Getting Started with the “Starter Theme”

Our starter theme is a customized version of the OllieWP theme.

See the live demo here.

Why did we choose OllieWP as the starter theme?

Because OllieWP is a WordPress block theme that integrates seamlessly with powerful new site-building features like the WordPress Site Editor, Patterns, Global Styles, and more — you don’t need an additional page builder or coding skills required to customize this theme further.

Ollie is lightweight and fast-loading. The theme is fully responsive out of the box and scores 100% on Google’s Page Speed Insights test.

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Ollie theme and setup wizard come pre-installed with our starter theme

Theme dashboard

Here you can learn more about the dashboard and how to get started with working with your block theme website.

Once you have activated the theme, you will see a pop-up guiding you to the Ollie theme dashboard. You can also get to the dashboard by visiting Appearance → Ollie.

This dashboard is a one-stop hub for all the resources we’ve included with the Ollie theme.

Setup wizard

Whenever you set up a new WordPress site, there’s always a dozen different tasks that you have to complete while jumping around the WordPress admin.

Creating pages, designing layouts, setting up your brand assets, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

The Ollie theme Setup wizard is a one-of-a-kind onboarding experience that automates all of those pesky tasks and handles them in one streamlined experience.

The setup wizard will help you change common settings, set up your logo and brand colors, and automatically create pixel-perfect pages for you with just a few clicks.

From your WordPress dashboard, you can find the Ollie setup wizard by going to Appearance → Ollie → Theme Setup, or by following the pop-up upon theme activation.

Child theme (optional)

A child theme is a sub-theme that inherits all the functionality and style of the parent theme. Child themes are a safe way to modify a WordPress theme without directly editing it.

Download the Ollie child theme

If you want to customize the code of the Ollie theme, the Ollie child theme is here to help you get started. Otherwise, you can make most changes to your site directly in the WordPress editor.

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