11 Best Wix Website Examples in 2023

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Wix is a great website builder that allows you to easily create your website by choosing one of the hundreds of templates available without having any knowledge of coding.

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Create your own amazing website with Wix

Wix will take care of everything. With Wix, you can create a blog, a portfolio website, a company website, an online store, and a lot of other types of websites.

Are you looking for inspiration for creating your own Wix website, or do you want to see what Wix can do? Here are some of the best Wix website examples right now.

1. Seven Grams Caffé

Seven Grams Caffé

This is the website of a coffee shop in New York City that created a Wix website for telling the people who are interested in having a coffee at their locations what cookies they have, where their locations are situated, and their working hours.

I like this website because it has a very minimalist design and gives its visitors the impression that the coffee shop is very nice, too.

Take inspiration from this website here

2. Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez

As you might have already guessed, this is Jennifer Lopez’s personal website. This website has a few pictures of her, links to her social media accounts, links to her latest songs, it even has an online store for her line of beauty products. If you are an artist, this website could be a great source of inspiration for you.

I like this website because it looks like a great website for a public person and it has links to her social media accounts.

Visit JLO’s website here

3. Daniel Aristizabal

Daniel Aristizabal

Daniel Aristizabal is a graphic designer who created this Wix website as a portfolio website for his work. The purpose of this website is to show Daniel’s potential clients what he can do and how good his graphic design skills are.

I like this website because it has a lot of images arranged in an awesome layout with parallax scrolling that Daniel created himself and are used now as proof of his skills, and it could be a very good source of inspiration for other people who want to learn how to create a free website.

Take inspiration from this website here

4. Bod Drinks 

Bod Drinks

This is an example of an online store created with Wix. Bod Drinks sells kombucha and sugar-free probiotic sodas that are good for your body. I think they are because if you have a good website, and they have a good website, your visitors think that you have a good product, too.

I like Bod Drinks because it has a simple, minimalist, and modern design that also has some color. Overall, this website looks very nice.

Visit this website here

5. Ivy Chen 

Ivy Chen

This is another example of a portfolio website made with Wix. Ivy is a fashion designer and this website shows some of the work that she has done previously. This website has a very modern design, with a lot of light pinks, parallax scrolling, sketches, and images as decoration.

I like this website because it has a very nice design, looks friendly, and spreads good vibes. The use of parallax scrolling sets it apart from other boring-looking portfolio websites.

Take inspiration from this website here

6. The Grilled Cheese Factory

The Grilled Cheese Factory

The Grilled Cheese Factory is a restaurant franchise in Paris and this is its website. This website has a mind-blowing design with a lot of colors, pictures of their dishes, a lot of animations, this website also uses parallax scrolling. It looks so good that you’ll want to take a ticket to Paris only to eat at this restaurant.  

I like this website because it is very informative to people who want to eat at The Grilled Cheese Factory. It tells them info about where their locations are located, what their business hours are, and what dishes they have on their menu. 

Visit this mind-blowing Wix website here

7. Louise Whitehouse

Louise Whitehouse

Louise is a photographer and this is her portfolio website. This website has a very minimalist design that consists of high-quality photos made by Louise and white background. Louise also has a blog on her portfolio website.

I like this website because it has such high-quality photos that make you want to go and visit those places yourself, and it contains links to Louise’s social media accounts and email.

Visit this Wix website here

8. Chiles Grill 

Chiles Grill 

Chiles Grill is a Mexican restaurant located in Japan and it has a very good-looking website. This website does its purpose very well because it contains information about where the restaurant is located and when it is open. It also contains the restaurant’s menu.

I like this website because it is very informative and it has a very fresh-looking design with a lot of color and parallax scrolling.

Visit this Wix website here

9. Simply Tabitha

Simply Tabitha

This is a great example of a personal blog made with Wix. Tabitha is the owner of this blog and she posts articles about style, food, pregnancy, motherhood, and a few other topics. This blog has a minimalist design and gives a lot of good vibes.

I like this website because it has a well-balanced design and it could be very useful for people who are interested in the topics that are discussed on this blog or people who are looking for inspiration for creating their blog.

Take inspiration from this blog

10. Ultasmile 


Ultasmile is an online store created with Wix that sells a very revolutionary product – the three-sided toothbrush. This store tells its visitors which are the advantages of their three-sided toothbrush, has reviews from its customers, and it looks very good.

I like Ultasmile because it sells a very useful product, and it answers a lot of the questions that people who want to try its product might have in the FAQ section.

Visit this Wix store here 

11. Anna & Ryan

anna & ryan

Wix is one of the best tools for making a wedding website in 2023.

This is a perfect wedding template with different features, including a photo gallery, the schedule of events, and tips on accommodation.

I like this template because of its simple design, its focus on typography and photography, AND that it comes with all of the features you are looking for in a wedding invitation template.

Visit this template here.

Quick Summary 

I hope that now you have a better idea of what you want your Wix-powered website to look like. Visit Wix.com to sign up and start your free website.


  • Minimalist designs tend to look better than bold designs.
  • Your website should not look boring. So, add a little bit of color and a few high-quality photos.
  • Parallax scrolling is a very useful feature that makes your website look better. So, consider having it.
  • Don’t forget that your website should be very informative for its visitors. So, don’t disappoint them.
  • There are good Wix alternatives out there, one is Squarespace. Find out which one is the best in this Wix vs Squarespace comparison.

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