Linode vs Digital Ocean Comparison

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Head-to-head Linode vs Digital Ocean comparison looking at crucial web hosting features like performance, pricing, pros and cons, and more – for you to consider before you sign up with one of these virtual hosting services. This article will compare Linode and the Digital Ocean. It will cover the essential features, pricing structure, uptime guarantee, and data center locations.

Linode is a Philadelphia-based hosting service that specializes in high-performance SSD Linux servers. Launching a WordPress using Linode’s App Marketplace allows you to easily deploy a WordPress site on Linode.

Linode Pricing:

There are no sudden lock-ins with its chalked-out chart, no surprise bills, and the exact same pricing at Linode’s data centers. Linode offers advanced plans you can start from $5 per month for 1GB and go up to the extent of $480 per month for 96GB.

Digital Ocean is a New York City-based hosting provider helping millions of developers easily build, test, manage, and scale applications and websites of any size – faster than ever before. Installing and deploying WordPress on Digital Ocean droplets needs some technical know-how but it’s one of the fastest and cheapest hosting services out there. With Digital Ocean, you can run your applications on multiple computers without facing any glitches. The platform offers virtual private servers while using KVM as the hypervisor.

Digital Ocean provides virtual private servers that are referred to as “droplets.” They are used primarily for hosting applications and websites with a high degree of security for applications. They offer two basic types of droplets: A General Purpose Droplet and a variety of CPU Optimized Droplets that are good for CPU-intensive projects with massive amounts of data.

Digital Ocean pricing starts at $5/month. And as we’ve already seen in our blog, both these hosting companies have priced their cloud products quite competitively. Entry-level Digital Ocean Linode RAM 1 GB 1 GB CPU 1 Core SSD 25 GB Price $5/Month $5/Month Digital Ocean offers 1GB Memory with 1 CPU core, and 25GB disk space.

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About:DigitalOcean is a very popular cloud hosting service which provides reasonably priced and flexible cloud hosting services. They are known for their high benchmarks and a guarantee of 99% uptime.Linode is a cloud host that provides users high performance SSD Linux servers for all infrastructure needs.
Founded in:20112003
BBB Rating:A+B-
Address:101 6th Ave, New York, NY 10013Linode, LLC 329 E. Jimmie Leeds Road, Suite A 08205 Galloway New Jersey, USA
Phone Number:(347) 903-7918(855) 454-6633
Email Address:Not Listed[email protected]
Types of Support:Phone, Live Support, Chat, TicketPhone, Live Support, Ticket, Training
Data Center / Server Location:London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, San Francisco, Toronto, and Singapore.Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Dallas, Texas, USA, Fremont, California, USA, Newark, New Jersey, USA, London, United Kingdom, Tokyo, Japan, Singapore, Rep. of Singapore, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Monthly Price:From $5.00 per monthFrom $5.00 per month
Unlimited Data Transfer:No (From 1TB)No (From 1TB)
Unlimited Data Storage:No (From 25GB)No (From 20GB)
Unlimited Emails:NoNo
Host Multiple Domains:YesYes
Hosting Controlpanel / Interface:DigitalOcean interfaceLinode Interface
Server Uptime Guarantee:99.99%99.90%
Money-Back Guarantee:30 Days30 Days
Dedicated Hosting Available:No (only Cloud available)No (only Cloud available)
Bonuses & Extras:Cheapest cloud hosting starts at $5 per month. $5 Droplet include 1GB of RAM, 1GB RAM and 25GB SSD storage Active developer community and forum.SSD servers for optimal performance. 40Gbit Network and 40Gbps throughput with multiple levels of redundancy. Intel E5 Processors, which are some of the fastest processors on the cloud market.
The Good: Quick setup: Because of the solid state drives they have, it takes approximately 55 seconds for your server to spin up.
High Benchmark Scores: DigitalOcean’s disk benchmark scores are very high compared to other companies.
Free Static IP: Some cloud hosting sites offer static IP for an additional price, but at DigitalOcean, they come for free.
SSD only servers.
High Quality Hosting: Linode takes it up a notch with up-to-date tech and support.
Great Upgrades: Most server upgrades are free, automatic, and fast.
The Bad: Cloud hosting is not ideal for absolute beginners. Pricing: Linode offers an hourly billing scheme, with monthly caps per plan.
Summary:DigitalOcean users can spin up a Droplet and gain root access to a computer instance about 55 seconds. This is the first and only all-SSD cloud host with an intuitive and simple API allowing for large-scale production workloads. Highly available storage up to 16 TB can be attached as needed and a lightning fast network is also provided. Load balancing is also provided as a service along with monitoring and alerting with pre-built open source apps.It is really easy to launch a Linode cloud server, especially if a user is starting off for the first time or is deploying a complicated system. They provide the fastest hardware and network in the relevant market domain along with scalable environments. 24/7 customer support is also provided. There is also the power of cloud hosting with native SSDs and a 40Gbps network along with accelerated processing. Customizable Templates and Two-Factor Authentication is also very useful.

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Linode vs Digital Ocean – The Pros and Cons

Digital Ocean vs Linode is a popular comparison because of some shared similarities and uniqueness.

For instance, they both offer the newest AMD CPUs, free cloud firewall, Bare Metal cloud servers, managed Kubernetes, managed databases, high memory VMs, an app marketplace, documentation library (1,000 plus), free bundled transfer, developer-focused features, and API, CLI, and easy-to-use cloud interface. 

However, they do differ in certain aspects, such as the quality of the customer service support, the quality of the security features, pricing, and lastly, WordPress hosting features and inclusions.

When it comes to providing customer service support, Linode provides phone support through a US number (855-454-6633) and a global number (+1-609-380-7100).

They also offer a support ticket system, email support ([email protected]), submit report system (including reporting security issues using their PGP key encryption), and chat support (via the Linode IRC channel) 

However, Linode’s customer support is not actually impressive. They offer minimal help. 

Even their security features aren’t done yet. You have to sign up for its Beta version. 

Linode’s pricing is significantly less than Digital Ocean’s which is a catch here. I must warn you, though – you better think twice about signing up for a Linode plan and then terminating your account in less than a year’s time. If you do that, you can say goodbye to the possibility of getting a refund for the months you did not use.

Linode’s WordPress hosting is simpler yet overall, in terms of features and services, Digital Ocean offers better options and performance than Linode.

Digital Ocean provides support for WordPress hosting on its Droplets, the hosting service provider’s virtual machine offering. With just a few clicks, users can install their WordPress website without needing a technical background. 

On top of that, Digital Ocean’s WordPress hosting service also comes with a fully managed option for customers who are okay with having Digital Ocean take care of the details of the hosting for them. 

As for those who do not mind going through the more technical stuff, they might be happy to know that Digital Ocean’s WordPress hosting via Droplets already offers the following features:

  • All features typically included in a Ubuntu 20.04 Droplet
  • All components of the LAMP stack
    • Linux operating system
    • Apache web server
    • MySQL database
    • PHP scripting language

In addition to these, WordPress installations on Digital Ocean’s hosting service also come with a couple of firewall support programs:

  • UFW (uncomplicated firewall. This feature allows for easier configuration of the firewall.
  • fail2ban. This tool minimizes the damage done by cyber attacks on servers. It can be used to look for suspicious activity in a log file.  If any is detected, fail2ban can be configured to block the source IP address in the firewall.

The cool thing about these two firewall support programs is that Digital Ocean provides free of charge along with WordPress installations.

One thing you need to be aware of when it comes to Digital Ocean is that they only offer solid-state drive (SSD) storage. True, the use of SSDs provides plenty of advantages.

They are generally ideal for managing databases better, as well as for enterprise application and high-performance computing (HPC) purposes.

While there is nothing wrong with SSDs, per se. You just feel like it was a missed opportunity for Digital Ocean to also offer hard disk drive (HDD) storage to its customers.

The hosting company could have easily hit two birds with one stone if they offered HDD along with SSD storage options. 

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