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Constant Contact is known for its interactive email campaigns, real-time results tracking, and dynamic signup forms. But these aren’t always the perfect fit for companies with more advanced requirements. So, look for the best Constant Contact alternatives out there.

From $25 per month

Send 20k emails for only $25 per month

Constant Contact is an excellent option for small businesses with basic requirements. They don’t charge a lot and are one of the most popular email marketing tools since 1995.

Quick summary:

  1. GetResponse – Overall best Constant Contact alternative in 2024 ⇣
  2. Brevo (formerly Sendinblue – Most flexible and affordable paid plans ⇣
  3. MailerLite – Best free Constant Contact alternative ⇣

While Constant Contact does offer different features like autoresponders or triggered campaigns, there are other tools that offer a lot more at a lesser price. Tools that can cover the failings of constant contact including fluid template designs, spam testing, and advanced automation.

If you’re looking for a new cost-efficient and effective email marketing tool, you might give the following list of constant contact alternatives a try.


Send 20k emails for only $25 per month

From $25 per month

Of the tools, we’ll be reviewing today, GetResponse, Brevo (formerly Sendinblue), and MailerLite are three of the best options available as a Constant Contact alternative. Getresponse has powerful automation, and sales funnel features, and offers webinars and a landing page tool.
On the other hand, Brevo is much more cost-efficient and offers strong reporting options. Mailerlite has an amazing user interface and an excellent landing page builder as well. All these constant contact competitors are well-known in the email tools market.

Top Alternatives to Constant Contact in 2024

Following thorough research, I have finally selected a few top email marketing platforms that are worthy enough to be constant contact alternatives. 

While selecting them, I kept different factors like marketing automation, unlimited contacts, free versions, paid plans, unlimited landing pages, spam testing tools, and many others in mind. Time for you to explore them!

1. GetResponse (Overall best Constant Contact alternative)

getresponse homepage

Main Features

  • An Autoresponder tool for helping you focus on your work
  • Integrated with different popular services like Salesforce, Shopify, etc
  • Has spam email tools so you can avoid the spam folder altogether
  • Effective web forms for helping you customize accordingly
  • A/B testing and analytics for your landing pages
  • Official website:

Variety of Optimization tools and Customizable Web Forms

We are starting off with a unique constant contact alternative that is affordable and easy to use at the same time. This here is a feature-packed option that will make sure your email campaign goes smoothly. 

From a wide range of optimization tools to customizable web forms — this email marketing tool has everything!

Email and Geo-Tracking

GetResponse comes with a complex automated series alongside email tracking options that can increase traffic and boost conversion. It enables you to make email list management as automated as possible. 

Considering the integrations, geo-tracking, and A/B testing method for landing pages, GetResponse deservedly gets the first spot in the list of constant contact alternatives.

Two different Types of Automated Messages

With GetResponse, you get to send a couple of different automated messages. First, you can give time-based automated messages like a happy birthday note. 

Second, you get to send action-based messages to make sure a job is done well. This tool is also very efficient in automatically tagging/scoring contacts. The automation funnels of GetResponse can actually integrate everything, starting from landing pages, and online payments, to even webinars!

GetResponse Pros:

  • Great automation features and list management system
  • Has a multilingual option of 17 languages
  • Excellent design and spam testing tool
  • Landing page editor for easy customization
  • Good learning option for email marketing beginners
  • Go and check out my detailed GetResponse review for more details

GetResponse Con:

  • Doesn’t have any free version

Plans and Pricing

Perhaps the only issue with GetResponse is that they don’t offer a free plan. However, for people to try them out first, they’ll provide you with a 30-day free trial

The pricing starts at $13.24/month, and the basic Email Marketing plan supports up to 1000 subscribers, which is 25% cheaper than Constant Contact. Also, this plan offers unlimited monthly email sends, a/b testing, custom DKIM, and more.

Why GetResponse Is a Proper Constant Contact Alternative?

Considering the dynamic content and advanced email automation, GetResponse is what I call a modern Constant Contact alternative. It’s at least 25% cheaper than Constant Contact and has much better automation. 

The spam testing feature is unavailable in Constant Contact, and GetResponse is clearly more efficient when it comes to email marketing.

Visit the GetResponse website now to check out all the features + latest deals

2. Brevo / Sendinblue (The most flexible affordable paid plan)

sendinblue / brevo

Main Features

  • Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) is an all-in-one marketing platform
  • Easy-to-use landing page builder
  • Advanced automation features are available even in free plans
  • One of the cheapest paid plans on the list
  • SMS marketing and Live chat enabled
  • Comes with a click map, geo-tracking, and Google Analytics as a campaign monitor
  • Official website:

Excellent eCommerce Tool

Brevo is a brilliant option if you have a relatively bigger company and you have to handle thousands of emails each day. 

They’re a Paris-based company that offers services in six different languages. The company excels in different email marketing features, including SMS campaigns, transactional emails, and marketing automation. If you happen to have online stores, then Brevo’s tools can work well as eCommerce tools.

Customizable Forms

When it comes to form builders, Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) is miles ahead of Constant Contact. They’re a good option if you want to create landing pages, and you get to customize your form as easily as anything!

Unique Email Send Time Optimization

The Email Send Time optimization is another crucial feature, as Brevo can actually pick a feasible time for sending emails based on your past behaviors. Price-wise, it is much more affordable than Constant Contact pricing as well.

Brevo/Sendinblue Pros:

  • Free CRM sales available
  • Free plan allows 9000 free emails per month with 300 each day
  • Super easy to use and the plans are very inexpensive
  • Comes in 6 different languages
  • Advanced automation alongside landing page

Brevo/Sendinblue Con:

  • Email editor and user interface lag a bit

Plans and Pricing

Brevo offers four plans, including a free one. The Free plan allows you to send 300 emails per day. Their paid plans, e.g. Starter plan, allow 20k emails per month, and no daily sending limit. As you can see, if your company requires sending emails to a massive number of contacts, then this is a great alternative. 

Why Brevo Is a Proper Constant Contact Alternative?

When it comes to advanced features like SMS marketing or website builder, Brevo is a better email marketing solution than Constant Contact. 

Brevo (Sendinblue) is an email tool that enables Facebook ads and has reporting features like Google Analytics and many more. Their automation features are also more advanced and personalized.

Visit the Brevo website now to check out all the features + latest deals. Check out my review of Brevo (Sendinblue).

3. MailerLite


Main Features

  • The full free plan allows 1000 subscribers, and paid plans offer unlimited emails
  • A/B testing, survey, and segmentation enabled
  • Advanced email automation for personalized emails
  • Available in 7 different languages
  • Intuitive backend design and great list management system
  • Official website:

Landing Pages Without Codes!

MailerLite is a relatively new company, but it has already gained a lot of recognition due to its simple, modern, and clean look. 

They used to be a web design company, which explains the sleek-smart website! They specialize in creating professional landing pages for you — without the help of codes. All you have to do is drag and drop your favorite features and host them on the domain you want!

Keep All of Your Work in One Place!

The company is great as a visual automation builder, but that’s not the only great thing about them! You get to have all your email campaigns, landing pages, and different contacts in the same place. Their free plan comes with an unlimited number of landing pages, making it an even better option.

Personalize Your Messages and Emails

MailerLite’s newsletter editor is super-smart as it will let you personalize the messages with ease. The drag-and-drop builder helps you create dynamically targeted email blocks for different audiences. 

The video GIF feature of this company ensures that the emails are not bland and boring, but rather interactive and fun at the same time. MailerLite’s 24/7 email & chat support comes with different video tutorials, guides, and demos.

MailerLite Pros:

  • One of the most inexpensive email marketing tools
  • 12,000 emails allowed per month in the free plan
  • Comes with advanced automation and is super easy to use
  • Landing pages enabled for users without a website
  • Efficient and minimalistic templates

MailerLite Con:

  • Doesn’t have spam and design testing feature

Plans and Pricing

This is a very affordable Constant Contact alternative. Apart from the free service that allows up to 1000 subscribers and 12,000 free emails, their primary plans are good for small businesses. 

If you pick the Growing Business plan from this email service provider, you have to pay $9/month for up to 1000 subscribers, and unlimited monthly emails. Then there’s the biggest Advanced plan for everything that the Growing Business plan has and more advanced features such as 15% off Google Workspace.

Why MailerLite Is a Proper Alternative to Constant Contact?

From customizable signup forms to chat support, unlimited emails in the paid plans, and the useful free plan — MailerLite is definitely a cheaper Constant Contact alternative. 

With the impressive backend design, this email marketing software is excellent for your email campaigns. Moreover, the customizable landing page also gives it an edge over Constant Contact when it comes to advanced features.

Visit the MailerLite website now to check out all the features + latest deals. Check out my MailerLite review here.

4. Omnisend


Main Features

  • Allows users to push notifications, send SMS, Whatsapp, and Facebook messages
  • Offers popups, embeddable forms, and Wheel of Fortune form
  • Pre-build automated template for ease of use
  • Unique email add-ons like gift boxes and scratch cards
  • Automation editors with pre-built workflows
  • Official website:

Best eCommerce Tool

When it comes to advanced marketing automation, very few come close to Omnisend. They’re the best possible option for you if you own an eCommerce store and a very suitable Constant Contact alternative. 

Their features are rewarding and quite easy to set up, so you get to target users in different stages of their purchasing journey with their email marketing automation tools.

Different Customizable Forms

Omnisend comes with a wide range of forms — all with advanced customization features. They offer embeddable forms, and popups and allow you to send games like Wheel of Fortune for a fun experience for the user. This email service provider enables you to send Facebook/Whatsapp messages and push notifications.

Unique Automation Email Templates

Their pre-built automation email templates work wonders in different cases, like welcoming a potential customer or if someone forgets or abandons their cart. You also get to promote cross-selling opportunities by recommending customers different products judging on their previous purchases. 

They’re one of the top email marketing platforms, and their marketing features include analytics reports to track the performance of automation workflows.

Omnisend Pros:

  • Automation workflows for ease of use
  • Free plan includes 500 emails per month to 250 contacts
  • Wide variety of forms with different customization options
  • Well-targeted personalized texts and emails
  • Pre-built unique automation templates

Omnisend Con:

  • The email templates could be better
  • Quite expensive compared to other alternatives

Plans and Pricing

The monthly plans of Omnisend are quite simple. Unlike Constant Contact, you get an email marketing platform that allows up to 500 subscribers and 6000 emails/per month for $16. Moreover, you can reach up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails/per month with their Pro plan.

Why Omnisend Is a Proper Alternative to Constant Contact?

First things first, the eCommerce tools used here are basically email marketing solutions for thousands of online marketers. Among the email marketing providers, this is the best option for online marketing. The automation features help create complex workflows, which makes it a great Constant Contact alternative.

Visit the Omnisend website now to check out all the features + latest deals

5. Mailchimp

mailchimp homepage

Main Features

  • Creates eye-catching landing pages for your business 
  • Excellent audience management and segmentation tools  
  • Makes customized emails, postcards, and social media ads
  • A creative assistant for real-time marketing insights  
  • Shows your campaign’s performance for future decision-making 
  • A good number of designs and layouts
  • Official website:

Creative Assistance and Website Building

As an email marketing tool, Mailchimp is one of the best ones out there. It manages everything from building your own website and growing sustainably. Once you switch to Mailchimp, its Creative Assistant will help you every step of the way. 

We personally found Mailchimp a bit advanced for new businesses. Then again, it’s incredibly easy to get the hang of this marketing tool.

All Your Marketing Tools in One Place

Mailchimp lets you customize the user experience, so you’re fully in charge of your campaigns. It also comes with a broad range of website tools. You get a built-in signup and a pop-up form for new visitors.

Customize Your Social Media Posts

We especially liked the in-depth reports and exciting new templates. On top of that, Mailchimp offers regular social media posting, ad creation, and scheduling. You also get a customized journey builder, behavioral targeting, and exclusive CRM benefits.

Mailchimp Pros:

  • Your one-stop solution for online marketing features
  • Imports contact information from popular CRM apps
  • Authentic campaign stats, engagement, and growth insights
  • Your one-stop solution for online marketing features
  • Makes it easy to reach people of a certain demographic

Mailchimp Con:

  • Website template builder has limited options

Plans and Pricing

Depending on your contacts, the Essential Mailchimp subscription is $9/month for 500 contacts. Small business owners can grab the deal for $30.99/month and reach up to 2.5 thousand people a month.

The Standard Mailchimp plan pricing starts from $14.99/month for 500 contacts. Then, there is a Premium Plan that starts from $299/month and gives the subscribers advanced segmentation and unlimited audience control. 

However, if you want a test run, Mailchimp also comes for free and includes an Essential plan for only $9/month!

Why Mailchimp Is a Proper Alternative to Constant Contacts?

It’s hard to beat the call support of Constant Contacts. But Mailchimp brings something better to the table- advanced audience management and customization tools. It offers a comprehensive Audience Dashboard. You can not only look at the performance stats of different campaigns but also time your social media ads. All in all, Mailchimp offers more CRM tools at a better price than Constant Contact.

Visit the Mailchimp website now to check out all the features + latest deals

6. ConvertKit

ConvertKit Home Page

Main Features

  • Attractive landing pages, ads, and sign-up forms 
  • You can create your very own online marketplace 
  • Music, courses, ebooks, and photography presets can be put up for sale 
  • Embeds a “Buy Now” button and generates your own product page URL 
  • Comes with a customizable email designer and Creator Pro
  • Official website:

Gorgeous Landing Pages and Custom Emails

As someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with CRM, consider Convertkit your holy grail marketing tool. First of all, Convertkit comes with a ton of fresh templates for landing pages and emails. 

Enhance Your Website Engagement

What we especially liked about Convertkit was their lead magnet ideas. They keep your prospective customers interested in your new arrivals and upcoming products. Not to mention, you’ll immediately notice an upward trend in your sales.

Easy-to-Use Analytics Tools for Beginners

You can monitor all phenomena in the sales funnel on a single dashboard and sell an unlimited number of products. Since the product pages are customizable, your online store will be anything but boring!

ConvertKit Pros:

  • Suitable for new content creators and small businesses
  • Displays your sales and performance on one dashboard
  • Low transaction fees for new businesses
  • Easy to sell and promote your products
  • Secures sales with well-timed, personalized content

ConvertKit Con:

  • Basic landing page templates

Plans and Pricing

Convertkit is completely free for up to 300 email subscribers, without the advanced reporting and automated sales funnel, unfortunately. Paid Convertkit plans start from $9/month. 

Additionally, there is a Creator Pro plan that offers all the features the Creator plan has and more advanced features. It comes with a free migration tool, Facebook custom audiences, and subscriber scoring. 

If you’re interested in Convertkit Creator, we highly recommend you get a yearly subscription. For a limited time, Convertkit is offering two free months on all their Premium yearly plans.

Why ConvertKit Is a Good Alternative to Constant Contacts?

Convertkit is a better alternative to Constant Contact. For starters, it charges you for the same subscriber on two different campaign lists. 

Convertkit identifies each subscriber and never charges you double! It’s also easy for new owners to scale their businesses with Convertkit. The user-friendly marketing tools will schedule, delay, and send high-volume emails and show you the stats in real time.

Visit the ConvertKit website now to check out all the features + latest deals

7. iContact


Main Features

  • A drag-and-drop email designer 
  • Smart Sending and multi-user access 
  • Advanced analytics tools and design solutions 
  • Crafts beautiful emails and newsletters in a short time 
  • Syncs your contacts, lists, and data from 100+ apps
  • Official website:

An Email Marketing Platform for Professionals

Have you ever looked at an amazing newsletter and thought to yourself — where can I make custom email marketing templates for free? We have, and iContact is the answer.

Test Your Campaign with a Soft Launch

iContact lets you run tests, so you know what subject line and landing page will hook the visitors. You also get to know which CTA phrases and graphics sit better with your subscribers before rolling out a new campaign.

Audience Segmentation and Business Insights

A drag-and-drop email designer beautifully gets your message across. This marketing platform is loaded with similar automation tools and creative insights. Its design solutions, audience segmentation, and performance reports effortlessly bring new subscribers your way.

iContact Pros:

  • Allows you to split-test email campaigns first
  • Free communication with your customers
  • Offers high-volume sending and deliverability services
  • Shows traffic, engagement, and sales reports

iContact Con:

  • User has to select the list manually for every campaign

Plans and Pricing

iContact is way cheaper than Mailchimp and Convertkit. The Launch plan allows smooth marketing for up to 750 contacts, and it’s only $14/month. 

However, business professionals will like the Smart Sending and unlimited landing pages on Expand plan. It comes with all the standard features and email promotions, contact record updates, and engagement follow-ups for a $65 subscription fee.

Why iContact Is a Proper Alternative to Constant Contacts?

The performance reporting tool is pretty straightforward at iContact. It points at your campaign engagement and sales status so you know what you can do differently. Last but not least, iContact is one of the most affordable email marketing platforms we have ever used. So, if you want affordability and premium features in the same product, iContact is the way to go.

Visit the iContact website now to check out all the features + latest deals

What Is Constant Contact?

constant contact

Main Features

  • Official website:
  • Over 100 customizable and responsive email templates
  • List building and list segmentation tools
  • Drag & Drop email editor alongside intuitive landing page editor
  • Google, Instagram, and Facebook ads allowed
  • Click-tracking heat map and campaign monitor enabled
  • E-commerce integration alongside coupon creation and multi-user accounts

Companies That Prefer Constant Contact

When it comes to email marketing, Constant Contact is one of the veteran tools that has been around for over two decades. In general, nonprofit organizations, small business owners, and freelancers prefer them. 

With time they’ve evolved from a simple email tool into a marketing platform that provides you with different services. The event management industry, in particular, refers to Constant Contact because it has some niche features for them.

One of the Best Service Providers

This is an easy-to-use tool and has amazing deliverability rates. Constant Contact offers email list management and duplicate contact management. Even though they lack advanced email marketing features, they cover it up with over 100 email templates and subject line A/B testing.

Constant Contact Pros:

  • Very high deliverability rate
  • Huge selection of customizable and free email templates
  • Simple and easy drag & drop editor
  • Free website builder
  • Exclusive features for event management and surveys
  • 500+ integration spanned all across different industries
  • Multi-user accounts with duplicate contact management

Constant Contact Cons:

  • Limited email marketing automation and optimization features
  • Doesn’t have any RSS email function
  • Has a limited contact management
  • Constant Contact competitors have much higher reporting ability
  • Very basic forms and landing pages
  • Doesn’t have chat support and web push notifications

Plans and Pricing

We’ll have to agree, considering the pricing and the Constant Contact features — there are definitely more efficient email marketing platforms with more features and better email marketing capabilities. When it comes to the pricing, they don’t give you any free plan, but they do have a free trial. 

Constant Contact has three main plans, one is the Lite, which starts at $12/month, then the Standard plan, and the Premium plan. All of them offer unlimited emails, but Email Plus gives you extra services like RSVP forms, polls, and coupons.

Questions & Answers

Our Verdict ⭐

While searching for the best Constant Contact alternatives, we have come across a few excellent options that are significantly an upgrade on the aging Constant Contact. 

For better reports and automation workflows, you should go for GetResponse, which is arguably the best in the business in this regard. If you’re an online shop owner, then Omnisend is a great pick. Now if you’re a fan of inexpensive options with good features — then Brevo (Sendinblue) would be a good Constant Contact competitor. 

However, when we’re talking about the best free plans, there’s no better than Mailerlite, although Mailchimp’s freemium offer comes quite close. At the end of the day, the best Constant Contact alternatives are the ones that suit your line of work. We’d suggest you pick your preferable Constant Contact competitor accordingly. Best of luck on your mission!


Send 20k emails for only $25 per month

From $25 per month

How We Review Email Marketing Tools: Our Methodology

Choosing the right email marketing service is more than just picking a tool for sending emails. It’s about finding a solution that enhances your marketing strategy, streamlines communication, and drives engagement. Here’s how we evaluate and review email marketing tools to ensure you get only the best information before you make a decision:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: We prioritize tools that offer a drag-and-drop editor. This feature is crucial for crafting unique email templates effortlessly, eliminating the need for extensive coding knowledge.
  2. Versatility in Campaign Types: The ability to support various email formats is key. Whether it’s standard newsletters, A/B testing capabilities, or setting up autoresponders, versatility is a significant factor in our evaluation.
  3. Advanced Marketing Automation: From basic autoresponders to more complex features like targeted campaigns and contact tagging, we assess how well a tool can automate and tailor your email marketing efforts.
  4. Efficient Sign-up Form Integration: A top-tier email marketing tool should allow easy integration of sign-up forms on your website or dedicated landing pages, simplifying the process of growing your subscriber list.
  5. Autonomy in Subscription Management: We look for tools that empower users with self-managed opt-in and opt-out processes, reducing the need for manual oversight and enhancing user experience.
  6. Seamless Integrations: The ability to seamlessly connect with other essential platforms – such as your blog, e-commerce site, CRM, or analytics tools – is a critical aspect we examine.
  7. Email Deliverability: A great tool is one that ensures your emails actually reach your audience. We assess the effectiveness of each tool in bypassing spam filters and ensuring high deliverability rates.
  8. Comprehensive Support Options: We believe in tools that offer robust support through various channels, be it a detailed knowledge base, email, live chat, or phone support, to assist you whenever needed.
  9. In-depth Reporting: Understanding the impact of your email campaigns is vital. We delve into the kind of data and analytics provided by each tool, focusing on the depth and usefulness of the insights offered.

Learn more about our review methodology.

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