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Are you looking for inspiration for creating your own Wix website, or do you want to see what Wix can do? Then continue reading because here are some of the best Wix templates you can start using right now.

Wix will take care of everything for you as this is one of the most user-friendly cloud-based site builders, perfect for solo website owners, startups, small companies, and e-commerce shops. So far, it’s used by almost 240 million users globally and supports 17 languages

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Due to its easy-to-use drag & drop editor and its flexible and easily accessible features, Wix is the perfect platform for individuals familiar with web design and professionals working in the design industry for years. 

Reddit is a great place to learn more about Wix. Here are a few Reddit posts that I think you’ll find interesting. Check them out and join the discussion!

One of the most incredible things about Wix is its completely free version that you can use for as long as you’d like. Plus, it offers more than 900 customizable website templates and Wix themes to choose from. 

If you read my Wix review, then you know this is a website building tool I highly recommend! All of the templates have been adapted to fit the aesthetics of various industries. And, can you guess the best part? They’re entirely free of charge

I have created this article to help you select the perfect template that will help you create what you’ve imagined in your mind. Let’s start and go through the main features of 12 eye-catching Wix templates. 

TL;DR: Wix is known as one of the most popular website builders, used by almost 240 million users worldwide. It offers over 900 free site templates you can choose from and customize to your unique preferences. In this article, we’ll review 12 astonishing Wix templates and help you choose the perfect one for your website. 

If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly website builder, try Wix and sign up for free. It’s cloud-based and downright one of the most accessible platforms to master.

1. Yoga Studio Template

Wix Yoga Studio Template 
  • Template Name: Yoga by the Sea
  • Perfect for: Yoga and pilates studios
  • Cost: Free

The first Wix template on our list is an excellent choice for a yoga studio website. Its overall aesthetic is relatively minimal, and the color palette is pleasing and calming, adding a vintage ‘70s hippie vibe. 

This simple yet effective template contains the most important categories that should be included on a yoga studio website, such as Private sessions, Memberships, and Contact. 

Once you click on each category, you can see what elements and features you can include after you begin customizing your website. For example, you can add the option to book private sessions once you click on that category or sign up for membership under the Membership category. 

2. Creative Agency Template

Wix Creative Agency Template 
  • Template Name: Fashionisu 
  • Perfect for: Creative and digital marketing agencies, photography studios, fashion vloggers, etc. 
  • Cost: Free 

Once you start browsing through this template, you’ll immediately think — that’s precisely how I’d imagine a modern design for a creative agency website. 

This template looks pretty edgy and minimal, and the images you’ll see once you open its homepage are excellently curated, both of them complementing one another — the first one with its bold yet subtle pastel violets, and the smaller one with its minimal, Nordic vibe. 

Only four categories are included in the top left corner — home, about, clients, and contact. The small number of categories seems a reasonable and expected move that goes perfectly with this website’s bold and minimal design. 

This template contains all the essential categories that a creative agency should have. They don’t take up too much space or distract website visitors from the artistic elements included on the homepage. 

3. Outdoor Fashion Template

Wix Outdoor Fashion Template
  • Template Name: The North Pole 
  • Perfect for: Outdoor gear brands, online stores
  • Cost: Free

This sleek and stylish e-commerce template is the perfect solution for a website of an outdoor fashion brand with an edgy personality. One thing is sure about this template — it’s not forgettable at all and kind of makes you want to go hiking in the woods (or at least buy new hiking shoes). 

Its dark color palettes and minimal typography are perfect for anyone looking for a Wix e-commerce template with a bold design and a straightforward interface that won’t confuse website visitors about where to click to see the new fashion collection. 

To see what the online shop offers, click on the large “Shop Now sign in the center of the website’s homepage or click on Shop in the top right corner, where you can choose a specific fashion category. 

When you click on a product, you’ll be redirected to another page to read more about it, see the available colors and sizes, and add it to your cart if you want to purchase it. Pretty easy, right?

4. Recipes and Food Blog Template

Wix Recipes and Food Blog Template 
  • Template Name: Salt & Pepper 
  • Perfect for: Food bloggers, restaurants, cafes, chefs, etc.
  • Cost: Free

The recipe and food blog template is undoubtedly one of our favorite Wix templates due to its stylish, monochromatic interface design and fantastic food images on the homepage

We also love the Salt & Pepper black and white logo in the top central part — it’s a pretty simple logo created with a very minimal font, but it’s effective and gets stuck in your head instantly. 

The template’s pretty easy to navigate and keeps things simple. There are three categories in the top left corner: Home, Blog, and About. 

As you can see, there’s a massive search box in the center; below it, you can see all the latest recipes. If you’d like to see all of the recipes on the website, you can simply click on the Blog category and browse through the archive.

5. Makeup Blog Template

Wix Makeup Blog Template 
  • Template Name: Shades of Pink 
  • Perfect for: Beauty or fashion bloggers, beauty brands
  • Cost: Free

If you’re looking for the perfect template for your makeup and cosmetics blog, we have the perfect one for you. This template’s interface has calming color palettes, perfectly complementing its clean and stylish look

Like most Wix templates, it contains a few main categories in the top left corner — Home, Blog, About me, and Contact. The first thing you’ll see when you open it will be the beauty blog’s subcategories — Makeup, Skincare, and Hair. 

Once you scroll down the website’s homepage, you’ll notice the latest blog posts about skincare and hair products. The background color is white, giving an ultra-minimal look to the second portion of the homepage and making it easier for you to read the blog posts. 

After the blog posts, you’ll notice the About section, where the background color changes again to a soft baby pink shade. 

Also, although it might look like this template is primarily for makeup bloggers, you can customize it to suit your needs since it also looks like the perfect solution for a skincare blog.

6. Electronics Shop Template

Wix Electronics Shop Template
  • Template Name: EZ 
  • Perfect for: Electronics shops, online stores 
  • Cost: Free 

This minimal, eye-catching classic design is perfect for electronics retailers, all-size tech shops, and e-commerce shops. It has a very uncomplicated and user-friendly design that won’t confuse anyone looking to buy a tech gadget. 

Once you click on the homepage, you’ll notice a clean-looking image with a tech device as the main background, a few main categories in the top right, and a Buy now square on the left redirecting you to the online shop. 

This template is quite different from other e-commerce templates because it has a Support category. Once you click on it, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can read the most frequently asked questions and ask and submit a question yourself.

7. Virtual Fitness Classes Template

Wix Virtual Fitness Classes Template 
  • Template Name: Virtufit 
  • Perfect for: Gyms, trainers, fitness studios 
  • Cost: Free 

If you’re looking for a template for online fitness classes and training challenges, this one is certainly among the top free Wix templates you’ll stumble across

The typography is modern and impressive, and the font size takes up more space than one might expect. You simply cannot miss the motivational quote that takes up a vast portion of the website’s homepage. 

Unlike most Wix templates, this one has more categories in the top right corner. There’s also an option to create your account and log in when you click the green Log-in button in the right corner. 

You can browse free training tutorials in the “On-Demand” section, book a fitness challenge, or schedule an online live class with a fitness instructor. 

When you click on the live classes category, you can browse the fitness options and schedule and book a live class.

8. Automobile Company Template

Wix Automobile Company Template
  • Template Name: Autono
  • Perfect for: Mobility companies, tech startups,
  • Cost: Free 

This ultra-modern and innovative template has, without a doubt, one of the most elegant and eye-catching interface designs that we’ve seen in recent times

The background image of the eccentric artificial intelligence vehicle might be one of the reasons why we’re hooked.

As you can see for yourself, this is the perfect solution for companies that are working in the automotive industry and whose primary focus is innovative, autonomous, and unique-looking vehicles that are created with the help of artificial intelligence. 

When you click on the Technology section in the top right corner, you’ll be redirected to another page where you can read all about the vehicles developed by the company. What’s more, there’s a Subscribe button in the right corner, and once you click it, a half-page dark square appears where you can submit your e-mail and subscribe to get the latest updates.

9. Marketing Agency Template

Wix Marketing Agency Template 
  • Template Name: EPS Marketing 
  • Perfect for: Marketing and branding companies, advertising firms, 
  • Cost: Free 

Marketing agencies are one of those businesses that need to keep up with the latest trends in interface design and social media. This is not a real surprise, though; who would book a marketing agency that doesn’t know the importance of keeping up with the latest emerging design styles? 

This template is the perfect solution for startups and larger marketing agencies since it really has all the essential design details you’ll need to show off your company’s services. 

You can see all the most important statistics, such as the number of clients, projects, consultants, and awards, on the homepage, so clients won’t have to spend much time searching for essential information about your agency. 

If you still have yet to win an award, you can customize this category and add another piece of data, such as the number of events planned by your company. 

One thing we honestly love about this template is the contrasting colors between the font and the background. Plus, it has six categories in the top right corner, so you’ll have the chance to add more than just the essential details about your agency.

10. Online Grocery Template

Wix Online Grocery Template
  • Template Name: Fresh Market 
  • Perfect for: Online food shops, local retailers 
  • Cost: Free 

If you’d like to sell fresh fruits and veggies online, consider your website’s interface design carefully. No one wants to buy food, especially not fresh food, from a website with an overly complicated user interface or a messy design with too many color palettes or bold typography choices. 

If you want to play on the safe side, stick to a minimalistic, user-friendly design and apply a button like the Shop Online button on the homepage. This way, your customers will find out where to click to make a purchase instantly after the website loads. 

As you can see, this website template has four primary categories: a search bar, a Log In section, and finally, a small cart. Simply put, it’s very easy to navigate the website, and it has an overall pleasant vibe due to its fresh and vivid color palettes.

11. Music Venue Template

Wix Music Venue Template 
  • Template Name: The Launch 
  • Perfect for: Concert halls, nightclubs 
  • Cost: Free 

If you’re looking for a genuinely grungy-looking and aesthetic Wix templates for your music venue, bar, or nightclub, this one’s definitely a great option. 

The color palette and contrast between the font’s color and the black-and-white image give the homepage a natural edge. Like most Wix templates, this one lets you keep things simple and easy to navigate, with only four categories in the top left corner — Home, Shows, Venue, and Contact. 

What makes this template stand out from most of the templates we’ve included in our list is the slide animations. As you can see, the images on the homepage change, letting website visitors instantly see the latest shows at the music venues. 

There’s also a Get Tickets button after the artist’s name. After you click on it, you’ll be redirected to the Shows page, where you can see all future shows that will take place at the venue and buy tickets online. 

Also, as you scroll down to the very end of the website’s homepage, you’ll notice a Subscribe section where you can submit your e-mail if you’re interested in keeping up with the latest concerts and events that will take place at the venue.

12. Pet Shop Template

Wix Pet Shop Template
  • Template Name: Besties 
  • Perfect for: Pet supply shops, online shops 
  • Cost: Free 

Lastly, we’ll wrap up our list with a pet shop template, perfect for online animal supply stores. As you can see yourself, this template is colorful and has excellent high-quality image shots with noticeable color contrasts of various pets as the homepage background. 

The first thing you’ll notice once you open this website is the Start Shopping rectangle button that redirects you to the online shop and the animated image slide. The website categories are in the left corner, starting with Shop All, continuing with six animal categories, and ending with Contact. 

The best thing about this original Wix template is that you can mix it up and customize it as much as you’d need. You can change the names of the categories depending on what kind of products your pet shop sells and create the best Wix websites.

Another unique design solution caught our eye when we opened this template — a contact phone in the top right corner, so you don’t need to click on Contact and wait to get redirected to their contact page. Of course, you can customize this part of the website and put something else in the corner square instead of your shop’s telephone number.

Summary – What are the Best Wix Website Templates & Designs for 2024?

Well, there you go — we’re now at the end of the list of my favorite 12 Wix templates and Wix website samples. As promised, I have reviewed various Wix templates created explicitly for websites with a specific purpose. 

From a yoga studio to a pet shop template, we honestly hope one of them caught your eye and that you now feel inspired to sign up and start customizing your Wix website

Also, once you start developing your website, don’t forget that:

  • Wix is free, but the freebie plan is very limited.
  • Less is more. Don’t go overboard with design details; keep your website clean and minimal. 
  • Keeping your content informative and easy to understand is imperative. You don’t want your customers to spend much time on your homepage, confused about where to click next to get the information they’re looking for, right? 
  • Adding a personal touch to your website design is the cherry on top. It will make it authentic, and your site’s visitors will associate its unique elements with you or your business.
  • There are good Wix alternatives out there, and one is Squarespace. Find out which one is the best in this Wix vs Squarespace comparison.

I hope that now you have a better idea of what you want your Wix-powered website to look like. Websites made with Wix always look great. Visit Wix.com to sign up and start your free website.

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