any other tools you use to run your business.

How can I communicate with my VA?

The easiest way to get in touch with your Wing Virtual Assistant is through their web or mobile app. Their apps have a dedicated messaging system you can use to communicate with your VA.

You can also call or message your VA directly on their dedicated phone number. You can also communicate with them via Slack or Email, which is available on request.

Wing Virtual Assistant Review – Summary

Wing Assistant is a business process outsourcing company. It offers affordable access to part-time and full-time dedicated virtual assistants. You can delegate any number of tasks to your VA.

I’ve been using Wing for a long time now. I delegate all my administration tasks to my VA. As a business owner, this gives me time to focus on growing my business rather than dealing with basic management tasks.

Wing Assistant is a godsend for freelancers and business owners. It allows you to free up your time by delegating tasks that aren’t worth your time to a virtual assistant. Your VA can handle everything from taking calls and managing your schedule to helping you with marketing tasks such as cold emailing and sales calls.

I hope you have learned something from this personal Wing Assistant review for 2023.


Hire your dedicated and fully managed VA today

From $499/mo (part-time) to $899/mo (full-time)


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