250+ Websites & Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

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Contributing high-quality researched and written guest posts to authoritative and relevant blogs and websites is a proven way to increase traffic, and boost search engine rankings. But finding the right sites to guest post on, and who to submit your content to can be tricky.

Here is a list of over 250 high-quality blogs and websites you can guest post on and contribute your content to in 2023, which should help boost your site’s rankings and organic traffic.

High authority websites and blogs that accept* guest posts in 2023

Here below is a sortable and categorized list of high-quality blogs and websites allowing guest posts, and for you to submit your guest post contribution to.

*Always remember to read and follow the submission guidelines, and there are of course no guarantees that any of the sites listed here below will accept your content contribution, no matter how high quality and well written your guest post is.

Browse blogs to guest post on:

Blogging, Lifestyle, and Entertainment

List of blogs and websites about blogging, lifestyle, and entertainment that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions.

CategoryWebsiteDomain AuthorityDifficultyLink
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentHuffington Post98Very HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentLifehacker93Very HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentBuzzFeed93ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentThe Guardian93Very HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentWikiHow91ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentEHow91HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentMakezine90ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentA List Apart90HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentHindawi89HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentHow Stuff Works88Very HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentBlogher87ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentLifehack87HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentThe Kitchn86HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentEdutopia84HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentLifehack83ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentElephant Journal80HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentOne Green Planet80HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentJust Jared78HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentSelf Growth77ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentMamamia77HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentDaily Blog Tips75ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentContact Music74ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentMilwaukeemag71ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, Entertainment5 Minutes For Mom71HardContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentMilwaukee Magazine71ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentPick The Brain67ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentThe Blog Herald67ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentCraftGossip66ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentLiving rich with coupons66ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentInsteading66ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentWonder How To65ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentDumb Little Man65ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentMenuism Dining Blog63ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentSpecky Geek60ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentWrite To Done59ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentThe Write Life58ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentKikolani56ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentInspirationfeed56ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentCraftbits55EasyContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentLive Write Thrive54ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentFreelance Writing54ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentBlog Engage51ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentBasic Blog Tips51ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentFamous Bloggers51ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentBlog Dash45ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentSuccessful Blogging44ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentWe Blog Better43ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentiBlog Zone43ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentHellBound Bloggers41ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentBloggers Passion40ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentIntense Blog38ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentCareer Metis33ModerateContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentEveryday Blogs20EasyContribute
Blogging, Lifestyle, EntertainmentActive Pages20EasyContribute

Business, Finance, and General Marketing

List of blogs and websites about business, finance, and general marketing that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions.

CategoryWebsiteDomain AuthorityDifficultyLink
Business, Finance & General MarketingForbes97Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBusiness Insider95Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSurvey Monkey Blog94Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingGoDaddy blog94Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingFast Company92Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingEntrepreneur92Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingInc.92Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingWall Street Journal 92Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingHarvard Business Review91Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingVenture Beat90Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingAbout.com90Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingInvestopedia87Very HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSmall Biz Trends84HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingExabytes84HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSeeking Alpha83HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBusiness Insider India83HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBusiness.com82HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBusiness 2 Community81HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingAllBusiness81ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSuccess.com81HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingAll Business80ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBenzinga79ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingOilPrice.com79ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingAll Business76HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingWise Bread76ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSogolytics75ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSo Go Survey75HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingWise Bread74ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingConvert.com74ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingInvesting.com73HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingORF73HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingMoney Saving Mom71ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingFeedster70ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBizSugar69ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSiteProNews69ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBusiness-Opportunities69ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBplans68HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingMoney Saving Mom66ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingThe Ken66EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingThe Ken66ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingStartup Grind65ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingCustomer Think65ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingStartup Bro65ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingStartup Nation64ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingKiller Startups64ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingAccounting Web63EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingTraining Zone62EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingThe Penny Hoarder62HardContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingMy Customer61EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingGimmio Blog61ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingMy Corporation60ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingBusiness Zone59EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingTweak Your Biz58ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSuccessful-Blog.com58EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingHR Zone56EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingMirasee53ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingFearless Flyer53EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingInc 4252ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingWomen on Business52ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingEcopreneurist51ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingCEO.com51ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingNoobpreneur48ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSMBCEO47ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingYoungupstars47ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSmall Business Can43ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingAct Witty41EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingSmall Business Bonfire38ModerateContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingE Secret34EasyContribute
Business, Finance & General MarketingMr. Web Capitalist32EasyContribute

Digital Marketing, Social Media, and SEO

List of blogs and websites about digital marketing, social media, and search engine optimization that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions.

CategoryWebsiteDomain AuthorityDifficultyLink
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOGoDaddy Garage97Very HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOOutbrain Blog95Very HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOAdweek92Very HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSearch Engine Land91Very HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOHubspot91Very HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOGet Response90Very HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOCopy Blogger89Very HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSearch Engine Watch88HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOMediapost88HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOContent Marketing Institute86HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSocial Media Examiner86HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOCoSchedule Blog86HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOConversion XL85HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOMarketing Land84Very HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOKissMetrics84HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOCrazy Egg84HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSocial Media Today84HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOMedia Contribute84HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSearch Engine Journal83HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOClickZ83HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSearch Engine Roundtable82Very HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOPsfk80ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSmart Insights80HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOConvince & Convert80HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSEMRush80ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOMarketing Profs79HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOAgorapulse79HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSerpstat Blog 78HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOMarketing Tech News76ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOMangools Blog76HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOContently74HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEODuct Tape Marketing74ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSocial Media Explorer73HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOOnCrawl73ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSocialnomics72ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOTech Wyse72ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOLinkody blog72ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSEO Chat71HardContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOTech Wyse71ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEORank Watch Blog71ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOOnline Rank Tracker71ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOMainstree Host70ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOMain stree thost70ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOEZ Rankings69ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOAdvanced Web Ranking67ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOContactPigeon67ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSocial Media Strategies Summit66ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSociableblog.com66ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSearch Engine People64ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSocial Nomics63ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOThe SEM Contribute61ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOIncome Diary56ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSociable Blog54ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOTwelve Skip51ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOGrowmap51ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSkyje51EasyContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOGuerrilla Marketing49ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSEO-Hacker48ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOClickFire47ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSocial Media Sun43ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOPPC.org42ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOThe Mogul Mom41EasyContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEODaily SEO Blog40ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOYour Escape From 9 to 535ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSocial Media Impact35ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSEOBlog32ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOTricky Enough29ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOLaunch a Blog29ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOSolvid Blog28ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOTechniblogic28ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOLocal SEO Lads24ModerateContribute
Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEOGoogle SEO Trends15EasyContribute

Technology, Gadgets, and Computers

List of blogs and websites about technology, gadgets, and computers that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions.

CategoryWebsiteDomain AuthorityDifficultyLink
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersWired97Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTech Crunch94Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersEngadget94Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersZDNet94Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersThe Verge93Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersThe Next Web91Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersRead Contribute90Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersGigaom88Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTech Republic88HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersSlashdot88HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersNew Atlas85HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersGSM Arena83HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersRead Write83Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersProProfs81HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersPrag Prog80ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersCreately.com76ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersAnalytics India Magazine75ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersOpensource74ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTechno Buffalo73HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersSoftware World73ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersGizmodo.co.uk70Very HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTech Vibes69HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersJungle works69ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersSuccessful Blog67EasyContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersColocation America67ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersAll Tech Buzz64ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersAddictive Tips61ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersNeptune Blog58ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersiTech Code57EasyContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersDotNetCurry.com57ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersMaking Different56EasyContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersThe Next Tech55ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersiMocha50ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersI Love Free Software49ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTech Lila47EasyContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersDragDropr44EasyContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersiAmWire44ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTechnically Easy41ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersGeek Estate Blog41ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTech Sparkle38EasyContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTechi Bhai38EasyContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTechEngage35ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTech Walls34ModerateContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersMartech Today28HardContribute
Technology, Gadgets & ComputersTech Gami7EasyContribute

Web Design, Web Development, and WordPress

List of blogs and websites about web design, web development, web hosting, and WordPress that accept guest posts and high-quality content contributions.

CategoryWebsiteDomain AuthorityDifficultyLink
Web Design / Development & WordPressWebflow92Very HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressSmashing Magazine90Very HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCreative Bloq87Very HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressSitepoint86Very HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCreative Blog86Very HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCSS Tricks84Very HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressTemplate Monster84ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCodepen83EasyContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWeb Designer Depot83HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressTheme Isle82ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressEnvato Tuts+82HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressManning.com82HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressPro Profs81HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressTympanus80HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWeb Design Depot79HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressAndroid Central79HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressDzone79HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressHongkiat79HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressColossal79ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressSix Revisions78ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressThe Vandelay Design75HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressChanty75ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressAndroid Authority74HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressStackify74ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWebAlive74ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressSpecky Boy73HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressFreehtmldesigns73ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWeb Design Ledger72ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPress1st Web Designer71ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressNoupe70HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCats Who Code70HardContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPresswebdew70ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressUX Booth68ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressInstant Shift66ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressFatbit65EasyContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressVandelay Design64ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressDesign Shack64ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressOnextra Pixel64ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWP Tavern64ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCreative Nerds64ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressNetguru Blog64ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressTop Design Magazine60ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCore Commerce60ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWP Lift57ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressTheme Circle57EasyContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressTopcss Gallery57ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressMen With Pens56ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCode In WP56ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressDesignr Fix54ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCrazy Leaf Design53ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressTorquemag52ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressSpyre Studios52ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWP Mayor49ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressUsability Geek48ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressCreative Overflow48ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressDesign Beep47ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressQuertime46EasyContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressUnder Construction Page44ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWPDesigner43ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressDesign Web Kit43EasyContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWP Eka42ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressSuperbThemes33ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressMy WP Tips33EasyContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressJanBask Digital Design33EasyContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressTidy Repo32EasyContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressPhire Base28EasyContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressWPSecurityNinja27ModerateContribute
Web Design / Development & WordPressThemeBounce22ModerateContribute


Guest posting is a great way to get your work in front of a new audience and build your reputation as an expert in your niche. There are many websites and blogs that accept guest posts, so finding the right one for you shouldn’t be difficult.

Once you find a few potential sites, take a (very close) look at their submission guidelines to make sure your post meets their requirements. Remember that some sites may require you to provide a bio or headshot, so be sure to have those ready before you submit your post.

I would love to hear from you if you have any comments, or suggestions, and of course if I need to make any corrections. Then contact me. If you have a high-quality blog or website and accept guest posts and want to be listed on this page, then you can contact me as well, and I might add it.

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