Getting Started with Global Styles

This video explains the Global Styles interface in WordPress, specifically in the context of block themes like Ollie. The Global Styles interface allows users to easily customize the design of their WordPress website, including typography, colors, and layout settings, without requiring coding knowledge.

  1. Style Variations: The Ollie theme ships with several color palettes that can be easily applied to the entire site, changing the accent color and other subtle colors to match the selected palette.
  2. Typography: Users can change the font, font weight, and line height of headings and other text elements throughout the site.
  3. Color Customization: The interface allows for easy customization of button colors, text colors, background colors, and other color elements.
  4. Revision History: The Global Styles interface keeps a revision history of all style changes made to the site, allowing users to easily revert to previous versions if needed.
  5. Style Book: A visual interface that displays all the different elements of the site, such as headings, paragraphs, buttons, and images, making it easy to see how style changes will affect the site.
  6. Block-Level Customization: Users can make custom changes to individual blocks, such as changing the default font or color of a specific block type.