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Measure the percentage of people who take action and click on an ad or link after seeing it.

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Use this CTR calculator to determine the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns, enabling precise adjustments and optimizations for unparalleled engagement and conversion results.

What is CTR, Anyway?

CTR stands for Click-Through Rate and is used to assess the effectiveness of online advertising or email campaigns. It represents the percentage of people who clicked on an ad or link out of the total number who viewed it.

CTR Formula:

Click Through Rate 🟰 (Number of Clicks ➗ Number of Impressions) ✖️ 100


  • Company A:
    • Number of Clicks: 150
    • Number of Impressions: 2,000
    • CTR = (150 / 2000) x 100 = 7.5% CTR
    • 7.5% of the people who viewed Company A’s ad clicked on it, indicating a relatively good engagement level.
  • Company B:
    • Number of Clicks: 80
    • Number of Impressions: 1,500
    • CTR = (80 / 1500) x 100 = 5.3% CTR
    • Company B’s ad had a click-through rate of 5.33%, which is lower than Company A’s, suggesting that their ad might be less compelling or well-targeted.

TL;DR: The higher your CTR is, the better. CTR is an important metric for assessing the effectiveness of online advertisements, search campaigns, email marketing campaigns, etc, helping businesses optimize their ad content and targeting for better performance.

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