FastComet Review (Is This the Fastest NVMe SSD Web Hosting Provider?)

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It can be challenging to find the right web host that fits your needs and budget. In this FastComet review, we’ll take an in-depth look at this web hosting provider that claims to offer top-notch services at affordable prices. We’ll examine its features, performance, customer support, pricing plans, and more to help you make an informed decision on whether FastComet is the right choice for your website.

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Key Takeaways:

SSD hosting makes sites load 300% faster, according to FastComet, and free site migration and backups make it easier to switch or maintain a site.

FastComet’s web hosting plans come with a range of security features, such as Imunify360, built-in firewall, brute-force protection, and free malware scans, which help keep sites safe.

However, users cannot host additional websites on the entry-level plan, and some advanced speed and security features are only available on higher-tier plans.

FastComet Review Summary (TL;DR)
Rated 4.0 out of 5
4 reviews
Price from
From $2.74 per month
Hosting Types
Shared, WordPress, Cloud VPN, Dedicated
Speed & Performance
NVMe SSD. Free Cloudflare CDN. AMD EPYC™ CPU. WordPress LiteSpeed Cache (LSCWP). HTTP/3. PHP8
Managed WordPress hosting. Cloud VPS hosting
LiteSpeed. NVMe SSD Storage
Free SSL (Let’s Encrypt) DNS and DDoS protection. AI firewall assistant. Web application firewall (WAF). Secure account isolation. Imunify360
Control Panel
Free domain name, free managed migrations, free daily backups. WordPress installation ready. RocketBooster technology
Refund Policy
45-day money back guarantee
Privately-owned (San Francisco, California
Current Deal
Flash Sale! Save 75% on all shared hosting plans

FastComet Pros and Cons


  • 45-day money back & 99.9% server-uptime guarantee
  • SSD hosting – the site loads 300%* faster (*according to FastComet)
  • Free site migration and free daily & weekly backups
  • Free SSL and Cloudflare CDN integration
  • NVMe SSD, free Cloudflare CDN, AMD EPYC™ CPU, LiteSpeed Cache (LSCWP). HTTP/3 and PHP8-ready
  • 1-click WordPress auto-installer with free theme setup
  • Imunify360, with built-in firewall, brute-force protection, and free malware scan


  • Only the FastCloud Extra plan comes with the RocketBooster speed and security features
  • You can’t host additional websites on the entry-level FastCloud Plan
  • Expensive renewal pricing

Flash Sale! Save 75% on all shared hosting plans

From $2.74 per month

FastComet Customer Reviews

fastcomet reviews on twitter

FastComet Hosting Review

FastComet is surprisingly unknown in the industry but they provide very fast server speeds, outstanding features, near 100% uptime, security, affordable plans, round-the-clock support, and many other benefits.

Here is my FastComet review. I will give you a rundown of everything there is to know about this web hosting company to help you decide if it’s good for you.

So if you give me just 10 minutes of your time, then I’ll give you all the must-know facts and information about what they offer when it comes to web hosting. Continue reading and you’ll find answers to all of your questions such as:

  • What features does FastComet provide its clients?
  • What are the different plans available?
  • How much does web hosting cost?
  • What kind of hosting do they provide website owners?

By the time you are finished reading this review, you will surely be able to tell whether this is the right web hosting service for your needs.


Flash Sale! Save 75% on all shared hosting plans

From $2.74 per month

Here is how our web hosting review process works:

1. We sign up for the web hosting plan & install a blank WordPress site.
2. We monitor the site’s performance, uptime, & page load time speed.
3. We analyze the good/bad hosting features, pricing, & customer support.
4. We publish the great review (and update it throughout the year).

Here I am going to give you a FastComet review of what their services are like as a web hosting company. I will show all their features, and benefits, discuss the pros and cons, and compare the different pricing plans. When you have finished reading this I am hoping that you will be able to decide whether you would like to host your website with them or not.

fastcomet homepage

What is FastComet?

If you are looking for shared hosting, WordPress hosting, FastComet VPS hosting, dedicated server, or cloud hosting to use for your website then you definitely should consider FastComet. It is a hosting service company from San Francisco, California, providing some of the best and the highest quality hosting solutions for website owners.

There are 11 FastComet server locations around the world. You can choose from Tokyo, Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Newark, Dallas, Chicago, Frankfurt, Toronto, Mumbai, and Sydney. No matter where you are physically located, you will never face the increased ping time and the website loading speed drop.

This web-hosting company has been around since 2013, and today it has thousands of customers in almost 100 countries around the world. It provides a huge variety of features, and offers low-cost plans. The biggest advantage of FastComet is using exclusively SSD drives on their servers. Their support service is customer-friendly and is ready to help 24/7/365.

fastcomet hosting features

Even if you are not an experienced web developer, you can easily use them for your personal blog or online store. The fact is that you can get almost everything set up in a few clicks and absolutely for free.

It includes installing any CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and OpenCart, adding free modules and a theme template, and a bunch of free tutorials for any platform.

Now let’s dive into all of the benefits FastComet offers. You’ll see why these guys are better than many other competitors in the budget web hosting space.

fastcomet comparison

Flash Sale! Save 75% on all shared hosting plans

From $2.74 per month

FastComet Shared Hosting Plans

They offer three shared hosting plans: FastCloud starting from $2.74/month, FastCloud Plus starting from $4.11/month, and FastCloud Extra starting from $5.49/month (this is the plan I recommend, find out why).

fastcomet hosting plans

You’ll notice that this is really cheap and you won’t need to go for 3 years to save the most even if you don’t plan to have a website for 3 years.

FastComet Shared hosting features

Shared PlansFastCloudFastCloud PlusFastCloud Extra
Hosted WebsitesSingle siteUnlimitedUnlimited
Storage (SSD drives)15 GB25 GB35 GB
Unique Visits25K/month50K/month100K/month
Free domainYesYesYes
CPU Cores2 x AMD EPYC 7501 CPUs4 x AMD EPYC 7501 CPUs6 x AMD EPYC 7501 CPUs
Immediate Account SetupYesYesYes
Multiple Server Locations11 locations11 locations11 locations
Free Website Transfer133
Addon DomainsNoUnlimitedUnlimited
Daily Backups7730

Additionally, you can pay for some add-ons like Search Engine Submission, Domain Privacy, Search Engine Optimization Audit, and Google SiteMap. They cost from $5.95 to $14.95 annually and it is up to you whether you want to add them or not (I suggest that you don’t, you can always add these extras later).

All three plans are quite similar in what they offer and only differ when it comes to the number of addon sites you can host RAM, cores, and storage. You can compare each plan in detail on its official website.

BONUS INFO: FastComet’s Free Months of Hosting

FastComet gives away free months of hosting to transferring customers as compensation for all their unused months with other hosting services. Those free months will be awarded when you submit proof of service cancellation with other hosting services. Acceptable forms of proof include a screenshot or an official email of the cancellation. For shared hosting, you can enjoy:

  • Six months of free hosting on three-year shared hosting plans
  • Three months of free hosting on one-year and two-year shared hosting plans
  • One month of free hosting on monthly billing cycles

The FastCloud Extra Plan (the plan I recommend)

FastCloud Extra is their most expensive shared hosting plan, starting from $5.49/month. But this plan packs a serious punch when it comes to speed, security, and performance! You get better performance than a dedicated server for a fraction of the price.

The FastCloud Extra plan comes with 3x more resources per account and 3x fewer users. Your site is hosted on a high-performance server; PHP8 hosting environment with LiteSpeed LSAPI, APC & OPcache, and Static, and Dynamic Varnish cache.

  • Powered by AMD EPYC™
  • Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • Decentralized infrastructure, concentrated raw power
  • 11 Data Centers around the world
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server
  • Latest MySQL and PHP with OPCache and HTTP/3 support
  • Dedicated Resource Availability
  • Superior cloud hosting that scales on-demand
  • WordPress LiteSpeed Cache (LSCWP)
  • Free CloudFlare CDN integration
  • Website Security with Imunify360

FastComet pros

No hidden fees, and a 45-day money-back guarantee

  • Easy and predictable pricing, always!
  • Always know what you’ll pay monthly with a flat, industry-leading pricing structure
  • No sneaky surprises
  • 45-day Money-Back Guarantee

All the plans are offered at fixed prices and without hidden fees. The company does everything it can to provide 100% customer satisfaction. You pay only for services you actually use.

They do not hide any additional payments and fees. So you will not be surprised to get an extra bill. All prices will not increase at the end of the subscription period so you renew any service for the same price.

If for any reason you do not like the hosting company’s quality, you will be able to get all your money back. Most competitors provide not more than 30 days, but the FastComet refund policy gives you 45 days for a complete refund.

Important: The 45-days refund policy ONLY applies to shared hosting plans, for FastComet’s VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting plan, they only offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

High speed and performance

Sites that load slowly aren’t likely to rise to perform well. A study from Google found that a one-second delay in mobile page load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%.

fastest hosting

Many hosting providers use traditional hard disk drives (HDD) which are quite slow. As a result, your site loads very slowly, and it can negatively affect your search engine optimization efforts. Google’s algorithms promote faster websites better, and they get higher rankings on search engine results pages. How do they achieve such great results?

FastComet on the other hand only provides solid-state drives (SSD drives). It helps increase website performance by up to 300% as your files and databases will be loaded much faster. The average site loading time is about 200 milliseconds, while most competitors load pages in about 500-600 milliseconds* (*according to Fast Comet).

This means that most of your visitors coming to your site will be able to access your website, your online store, or your blog much faster, and they will not bounce while waiting for your site to load.

Moreover, the support team will consult with you on how to improve page load times by improving the Google Pagespeed Insight and GTMetrix scores. You won’t even have to use any caching plugins because these speed features are built-in and enabled by default.

BONUS INFO: FastComet’s Gzip Compression

FastComet happens to have to gzip compression enabled by default on all of its hosting servers. What exactly does gzip compression do? It can shrink the transfer size of most web file it compresses by 50 to 70 percent. Doing so can help improve web loading speeds significantly.

But be warned though: it can’t compress binary formats such as videos, images, or PDF files. If you wish to enable gzip compression on your own server, check out FastComet’s gzip tutorial page.

Free Cloudflare CDN

Another great feature to improve website performance and speed is using Cloudflare CDN. You won’t have to buy an additional subscription as it’s available by default in all plans for hosting services. CDN is a short form of a content delivery network. It uses different services around the globe to store all your static files like images, JavaScript files, or CSS stylesheets.

When the visitor opens your website, the browser downloads all these static files. The farther the visitor is physically located from your main server, the lower the website loading speed will be. To prevent this negative impact, CDN providers will send images and other static files from the server closest to the visitor’s physical location. It helps to improve site performance and highly increases the loading speed.

Cloudflare has a distributed server infrastructure around the world. It has more than 100 data centers in different countries. So, even if your customers are from another continent, they will experience the greatest speed and performance of your online store or blog page.

Getting started with Cloudflare is easy. Once you create and launch your website with them, you can activate the Cloudflare CDN feature in your hosting control panel in just one click.

99.99% uptime guarantee

They guarantee 99.99% uptime. Why is this so important? When the uptime is lower than 99%, quite often your visitors can face the situation when your website is not available, and you don’t want that. A 99.99% uptime translates to a weekly downtime of just 1m 0.5s. Here’s a screenshot showing their nearly 100% perfect uptime.

fastcomet speed and uptime monitoring

Of course, this excludes planned maintenance and migration windows for upgrading infrastructure components as those increase performance overall, and are rare in frequency and short in duration.

Also. I have created a test site hosted on FastComet to monitor uptime and server response time. You can view historical uptime data and server response time on this uptime monitor page.

Security is taken, very, seriously

To prevent your site and your visitors from any online threats, they use a special application firewall that is already optimized for any content management system like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and others. FastComet is able to block up to 99% of aggressive security threats.

fastcomet security

Additionally, each shared hosting account has an isolated environment so even if someone else who uses the same server as you are infected, your files and website won’t be in danger. The intelligent firewall protects against all known exploits, malware, and any other virus attacks.

Free SSL certificates

One of the most important components of any website security is an SSL certificate. They provide private certificates encrypted by SHA-256 hashing algorithms and 2048-bit RSA keys. You can order the certificate in one click and get it in less than an hour. Their SSL certificates provide up to 8 times faster secure connection than the traditional ones. Every certificate owner is insured for $10,000.

If you don’t want to pay for an SSL certificate, they also offer free SSL certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt. You can find it when you log in with your FastComet login credentials into your cPanel and navigate to the Security section or simply by typing Let’s Encrypt in the search field.

Managed WordPress hosting

WordPress is the most popular platform for building websites and blogs. It is very user-friendly and very easy to use. The support team is dedicated to giving customers the best-managed WordPress-ready solution at a very affordable cost.

WordPress cloud hosting features

  • Free daily and weekly WordPress backups of your data to keep you safe
  • Your WordPress website is hosted on SSD-only cloud hosting
  • Expert WordPress support and how-to guides to get your site up and running in the fastest time possible
  • 1-click WordPress auto-installation with free WordPress theme setup, performed by expert WordPress support

One-click installs and easy configuration

Besides WordPress, you can use Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and more than 150 other platforms. They all are available for one-click installation. It’s not needed to download and manually install them but if you cannot find the application you need (there is an almost near-zero risk of that, but let’s theoretically suppose), there is no problem connecting to the server via FTP, and install it manually.

fastcomet 1 click wordpress installation

How can you use them? You do not even need any programming and development skills. They can be installed with one simple click from the control platform. All you need is just to follow the installation wizard commands.

Additionally, the installation wizard will install all the necessary free modules to make your website fully functional. Moreover, there are a lot of free theme templates available to choose.

website builder

All that simplifies the process of website installation and configuration and makes it very easy even for complete newbies. You can save hundreds of dollars on design, development, and support. Even if you cannot finish some tasks yourself, contact the support service, and they will be happy to help you.

Free site transfer and migration

If your website is hosted elsewhere, with another hosting company, they will transfer it across for you for free. This service is free of charge without any additional fees or hidden payments.

Of course, you could do it yourself. But manual transfers can take a lot of time and resources – and if it’s not done correctly it can cause your website to go down.

Of course, you could also hire someone to transfer your site for you, but why spend the money if it can be done for free? A support specialist will do it in an hour or less if the website isn’t very big.

Free site backup and monitoring

Heard of Murphy’s law? That “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”? Don’t let this happen to your website.

They provide daily backups that are kept offsite and you will have backups from the past 7 to 30 days (depending on the plan you’re on). You are given full, unrestricted access to your backups via the 1-click Restore Manager inside cPanel.

fastcomet free daily backups

If you need any assistance, 24/7 technical support is ready to give you a hand if you need help restoring your website and that comes at no extra cost.

Convenient cPanel

cPanel is the most powerful control panel to manage your hosting account on the market. It has a very user-friendly, convenient, and intuitive interface, and is completely mobile-friendly. The interface is so easy and intuitive that even a complete newbie can understand how to use it. cPanel’s more advanced features will be useful for more experienced webmasters.

fastcomet cpanel

What can you do with cPanel?

  • Contact customer support via any device: desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Even if you are an experienced webmaster and developer there can be situations when you may require assistance from support.
  • Manage your account, refill your account, make payments, or change the hosting plan.
  • Manage the services you use: purchase, activate, or deactivate any paid addon or feature.
  • Launch a new website in the plans (FastCloud Plus & FastCloud Extra) that supports an unlimited number of websites. All you need to do is choose a domain name and start a website.
  • Manage your domain names. It is possible to register, transfer, or close any of your domains. Even if you have many sites, you can easily control all of them on any device.
  • Get emails and notifications. cPanel monitors all your activity and immediately notifies you about any changes you have made. It can really be useful when you have several websites because you do not need to control everything manually. Just react to the notifications or emails and apply the necessary changes.
  • Monitor all important things for you. The Client Control center indicators provide detailed information about all the hosting services you use. Control everything from account status to traffic bandwidth.
  • Install popular software such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Free 24/7 knowledgeable support

There can be situations where you may require professional support. In fact, any good hosting provider should have fast and competent support staff who can help out in any situation.

Their support can be reached via phone (1.855.818.9717 – US toll-free 24/7), email, and online chat.

Online chat is the fastest option as a specialist will reply to you in less than 10 minutes. I tried this and while the person I spoke to wasn’t a native English speaker, her language level was very good, she was easy to understand and her instructions very clear.

fastcomet vs other web hosts comparison

So, what help can you expect?

  • Lightning-fast responses to any tickets via email or a live chat. The team answers in 10 minutes or even faster.
  • Hosting support: any issues with email, FTP, site setup and configuration, and a transfer from the old hosting provider.
  • Optimise and security. The support team will help to improve your website speed performance and to help you make it more secure.
  • Programming modules upgrade. Sometimes it is not easy to install the new version of any module, especially without special programming skills. The support team will help to solve any problems with any software component.
  • Virus and malware removal. They provide free security monitoring and will help you remove any virus and malicious software if you catch some.

Free tutorials

free tutorials

Sometimes you want to get your hands dirty and do things yourself with your website. When you get stuck they have a huge library of free tutorials and how-to guides to help you out.

You can find loads of articles and videos on a range of topics, from how to set up and configure your website, to how to launch a blog or an online store, plus many other how-to guides. When you can’t find the necessary tutorial, their support is only a click away.

BONUS INFO: FastComet’s Blog

Yes, FastComet already has a pretty rad tutorials page. But you can also get lots of helpful information from the hosting service’s official blog. All blog posts are organized into easy-to-search categories like WordPress, Web Hosting, Development, Security, OpenSource, Performance Optimization, Service Updates, Affiliate Marketing, and even Inside FastComet (if you are interested in knowing about the company itself), among many others.

For good measure, you can also subscribe to FastComet’s official newsletter. Sent out every month, the newsletter provides subscribers with insider tips on topics such as WordPress, hosting, and cloud services.

Generous affiliate and referral programs

You can invite up to five friends and as a reward, you get free hosting. Three months of hosting is given for free each time you invite a friend.

Their affiliate program works pretty much in the same way. Instead of getting free hosting, they will pay you a commission for every new sign-up you refer to them. The more people you refer, the higher the commission you will get.

FastComet Affiliate Program: How It Works

  1. You don’t need to be a FastComet client to join. You can sign up for the program for free.
  2. Get your affiliate link or banners through your Affiliate Panel.
  3. Share your affiliate link or promote FastComet’s service on your website and social media channels.
  4. You can also include your affiliate link in your mailing.
  5. Any person who clicks on your affiliate link will be directed to FastComet’s website.
  6. If that person signs up for a FastComet service, you will earn up to $125 in commissions.
  7. Commission approvals will take 45 days.
  8. Once your commission is approved, you can submit a payout request. All payouts will be sent through PayPal.

Global server network

They have a global server infrastructure network with data centers in Dallas, Chicago, Newark, Tokyo, Singapore, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Toronto, Mumbai, and Sydney. When you sign up, you get to choose which server location you prefer.

global data centers

FastComet cons

No additional sites on the FastCloud plan

A negative is that the entry-level FastCloud plan does not allow you to add on several domains. You can only host one website. Is that really a big disadvantage? Not really but it depends on what you prefer. But if you plan to have more than one website then consider signing up for one of the other FastComet plans.

High renewal rates

FastComet’s basic entry-level shared hosting plan has a FastComet discount and starts at a price of $2.74/month.

fastcomet renewal prices go up

However, once the initial trial period is over, the price rockets up to $9.95/month. That’s a renewal price increase of 400% without any changes to the plan’s features.

If you decided to sign up with FastComet, then I suggest you choose their three-year deal as this will save you lots come renewal time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key factors to consider when choosing a web hosting service?

When choosing a web hosting service, it’s important to look at the hosting options available from different web hosting companies and service providers. One factor to consider is the web hosting plans offered by the provider, including the FastComet hosting plans.

It’s important to look at the hosting solution, whether it’s shared hosting, dedicated hosting, or cloud hosting, and to consider the SSD space and web server allocated for your website. Each hosting solution and hosting company will offer varying amounts of SSD space and server resources to meet your website’s needs.

By looking at these factors and comparing them across different service providers, you can choose the most suitable web hosting service for your website.

Can I get a free domain transfer when I switch to FastComet SSD Hosting?

Yes, FastComet offers a free domain transfer service to help customers switch their existing domain to their hosting platform. Additionally, FastComet also offers free domain registration for users who sign up for a new hosting plan.

This means you can get a free domain for your website when you sign up for one of their web hosting plans. With their free domain transfer and registration services, FastComet makes it easy for customers to get started with their web hosting, without having to worry about additional costs for domain management.

What are the features of FastComet’s hosting plans that set them apart?

FastComet offers a range of hosting plans catered to fit the different needs of users, including shared, dedicated, cloud VPS, and managed WordPress hosting. With FastComet hosting, customers benefit from fast and reliable website performance backed by their global network of data center locations.

In addition to their hosting plans, FastComet offers a website builder to help users create a website easily. And with their 24/7 customer service and live chat support, customers can rely on FastComet for prompt and helpful assistance.

One of the unique features of FastComet’s hosting plans is their renewal price guarantee. Unlike other hosting companies that increase prices at renewal, FastComet guarantees that the renewal price for their hosting plans will remain the same. With all these features, FastComet’s hosting plans provide a solid hosting solution for anyone looking for high-quality web hosting.

What kind of customer support does FastComet offer?

FastComet is known for providing excellent customer service and support to its customers. They offer 24/7 live chat support, which is available to help customers with their questions or concerns in a timely manner. Additionally, FastComet provides support through email and support tickets, and their knowledgeable support department ensures fast and effective responses to ensure quick issue resolution.

With their multiple forms of support, including chat support and support ticket systems, customers can count on receiving prompt and helpful assistance whenever they need it. FastComet’s commitment to customer service is a big reason why many customers choose to host their website with the company.

Who is FastComet’s target audience?

FastComet’s web hosting services are designed to meet the needs of various webmasters with different levels of experience and diverse target audiences. Their hosting solutions cater to a broad range of customers, including individuals, small-medium enterprises, and businesses. FastComet’s plans are scalable, allowing users to adjust their hosting resources as their website grows, making it an ideal hosting solution targeted for websites that want to scale and grow over time.

The FastComet website builder is easy to use, which is perfect for novice users who are looking to build a website, while their Cloud VPS plans are suitable for experienced users who need more server resources and better control over their hosting environment. Ultimately, FastComet offers a versatile hosting solution aimed at satisfying the needs of a diverse range of customers, including bloggers, freelancers, and businesses of all sizes.

How does FastComet’s hosting perform in terms of website speed and performance?

FastComet’s hosting solutions are designed to provide reliable and fast website performance to its customers. Their SSD server infrastructure delivers exceptional website speed and performance, ensuring faster website loading times and better user experiences. In terms of server resources, FastComet offers high-end CPU servers that guarantee superior performance and minimal downtime.

Additionally, FastComet conducts regular speed tests to ensure that its hosting services are operating at optimal speeds. These tests help identify areas that need improvement, enabling them to optimize server performance and deliver better results. FastComet’s commitment to delivering excellent speed and performance is a big reason why many users prefer their hosting solutions over other competitors.

Is FastComet’s hosting plan suitable for e-commerce websites?

FastComet’s hosting plans are well-suited for e-commerce websites, providing features specifically designed to cater to online stores. Their hosting solutions offer fast website loading speeds, ensuring that online shoppers have a smooth and seamless experience browsing through your e-commerce store. With free SSL certificates included, FastComet’s hosting plans provide an added layer of security for online transactions.

Additionally, their managed WordPress hosting plans offer specialized e-commerce solutions that integrate with popular e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce. This means that businesses can sell goods and services online smoothly and efficiently without worrying about the technical aspects of hosting their online store.

Overall, FastComet offers a comprehensive hosting solution for e-commerce sites that deliver impressive website speed and performance, security, and reliability.

What kind of control panel does FastComet offer with their hosting plans?

FastComet provides the popular cPanel control panel with all of their hosting plans. The cPanel interface is user-friendly, providing customers with easy access to various hosting features, creating, deleting, or modifying email accounts, domain management, and more. The control panel also features a marketplace for integrating additional applications and tools into the hosting environment, making it easy to expand and customize customers’ hosting environment.

Additionally, FastComet offers video tutorials and knowledge base articles on their website to help customers navigate and effectively use the control panel. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, the cPanel control panel is an essential tool for managing your website through FastComet’s hosting solutions.

What is a global CDN, and how does it benefit FastComet’s hosting solutions?

A global CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of servers located in various geographic regions in the world, designed to deliver website content faster and more efficiently to users based on their location. FastComet includes a global CDN with all of its hosting plans, providing users with improved website loading speed and better overall site performance.

By providing content from the server located closest to the user, the global CDN shortens the distance the data needs to be transmitted, reducing latency and improving website speed.

This makes FastComet’s hosting solutions an excellent choice for hosting websites with audiences in different geographic regions around the world. Ultimately, the Global CDN improves website speed and website user experience, making it an essential tool for website owners looking to deliver high-quality content to their users.

Does FastComet offer specific region-based hosting options?

Yes, FastComet has various data centers located around the world, which allows them to provide specific region-based hosting options. For example, they have a data center located in the United States, East Asia, and New Zealand. Having data centers located in different regions is particularly useful for website owners who are targeting specific regions or countries.

By choosing a data center that’s located in the same region as their target audience, users can benefit from faster website loading speeds and better overall website performance.

In addition, FastComet’s diverse data centers ensure that data is replicated and backed up in multiple regions, providing better data redundancy, and leading to less downtime and more stable website performance. Ultimately, East Asia and New Zealand-based website owners, for example, can be assured they will have the choice of the FastComet data center that’s optimal for their specific needs, enhancing their website performance and improving their user experience.

What additional features does FastComet offer to ensure a positive customer experience?

Aside from providing hosting solutions, FastComet also delivers additional features designed to enhance the customer experience. For example, they offer a lifetime customer guarantee, which ensures that customers will continue to receive the same price and quality of service for their hosting plans, even after several years. They also have video reviews available on their website, where customers can learn more about FastComet hosting from other users’ reviews.

Additionally, Fast Comet hosting provides network firewalls that protect users’ sites from malicious attacks that may damage their websites. And with their transparent renewal pricing model, customers can be confident that renewal prices are fair and affordable without any hidden fees. These additional features demonstrate FastComet’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service to all its users, ensuring a positive hosting experience.

Fastcomet vs BlueHost: which one is better?

When comparing two popular web hosting providers, FastComet and Bluehost, several factors come into play. FastCommet boasts a strong reputation for providing reliable hosting services with excellent customer support.
Their servers are strategically located across the globe, ensuring fast page loading times for websites.
In contrast, Bluehost is known for its user-friendly interface and feature-rich hosting packages. They offer a wide range of customizable templates and plugins, making it easy for users to create and manage their websites.
Both companies have their own unique advantages, and the choice between FastComet and Bluehost ultimately depends on the specific requirements and preferences of the user.

FastComet Review 2023 – Summary

Do I Recommend FastComet?

Yes, I do. As you might already understand from this FastComet review 2023 – FastComet isn’t a 100% perfect web host but (as shown here above) the pros certainly outweigh the cons.

I am particularly impressed by the FastCloud Extra plan as its performance is almost better than a dedicated server, but for a fraction of the price!

Reasons to sign up with FastComet:

  1. SSD hosting – the site loads 300%* faster (*according to FastComet)
  2. Free daily & weekly backups
  3. Easy to use / convenient cPanel
  4. Shared hosting using NGINX and HTTP/2
  5. Free SSL, SNI, and Cloudflare CDN
  6. Choice of 11 global server locations
  7. 1-click WordPress auto-installer with free theme setup
  8. Built-in firewall, brute-force protection, and free malware scan
  9. Free site migration
  10. Helpful 24/7/365 live chat and phone support
  11. 45-day money-back guarantee

In short, I recommend FastComet web hosting services for both beginners and advanced users.


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InMotion Web Hosting Reviews

More a question than a review

Rated 2.0 out of 5
December 17, 2022

Is it possible to get recent uptime data on a per-server basis? They have 3 servers in the USA for their shared-server plans, and I’d like to have hosted on the most reliable domestic server since it’s such an important website. I know one user in Mumbai had excellent uptime, but here in the U.S., I had to cancel service due to VERY poor performance/downtime several years ago when our site was first hosted with Fastcomet. I’m hoping they’ve improved recently.

Avatar for Tom Scott
Tom Scott

Cheaper than most

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 23, 2022

Fastcomet is cheaper than most popular web hosts but it still offers a much better service. I have been a customer for over 3 years now and have nothing to complain about. Their support team is available 24/7 and it only takes a couple of minutes to reach them. They quick and knowledgible.

Avatar for Ram

Better than before

Rated 4.0 out of 5
April 8, 2022

Fastcomet isn’t as popular as GoDaddy or Bluehost but is one of the best web hosts on the market. Their service is reliable and their servers are lightning fast. My site has never been faster. Fastcomet is a hidden gem of web hosting.

Avatar for Eric


Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 2, 2022

I have been building websites for over 10 years now as a web developer. And I have tried dozens of web hosts. But no one comes close the level of quality offered by Fastcomet. I recommend it to all my clients and most of my client sites I have deployed with them. Amazing support and uptime. Highly recommended if you do client work!

Avatar for Sri

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Review Updates

  • 22/03/2023 – Major overhaul adding new features and pricing
  • 23/12/2021 – Minor update, pricing update
  • 20/04/2021 PHP-8 is deployed on FastComet
  • 01/01/2021 – FastComet pricing update

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