SiteGround GrowBig Review (Is This Plan Any Good, or Is GoGeek Better?)

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In this SiteGround GrowBig review, we’ll take a closer look at the features, performance, and pricing of the GrowBig plan to help you determine whether it’s the right choice for your website. We’ll also compare it to the StartUp and GoGeek plans to see which one might be a better fit for your specific needs.

GrowBig starts from $4.99/month

Get up to 80% OFF SiteGround's plans

I’m a big fan of SiteGround. In my SiteGround review, I have covered all the key features and pros and cons of this premium web hosting service. Here, I will zoom in on their GrowBig plan ($4.99/month).

TL;DR: The SiteGround GrowBig plan is geared toward individuals and businesses looking to increase their client base and grow their revenue. It has high-quality features on a robust platform and is enough to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

However, this plan is not for enterprise-scale businesses that will be disappointed with the lack of dedicated features. For that, SiteGround’s GoGeek plan is a much better choice.

Reddit is a great place to learn more about SiteGround. Here are a few Reddit posts that I think you’ll find interesting. Check them out and join the discussion!

What Is SiteGround and the GrowBig Plan?


SiteGround is a well-respected hosting provider founded in Bulgaria in 2004. The company is one of only a handful that WordPress officially endorses, and indeed, its hosting plans are fully set up for all WordPress and WooCommerce hosting requirements.

While the company’s hosting plans aren’t the cheapest going, you do get exceptional value with premium features, so it’s well worth the cost. And with servers based in multiple locations across the globe and powered by Google Cloud Infrastructure, SiteGround is one of the fastest and most reliable providers around.

SiteGround’s GrowBig plan is its mid-tier and bestselling plan. Designed for growing businesses, all your hosting needs are met, and then some.

Suitable for standard hosting needs, WordPress, and WooCommerce, the GrowBig plan has a wide appeal for anyone (even beginners) requiring a hosting solution for more than one website.


Get up to 80% OFF SiteGround's plans

GrowBig starts from $4.99/month

GrowBig Plan Features at a Glance

siteground essentials

Before we get stuck into the detail, here’s a quick look at what the GrowBig plan offers its customers:

  • Hosting for unlimited websites
  • 20 GB web space
  • 100,000 monthly visits
  • Unmetered traffic
  • Free SSL certificate and CDN
  • Free email and email migrator
  • Daily backups and enhanced security
  • One-click staging
  • On-demand backup copies
  • 30% faster PHP
  • Out-of-the-box caching
  • Unlimited databases
  • 100% renewable energy match
  • Collaboration feature
  • Weebly or WordPress website builders included
  • Google Cloud hosting infrastructure
  • Free WordPress installation and migration and automatic updates
  • WP-CLI and SSH
  • WooCommerce online store enabled
  • Managed WordPress services
  • Officially endorsed by WordPress
  • 24/7 customer support

Essential web hosting features:

  • Monthly Visitors (StartUp: 10,000, GrowBig: 100,000, GoGeek: 400,000)
  • Generous Web Space (StartUp: 10GB, GrowBig: 20GB, GoGeek: 40GB)
  • Hosted Websites (StartUp: 1 site, GrowBig: unlimited sites, GoGeek: unlimited sites)
  • Dedicated Server Resources (StartUp: normal, GrowBig: +2x times, GoGeek: +4x times)
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • Free Drag & Drop Weebly Sitebuilder
  • Free CMS Install (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.)
  • Free Email Accounts
  • Free Email Migrator
  • Unlimited MySQL DB
  • Unlimited Sub and Parked Domains
  • Friendly Site Tools
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • 100% Renewable Energy Match

Performance features:

  • Servers on Four Continents
  • SSD Storage
  • Customized Server Setup
  • Free CDN with Each Account
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers
  • SuperCacher caching plugin
  • 30% faster PHP (only on GrowBig & GoGeek plans)

Security features:

  • Power Redundancy
  • Hardware Redundancy
  • LXC-based Stability
  • Unique Account Isolation
  • The Fastest Server Monitoring
  • Anti-Hack Systems & Help
  • Proactive Updates and Patches
  • Spam Protection
  • Automated Daily Backup
  • Advanced On-demand Backup (only on GrowBig & GoGeek plans)

E-commerce features:

  • Free Shopping Cart Install
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates

Agency and web designer features:

  • Ship Site to Client
  • Collaborators Can Be Added
  • White-label Hosting & Client Management (only on GoGeek plan)
  • Free Private DNS (only on GoGeek plan)

Web development features:

  • Managed PHP version (7.4)
  • Custom PHP Versions 8.1, 8.0, 7.4 & 7.3
  • Free SSH and SFTP Access
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL Databases
  • FTP Accounts
  • Staging (only on GrowBig & GoGeek plans)
  • Pre-Installed Git (only on GoGeek plan)

Support features:

  • 24/7 Amazingly Fast Support
  • We Help Via Phone, Chat & Tickets
  • Advanced Priority Support (only on GoGeek plan)

Get up to 80% OFF SiteGround's plans

GrowBig starts from $4.99/month

Why Choose GrowBig Plan?

Unlimited Websites

A big part of why you would choose the GrowBig plan over the lower-tier Startup plan is the difference in the number of websites you can host.

The Startup plan only allows for a single website, whereas GrowBig lets you have unlimited. This can be standard websites, WordPress, WooCommerce, or a mix of all three.

The beauty of having no restrictions here is that it allows you to scale your business without worrying about your plan limits every five minutes.

Enhanced Security and On-Demand Backup

siteground security

The last thing you want to be concerned with is whether or not you remembered to perform any security tasks on your websites. After all, falling foul of a malware attack is just about the worst thing that can happen to a website, so it’s definitely something to be avoided where possible.

Fortunately, most of SiteGround’s security features are robust and plentiful. Here’s what you get:

  • Power and hardware redundancy
  • Anti-hack systems and server monitoring
  • Spam protection
  • Unique account isolation
  • LXC-based stability
  • Regular updates and patches

In addition to this, SiteGound automatically performs daily backups and keeps each copy for 30 days. So if you need to revert to a previous version, you’ll have 30 of them to choose from.

The GrowBig plan also includes on-demand backups, meaning you can perform one whenever you need to and store up to five in one go.

This is especially useful if you are about to install something new, make some big changes, or run any updates. If anything goes wrong, you can wipe that sweat off your brow and simply revert straight back to the copy you just made.

Ultrafast PHP

ultrafast php

I won’t get into the technicalities of what PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is. All you need to know is that SiteGround has developed its unique PHP technology to bring you ultrafast page load speeds. Up to 30% faster, in fact.

SiteGround achieves this by having a PHP with lower memory usage, allowing the server to deal with larger quantities of data faster.

This feature is unique to SiteGround and essential for businesses that require fast-loading websites. After all, don’t forget that Google penalizes slow-loading pages, so to have this feature on your side is a real plus.

WordPress Staging

wordpress staging

Hands up, who has wrecked their WordPress site before?

I’m guessing it’s a good percentage of you, myself included. WordPress is awesome, but the sheer number of customization options and plugins makes it easy to slip up and install something that simply doesn’t tango with your WordPress site. The end result is the site crashing, and you have to pick up the pieces and start again.

The GrowBig plan addresses this problem by providing one-click staging for your WordPress sites. This entails making an exact copy of your website, allowing you to test out any desired changes in a safe environment.

Meanwhile, the original site stays intact, and you can make the changes after you have tested them and are confident they won’t pose an issue.

100% Renewable Energy Match

100% Renewable Energy Match

We should all be striving to make more environmentally conscious decisions in all aspects of our lives, and hosting is no exception.

Fortunately, SiteGround is way ahead of the game here and promises a 100% renewable energy match.

How can it do this?

Well, it uses Google Cloud infrastructure. And Google has been carbon neutral for longer than you think.

Additionally, Google has an energy match guarantee in place for all energy consumed in its data centers and offices (which, believe me, is a lot). The organization, therefore, matches all its consumed energy with the equivalent amount of energy derived from renewable sources.

GrowBig Plan Pricing

siteground growbig price

The GrowBig plan has an initial promotional rate followed by its standard rate once your initial subscription period has expired:

  • Monthly contract: $29.99
  • 12-month contract: $4.99/month, billed annually
    • The renewal cost is $24.99/month, billed annually

No matter which contract length you choose, you can take advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee and try the platform without risk.

If GrowBig sounds good to you. Why not sign up and give it a try?

GrowBig Plan Pros and Cons


  • SiteGround offers a large number of advanced features are included in the price, and many of the free or unlimited ones
  • Staging and on-demand backups make it an extra secure option, particularly if you make a lot of changes often
  • The 100% renewable energy match is great for sustainability
  • The control panel is simple to navigate and use
  • Host unlimited websites
  • Free CDN and free SSL certificates
  • 24/7 live chat, phone customer service making troubleshooting stress free
  • Lots of great features for WordPress users, including managed WordPress hosting services
  • Premium server resources (2x more server resources than the StartUp plan)
  • Includes SiteGround security plugin and caching plugin


  • No free domain name
  • No priority support (only on the GoGeek plan)
  • Price jumps at renewal

GrowBig vs StartUp, and GrowBig vs GoGeek

GrowBig vs StartUp:

  • GrowBig plan offers more features than StartUp plan, including 2x more server resources, priority support, unlimited websites, and more. Target customers are small to medium-sized businesses with multiple websites or those who need more resources.
  • StartUp plan is a good option for those who need basic features and want to keep costs low. Target customers are individuals or small businesses with a single website and a tight budget.
  • GrowBig is $4.99/month, and StartUp is $2.99/month

GrowBig vs GoGeek:

  • GrowBig plan is a good option for those who need more resources and advanced features such as priority support, staging environment, and on-demand backups. Target customers are small to medium-sized businesses with multiple websites or those who need more resources and advanced features.
  • GoGeek plan offers even more advanced features, including 4x more server resources, white-label clients, and Git repository, making it ideal for larger websites with more complex needs. Target customers are large businesses or individuals with complex websites that require advanced features and high performance.
  • GrowBig is $4.99/month, and GoGeek is $7.99/month

Get up to 80% OFF SiteGround's plans

GrowBig starts from $4.99/month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SiteGround?

SiteGround is a web hosting company that offers a range of hosting services to help individuals and businesses create and maintain their online presence.

How much is SiteGround GrowBig per month?

SiteGround costs as little as $4.99/month (paid annually) for its GrowBig plan. However, when the promotional period expires, the plan’s cost increases considerably.

Is SiteGround worth it?

SiteGround is worth it because you get generous features for the price. Along with enhanced security and a full suite of WordPress tools, you also get a number of free tools included. On top of this, the site is well-established, trustworthy, and great value for money.

What is SiteGround best for?

SiteGround is best for shared hosting solutions for individuals and small businesses. Its affordable plans are good for all budgets, and its plans have all the required tools to grow and scale. However, it is less ideal for large organizations that require dedicated server hosting since SiteGround does not provide this web hosting service.

Is SiteGround good for small businesses?

SiteGround is excellent for small businesses and has well-priced plans to accommodate most small business website hosting needs.

Is SiteGround good for SEO?

SiteGround is good for SEO because it provides fast page-loading speeds, which is essential for ranking higher in Google searches. If you use SiteGround for WordPress, even better. Since WordPress is a reliable platform, Google regards WordPress as trustworthy and therefore ranks WordPress sites higher.

Summary – SiteGround GrowBig Review For 2023

I personally believe that SiteGround is an excellent choice when it comes to hosting services. They’re a friendly bunch, and they also happen to have top-notch hosting plans on offer too.

I recently reviewed their Startup plan and was blown away by the number of features you got for just a few dollars. It was definitely more generous than most competitors’ entry-level plans.

Having been so impressed with the Startup plan, I decided to try out its GrowBig plan for size and see if it also lived up to my now somewhat high expectations.

Designed for growing businesses, the GrowBig plan offers plenty, so let’s get into it in a little more detail.

I think this is another great offering from SiteGround and perfect for anyone looking to take their business further. You get generous limits on all the plan features, and its security measures are top-notch.

I would recommend the GrowBig plan to individuals and companies that have a need to host more than a single website. However, I don’t feel this plan is enough for large organizations as it lacks the dedicated hardware and premium support often demanded by this type of business.

Still, for most people, it’s a solid choice, so I recommend you give this premium web host a go.

Want to sign up for the GrowBig plan? Find out how to do it here. If you don’t think SiteGround has all your boxes ticked, why not take a look at some great SiteGround alternatives?


Get up to 80% OFF SiteGround's plans

GrowBig starts from $4.99/month

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