Getting Started with the Setup Wizard

The video is a tutorial on how to use the Ollie Setup Wizard to configure a new WordPress website with the Ollie block theme.

The wizard streamlines the process of setting up a new website by guiding the user through a series of steps to configure various settings, such as site title and tagline, permalinks, brand style, logo, site icon, and creating pages.

It guides you through setting up their brand style, including choosing a color palette from several options provided by Ollie. The user can also select a specific brand color and upload a logo.

The next step is to create pages, including a home page and blog page. The wizard lets you create these pages automatically, applying patterns and templates to get started quickly.

Finally, the wizard sets up the home page and blog page, allowing the user to choose from various options, including using a custom page or the latest posts. Once the setup is complete, you are presented with a fully configured website, ready for further customization.