What is pCloud Crypto? (Client-Side Encryption/Decryption Add-on)

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pCloud Crypto is a paid add-on product offered by pCloud that adds additional security to your pCloud drive files. Its client-side encryption encrypts/decrypts your files before they are uploaded so that not even the pCloud team themselves can open your files without your password.

$150 Lifetime plan (one-time payment!)

Get top notch client-side encryption with pCloud

In this article, I’ll explore what this offering is, its features, and whether or not you should get the pCloud Crypto add-on.

Reddit is a great place to learn more about pCloud. Here are a few Reddit posts that I think you’ll find interesting. Check them out and join the discussion!

What is pCloud Crypto?

pcloud crypto addon

When you upload a file to pCloud, it is stored on their servers. This means, if their team wanted to open up and look at the files in your account, they could (they never would but technically they could).

The files are stored as is on their servers. pCloud Crypto is an add-on for your pCloud account that you can purchase.

It adds client-side encryption and zero-knowledge privacy to your files on pCloud.

To encrypt a file or a folder, you just have to move it to your pCloud Crypto folder. It gets encrypted on your computer, and can’t be opened without your password.

So, even if your laptop gets stolen, there’s no way the thief can access the data in your Crypto folder without knowing your password.

Once your purchase this add-on, you’ll see a folder named Crypto in your pCloud Drive (both on your computer and the web interface). Whenever you try to open this folder (on the web interface or your computer), you’ll be asked for your password.

Client-side encryption means that the files that you upload to the pCloud Crypto folder are first encrypted on your device with your password before they get uploaded.

This way, even though the files are stored on pCloud’s servers, there’s no way their team, or anyone, can open and see the contents of your files. The files will only work when your password is used to decrypt them. And you are the only person who knows your password.


Get top notch client-side encryption with pCloud

$150 Lifetime plan (one-time payment!)

If you have pCloud Crypto enabled, then even if pCloud gets hacked, there’s no way the hackers can open your Crypto folder files unless they know your password.

When people hear about this, they think that because your password is in pCloud’s database they can probably just decrypt your files with it. But that’s not the case! This is because pCloud doesn’t store your password on their servers.

The encryption and decryption process both only happen on your device, so pCloud doesn’t need to know your Crypto password to provide you with this service. Thus, they don’t store it on their servers.

pCloud Crypto’s pricing starts at $49.99 per year.

pcloud crypto annual pricing

But that’s not their only plan. They also have a lifetime plan that is priced at $150. This plan only requires a one-time payment:

pcloud crypto lifetime plan

Both plans offer the same features, but if you use pCloud as your main cloud storage and sync platform, then I highly recommend going with the Lifetime plan. If you are a heavy pCloud user, you’ll probably be using this service for the next 5-10 years.

By purchasing the Lifetime plan, you stand to save a lot of money. The Lifetime plan costs 3 times the Annual plan’s price. But you’ll save $50 every year that you use pCloud after the first three years.

If you aren’t already using pCloud as your cloud storage provider, you might want to read my in-depth review of pCloud’s cloud storage. And yes, there’s a lifetime subscription available for the pCloud cloud storage service.

pCloud Crypto Features

Client-Side Encryption

Client-side encryption makes sure that your data never really leaves your device. Even though your file gets uploaded to pCloud’s server, there’s no way anyone can open it without your password.

pcloud crypto folder

And even when you are logged into your pCloud account, the files are only encrypted on your device and never on pCloud’s servers.

Because your files are encrypted on the client side before they get uploaded to pCloud, they are safe even if a hacker someone obtains access to pCloud’s servers.

Without the password, there’s literally no way to decrypt and open a password-encrypted file.

There are some ways you can set up your own file encryption for free, but they come with a steep learning curve and aren’t worth it if you are a software developer.

If you want to make sure your files are inaccessible to anyone who doesn’t know your password, you need this service.


Get top notch client-side encryption with pCloud

$150 Lifetime plan (one-time payment!)

No One Has Been Able To Break pCloud’s Encryption

pCloud put out a $100,000 challenge for software developers when they came out with this service. They challenged developers to try and break their encryption to win the prize money.

In the 180 days that the challenge was open, no one was able to break the encryption, not even participants from universities like MIT.

Works On All Your Devices

You can access your pCloud Crypto folder from any of your devices. To access it on your desktop computer, you can use the pCloud Drive app.

And on your phone, you can use their web interface to view your encrypted files. You don’t even need to have the pCloud Drive app installed to access your files. You can just log into the pCloud web application from any computer around the world and access your files.

If you don’t know what pCloud Drive is, you should read my article about pCloud Drive. It’s one of the best features pCloud has to offer. pCloud also offers free file sharing of files up to 5 GB.


If you use pCloud every day and want to make sure your files are extra secure, you need pCloud Crypto. Most other cloud storage platforms don’t offer this service, and the ones that do can be really expensive.

So, if you are looking for secure, encrypted file storage and sync, this is hands down one of the best options.


Get top notch client-side encryption with pCloud

$150 Lifetime plan (one-time payment!)

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