What is LiteSpeed Server?

LiteSpeed Server by LiteSpeed Technologies is proprietary software that provides high-performance, high-scalability open-source and enterprise web server technology.

what is litespeed server

LiteSpeed Web Server is a leading Apache alternative that provides high-performance and high-scalability web server technology.

What is LiteSpeed Web Server?

LiteSpeed servers are open-source web servers (called OpenLiteSpeed) that can handle many requests per second, allowing them to function at the same level as some hardware load balancers. In many cases, you’ll find LiteSpeed is faster than Apache and Nginx because it uses fewer resources, and in most cases, we’re talking about a 15:1 speed advantage. LiteSpeed is a brand name, and the only software source code that uses this name (to our knowledge) is created by LiteSpeed Technologies, Inc. This particular business specializes in providing commercial support for its web server. There are several advantages to the service LiteSpeed hosting for WordPress delivers, which you can read about.

LiteSpeed Technologies, Inc. has close ties with the original developers of the Litespeed web servers beginning in 2004 when they joined the ASF. Today LiteSpeed is based on technology derived from two Apache HTTP Server versions, 2.2 and 2.4, which means all of its underlying source code is open source. LiteSpeed web server is not an Apache replacement but rather an enhanced version of the Apache webserver. As of February 2012, you can get access to LiteSpeed on your cPanel/WHM license for free if you signed up for support after November 2011. You can also get commercial help through Softaculous at $20 per month if you have a server with at least 1 IP address. The hosting control panel offers different options.

Some web hosting companies have already adopted it and moved away from Apache to LiteSpeed.

Is LiteSpeed better than Apache?

LiteSpeed is the better server in performance and security. In tests, LiteSpeed consumes about 50% less memory than an existing Apache server does when serving the same content. LiteSpeed also compresses dynamic pages on the fly much more efficiently than Apache can, enabling a more significant number of concurrent users to access your website without sacrificing performance.

LiteSpeed caches web pages and content, such as images and videos, in RAM more than Apache. Running your web server in memory gives a significant performance edge. LiteSpeed is the most secure out-of-the-box web server in the market today. LiteSpeed has no CGI support, making it impossible for hackers to upload backdoor programs known as shell scripts that allow hackers to access your website or server. There is no need for an HTTPS reverse proxy!

Is LiteSpeed Web Server accessible?

In a way, LiteSpeed Web Server takes it more accessible. The LiteSpeed Web Server Community Edition is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2, and you can try it for free on a server with 20M of monthly traffic.

Litespeed web server resources provide an easy-to-use web interface for system administration and allow you to manage your web server from your web browser anywhere on the Internet. It provides a secure, stable, and fast environment for powering your website. In addition, LiteSpeed Web Server Community is free for personal websites.

What about commercial use?

LiteSpeed Web Server Professional Edition is a low-cost ($299/yr) subscription offering that allows unlimited servers with no usage restrictions. In addition, you need to purchase a license for each domain name or IP address that will be running your website, as the Professional Edition only comes in single-license packages.

The LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise Edition is available as an annual ($1,999/yr) or perpetual ($4,999/yr) subscription license. It has no restrictions on the number of servers, domains, or users. A single Enterprise Edition license allows you to use all features and functions of LiteSpeed Web Server, including Advanced Management Console for unlimited servers as well as one year of free product upgrades.

In addition, LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee along with the flexibility of choosing your billing cycle (monthly, quarterly or annual) and payment method (credit card / PayPal). You can also purchase LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise Edition at any time during your subscription period.

Nginx vs. LiteSpeed, which is better for the server?

LiteSpeed Server is a web server to handle multiple websites on its own. Nginx would require another program to do that task. LiteSpeed has full support for PHP with its own built-in FastCGI Process Manager, whereas Nginx does not have the box. LiteSpeed can handle multiple websites with its built-in Multi-Processing Module, whereas Nginx would require you to use mod_ruid, which is not supported on Windows servers.

If you have a LAMP stack, then using Nginx will require you to use Apache as it does not come with PHP, whereas LiteSpeed can handle it all by itself.

LiteSpeed Server Benefits

The following is a list of benefits that comes with Litespeed Server and why we suggest that you use this software for your new website:


The code-base has been optimized to operate at lightning speeds. This allows users to get on the web fast and leads to paid search engine results, higher social media engagement (FB, Twitter, Instagram), and more return visits.


The Litespeed web server uses a very secure memory cache with file integrity monitoring to ensure your website files are not changed without your knowledge. This protects you from hackers who try to steal information or change how your site operates.

Litespeed’s web server was built with security at the forefront, allowing you to operate without worrying about hackers or viruses affecting your business. This is especially important for online companies that rely on their website for revenue generation.


99% uptime and ultra-high performance – this is the kind of reliability you can expect. Your website will always be accessible to your customers no matter how much traffic comes your way.


The Litespeed web server costs less than most shared hosting options – saving you money on your initial startup cost and ongoing hosting fees. This allows small businesses to get a web presence without additional expense.


Litespeed offers both Windows and Linux-based hosting plans, making it available to most businesses out there.

Backward Compatibility:

Your website will work with older browsers such as Microsoft IE 8 and 9 – meaning you won’t lose customers who are unwilling to upgrade.


Backed by our 100% Uptime SLA, your website will be accessible to customers at all times.

Ease of Use:

Litespeed’s hosting platform has been developed to be user-friendly with no technical expertise required – allowing you to make edits to your code or server configurations while on the go.

Root Access:

The ability to access the root directory of your web server gives you the flexibility to make ongoing changes and updates to your website on the go – without having to wait for our team of developers.


litespeed web server

Litespeed server is the most feature-rich web server there is. The following is a list of those features:

Web-Based Admin Console

Admin Console has been designed from the ground up as a web-based interface, with no bloated windows application to develop and maintain. In addition, it’s straightforward for non-techies to use, so anyone in your organization can do that deployment.

Litespeed Web Server/Apache Server Compatibility

Litespeed server is compatible with all of your existing Apache configuration files. You can switch over to Litespeed transparently, without the need to make any code changes on your site(s)

Improved Performance

The Litespeed server executes your PHP, Perl, and web pages faster than ever before based on a multithreaded architecture. You can expect increased throughput, reduced latency (i.e., faster response times), and no more single-threaded bottlenecks caused by Apache/PHP’s “One process – one thread” architecture.

Security & Stability Updates

Because our server is based on Apache, you can take advantage of the hundreds of thousands of updates, bug fixes, and security patches available by the Apache community. For example, the Litespeed server is now using Apache HTTPd 2.4 (the latest stable version) to power our Admin Console.

MySQL/MariaDB Support

Our interface allows you to choose between MySQL and MariaDB as the database for your application. That’s a great benefit for web hosting providers!

Improved & Customizable Error Handling

Our error handler provides you with all the information necessary to debug and fix PHP errors: line number, file name, and associated trace/backtrace numbers. You can also change the display of these messages via our configuration interface.

Bottom line

LiteSpeed’s Web Server is an excellent choice for heavy-coded dynamic websites. However, it has less flexibility in adding modules to the server beyond what they have pre-developed if you are looking for a very robust solution with few limitations – but also one that may cost considerably more than other available alternatives than LiteSpeed’s Web Server. It offers an effective web hosting infrastructure with the right operating system details.

LiteSpeed Web Server is a high-performance web server that has won multiple awards. For more information about LiteSpeed Technologies, visit their website. For the official download of LiteSpeed Web Server 5, go here.

You will need to purchase a license before downloading the binaries to use this software. LiteSpeed Enterprise Edition is more robust than LiteSpeed Web Server Free Edition. However, it can also be more challenging to configure and does not offer the same level of support as LiteSpeed’s Web Server Free Edition.




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