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Microsoft Excel lets you manipulate data and get meaningful answers from it. It is used in all fields including sales, marketing, and finance. Learning Excel is a great way to improve your career prospects, and business- and life skills. Here is my rundown of the best Excel YouTube channels.

Excel is now a sort of a soft requirement for most jobs. Even if your employer isn’t exactly looking for Excel in their ideal candidate’s skillset, your resume will shine through if you list Excel as a skill on it. Whether you are a personal assistant or an executive, Excel can help make your work and your personal life easier.

Rather than learning Excel basics in “dry” text format, these YouTube channels not only teach you the theory behind an Excel feature but also show you visually what it does.

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Here is my rundown of the top 10 best YouTube Channels to learn Excel right now:

1. ExcelIsFun


ExcelIsFun has over 3000 videos and has been teaching people basic and advanced Excel topics since 2008. They offer a completely free course on the basics of Excel on their YouTube channel.

It will teach you all the basics you need to know to get the most out of Excel for most situations. The free course will teach you Formatting, basic formulas for data manipulation, how to use PivotTable, keyboard shortcuts, and much more.

Once you go through the easy tutorial videos in the free course, you can learn advanced Excel features in ExcelIsFun’s free advanced Excel course that will teach you Data Validation, Date Formulas, Conditionals, Array Formulas, Data Analysis Fundamentals, and much more.

My Favorite Video/Playlist: ExcelIsFun’s free basics course playlist – A great place to start if you want to learn the basics.

2. Contextures Inc.


Contextures have videos on every Excel topic imaginable. They have videos on the basics such as charts, conditional formatting, and filters. They also have videos about advanced topics such as Pivot Tables, data manipulation, and advanced functions.

They regularly upload new quick videos that teach you something new about Excel in less than 5 minutes. Contextures is one of the best channels if you want to master Excel.

They have detailed playlists on every topic that will teach you almost everything there is to Excel. For example, their playlist on Excel Pivot Tables contains 96 videos, and their Excel Functions playlist contains 81 videos.

My Favorite Video/Playlist: 30 Excel Functions – Learn the Excel functions you need to master to conquer the world of spreadsheets.

3. MyOnlineTraningHub


MyOnlineTrainingHub makes videos about Excel that teach you practical uses of Excel in daily life. For example, one of their latest videos teaches you how to create a Personal Finance Dashboard in Excel.

Rather than simply talking about the many features Excel has to offer, this channel teaches you how to put them to practice.

This channel has lots of videos for beginners and uploads new ones every month. Their videos also touch on some advanced features of Excel such as Power Query, and Pivot Table. Their videos will help you master all aspects of Excel.

My Favorite Video/Playlist: Stock Portfolio Dashboard In Excel – Learn how to make a dashboard that lets you track your stock portfolio. Honestly, this might be the best Excel tutorial on YouTube.

4. TeachExcel


TeachExcel has been around since 2008 and has been turning novices into Excel pros. Their channel has over 500 videos on Excel. One of their best playlists is about Excel Macros. It teaches you how to use Macros to automate your spreadsheets. This channel might be the best YouTube channel to learn Excel for beginners.

Their channel has videos about Excel VBA, importing data, data manipulation, data analysis, and everything else you need to know to master Excel.

My Favorite Video/Playlist: TeachExcel’s playlist called Excel Quickies – Has dozens of bite-sized videos that teach simple Excel concepts.


MrExcel is an excellent resource to learn Microsoft Excel. It not only teaches you the basics but also teaches you practical tips.

On their channel, you will find videos that teach you how to search in reverse, how to find the last item in a list, how to fetch data from an API, and everything else imaginable. What makes this channel great is all the practical tips it has that you can start applying to Today.

This channel has over 2400 videos. Whenever you get stuck with Excel, chances are you can find the solution in this channel’s huge catalog of practical tips. The creator of this channel Bill Jelen has authored 60 books on the subject and is a Microsoft MVP recipient.

My Favorite Video/Playlist: “Don’t Fear The Spreadsheet” playlist – Learn the basics of Excel with this easy-to-follow playlist.

6. Excel Campus

Excel Campus

Excel Campus is has been around since 2010 and has earned over 38 million views on its videos. The creator, Jon Acampora, has created over 271 video tutorials on Excel for beginner and advanced users.

The best part about this channel is the detailed tutorials on important Excel functions such as INDEX MATCH and VLOOKUP. Jon makes advanced topics easily digestible for beginners.

He also makes videos about useful hacks such as removing blank spaces, removing indentations, and counting unique rows.

My Favorite Video/Playlist: 7 Excel Tricks and Treats.

7. Leila Gharani

Leila Gharani

Leila Gharani’s channel is about a lot more than just Excel. She will teach you practical ways you can use Excel in both your personal and professional life. She makes difficult topics such as forecasting easy to understand for beginners.

Her style of teaching is very unique. She teaches you Excel by teaching you practical ways to use it. For example, in her latest video, she teaches you how to read and analyze balance sheets using Excel.

She also makes videos about Excel tips such as calculating percentile, keyboard shortcuts, creating a drop-down list, and formatting.

She also makes videos about other Microsoft Office tools such as Powerpoint and Power BI.

My Favorite Video/Playlist: Excel Pivot Tables Explained In 10 Minutes – Leila makes this advanced topic easy to grasp for beginners.

8. Chandoo


Chandoo makes videos about analyzing data in Excel. His channel has videos about both the basics and the advanced topics. He talks about how to change the color of a cell when the date changes, how to combine all Excel files into one, how to create interactive charts, and much more.

The best part about Chandoo’s channel is his videos on creating practical dashboards where he shows you how to analyze data and turn it into a meaningful dashboard. His video on creating an interactive chart that explains the spread of obesity is a great example.

My Favorite Video/Playlist: Chandoo’s video Spread of Obesity Interactive Chart In Excel teaches you the real power of Excel. It is perhaps the best Excel course on YouTube.

9. TrumpExcel


TrumpExcel is the best YouTube channel for Excel. Sumit Bansal, the creator of the channel, is a recipient of Microsoft Excel MVP. He knows his stuff when it comes to Excel.

He teaches everything from the basics such as getting the month name from the date to advanced topics such as creating a full-blown sales dashboard in Excel. Their Excel video lessons are engaging and easy-to-understand.

TrumpExcel has an amazing free course on Excel that teaches you all the basics you need to know to get up and running in no time. Sumit also has a free course on using Power Query and another one on using VBA in Excel.

My Favorite Video/Playlist: Free Excel Course (Basic To Advanced) Playlist – This free course starts with the basics but doesn’t shy away from advanced topics such as Pivot Tables.

10. Teacher’s Tech

Teacher's Tech

Teacher’s Tech is more than just a channel about Excel. Although Jamie Keet, the creator of this channel, makes videos primarily about Excel, he also makes videos about other productivity tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Access. Teacher’s Tech might offer the best online Excel courses.

If you want to take your Excel skills from novice to professional, you need to subscribe to Jamie’s channel. He uploads new videos every week. He talks about everything from basics such as password-protecting your Excel sheets to advanced topics such as splitting cells.

My Favorite Video/Playlist: This channel’s Microsoft Excel Beginner’s Tutorials playlist is the Best Excel course on YouTube to start learning Excel.


Even though Excel has become an integral part of most businesses and enterprise companies, most people have no idea how to use it. Learning Excel on YouTube can help you upgrade your resume and get recruiters to notice you in a sea of sameness.

Excel can help you improve your workflow and become more productive. It can also help make your personal life easier once you learn how to build a custom dashboard and analyze your personal data.

However, if you really want to master every Excel function, I highly recommend checking out this Excel course on Udemy. This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started with Excel.

I hope you enjoyed what I think are the best Excel YouTube channels, there’s never been a better time to start learning Excel…

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