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Looking to boost your conversion rates? Then make a landing page with WordPress. With its easy-to-use features, making beautiful landing pages is a piece of cake.

In this guide, we’ll cover what a WordPress landing page is and the best practices to create one.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page aims to funnel and convert your visitors to leads or prospective customers. It’s used by online marketers or businesses to get people to purchase or participate in an offer.

Landing pages are linked to a marketing source, such as Facebook Ads or email newsletters. Once users click the source link, they’ll be led to your landing page.

On average, conversion rates via landing page is low, at only 2.35%. However, the success of your landing page depends on how well you use them.

For instance, 68% of B2B services use landing pages to gather new leads. Furthermore, when companies increase their number of landing pages from 10 to 15, their leads grow by 55%. As a result, the more leads you have, the more opportunities there are to drive sales.

Best Landing Page Practices

If you want to find out how to create a great landing page, I’ve summed up the best landing page practices you can use.

But before we start, make sure to remove page title in WordPress. You won’t use them for your landing page, so deleting them will make space for relevant design and content.

Determine Your Goals

Before you start, set a purpose for your landing page.

There are two types of landing pages: click-through and lead generation.

Click-through pages inform visitors of an offer so that they would purchase or subscribe to it. Meanwhile, lead generation pages ask for visitors’ information in exchange for a free product or service. The data can be used for future marketing efforts.

So, do you want visitors to buy your product or give you their information?

If you provide more than one product or service, create one landing page for each. This way, users wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with the abundance of choices.

Craft an Appealing Headline

A headline is an eye-catching statement that briefly describes your offer. It should be written in a large typeface and positioned on top. Furthermore, it should match the headline in your marketing source to maintain consistency.

When thinking of a headline, highlight how visitors can gain from your offer. That way, even a brief sentence can convince them to do what you want them to do.

To illustrate, let’s use Airbnb as an example.


The headline emphasizes the main advantage of listing your properties on Airbnb: earning money. It immediately hooks users without having to explain what Airbnb is. And even if they don’t follow through with the offer, they’ll keep the website in mind for future references.

Write a Customer-Centric Copy

The copy length depends on whether you use a short-form or long-form page.

According to research, long-form pages can generate up to a 220% conversion rate. However, this still depends on your copy and design.

If your product can be summed up briefly, a short-form page should suffice. However, if your product is more complex, opt for long-form.

Either way, ensure your copy focuses on the benefits of your products.

Use a sub-headline to expand your main headline. Write several benefit statements and explain each of them clearly and concisely.

Furthermore, make sure your copy is skimmable and easy to understand. The average user has a short attention span, so it’s crucial to capture their attention quickly. Use bullet points to keep things more concise.

Let’s take a look at Shopify’s landing page copy.


Here, the sub-headline emphasizes the site’s reputation. Towards the bottom, there are three brief benefit statements that underline Shopify’s strengths. Each is briefly described in terms of how they can be useful for visitors.

Include Authentic Social Proof

To establish credibility in your field, use social proof from your data, customers, or clients.

Display statistics of your product’s performance and several customers’ testimonials. You can also show the logos of companies who have worked with you. Visitors will trust your brand more if someone else has benefited from it.

Here’s how LastPass does it:


Make Your Call-to-Action Button Stand Out

A call-to-action button converts your visitors to leads. Thus, it has to attract your visitors’ attention.

Use a color that stands out against your page’s design. For example, if your page is mainly in blue, color your button red.

The button shouldn’t simply say “Submit” or “Click Here.” Create a sense of urgency to compel the visitors further with words like “Today,” “Now,” or “For Free.”

Design for Scrolling

When designing the page, make sure your visitors have an easy time scrolling through your page.

Plot the layout from the most to the least important. For instance, the headline and call-to-action should be placed on top. The rest of the copy and social proof can be prioritized based on their appeal factors.

You can also include the same call-to-action button towards the bottom if you have a long-form page. This way, the visitors don’t need to scroll back up.

The easiest way to customize a landing page is by using WordPress plugins, so you won’t need to create a page from scratch.

Use popular page builder plugins like Elementor or Divi. Alternatively, install one of landing page plugins like PluginOps’ Landing Page Builder.

Another convenient way is to use a WordPress theme that has landing page templates. There are plenty of free and premium options to choose from. Use the live demo option to test out their landing page template.

Use Complementary Imagery

The media displayed on the landing page should help visitors envision how they can use your offer.

Use a hero shot to make your product or service stand out. It also helps if the image is contextualized to show how your offer is useful in real life.

If you want better conversion rates, include a video. It can be client testimonials or a tutorial on how to use the product.

Also, you can try to create a slideshow. This way, the images or videos won’t take up much of your page’s space.

Speed Up Your Website

Mobile users will leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. Thus, increase your site speed to ensure a lower bounce rate.

The easiest way to speed up your site’s performance is by using a caching plugin like WP Rocket. Static content like images and JavaScript files are stored on the client’s computer, so it’ll load from the cache instead of the server.

Test Your Landing Page

To make sure your landing page converts, conduct usability tests.

There are many services that offer usability research. You can do A/B testing with platforms like Optimizely.

You can also use heat map tools to discover your users’ clicking and scrolling behavior. Crazy Egg offers a 30-day free trial for their heat map tool.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, when used correctly, a landing page is beneficial for businesses that want to convert visitors to leads.

Before you start, you must set a purpose for your landing page. Everything you want to include on your landing page should cater to that purpose and appeal to your visitors. Don’t forget to speed up your website and conduct tests to optimize your landing page.

I hope you have enough information and you can now create your own WordPress landing page. Good luck!

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