What Does LMK Mean in Texting & Social Media?

LMK is a common acronym used in both text messages and social media. It stands for “let me know.”

LMK means “Let me know.” In other words, keep me posted, or give me the relevant information when you know.

what does lmk mean

Do you ever see those three letters pop up in a text message or on social media and have no idea what they mean? LMK is an acronym that stands for “let me know.” It’s used as a way to let the other person know that you want them to keep talking to you and that you’re interested in learning more. LMK is commonly used in texting and online chats, but it can also be used in business settings. If you’re not sure what LMK means, don’t worry! We’re here to explain it all!

Let Me Know

The acronym LMK stands for “Let me know.” This initialism is used to request that someone notify you of something in the future. For example, you could tell someone who is presently unwell to “LMK if your fever decreases” or “LMK if you require assistance.”

On social media, LMK is often used to request confirmation or clarification. In this case, LMK could mean “let me know whether I’m understanding you right.” The statement usually implies that further debate will follow, likely when the other person responds.

It’s more common in messages and emails than in person. “Please let me know” is preferred when conversing in person. Both upper and lowercase LMK is valid.

A Brief History of LMK

The phrase “Let me know” had long been well-known in English before becoming an internet acronym. It is flexible and may be used in a variety of situations, from asking a customer if they need anything else to inquire about the time of a meeting.

LMK was first utilized in online chatrooms, forums, and message boards in the early 2000s. Over time, it grew popular along with other online slang abbreviations. The initial definition of LMK in Urban Dictionary, from 2003, is “Let me know.”

It has been increasingly used in recent decades, especially with the development of SMS, instant messaging, and direct communication. In personal interactions with other people, it’s very common to utilize LMK.

Asking for an Answer

There are two primary reasons to employ LMK in a sentence: to inquire about something or request more information in the future.

In the first situation, you use LMK to pose questions and anticipate a response from the other person as quickly as possible. This is often done when communicating with someone who isn’t currently online.

When sending a message through a channel where an immediate response is not required, such as email or SMS. You might say, “LMK if you’re free for lunch tomorrow” or “I need to know by EOD, so LMK.”

LMK to Ask for Updates

Another advantage of using LMK to ask for future information from someone on a particular scenario is that it allows you to keep track of what’s going on. “lmk” is frequently used in this example, with phrases like “what happens” or “how does it go,” suggesting an upcoming event.

LMK provides a way to remember to ask about something without getting too pushy – you’re just giving the other person a reminder. LMK is also commonly used in business settings as a way to keep track of deadlines, projects, and goals.

For example, suppose one of your pals is about to have an important job interview. Your text to them might read, “Good luck, and lmk how it goes!” This indicates that you want them to tell you how the interview went later on.

How to Use LMK

“Let me know” in the message is equivalent to “LMK” in email. Unlike most acronyms, LMK can be used professionally. It’s common to utilize LMK in an email asking for feedback or ideas.

LMK stands for Let Me Know and is used to request that someone tell you something. You may use LMK in any case; acronyms are generally considered more formal when capitalized, while lowercasing is more casual.

Examples of sentences that use LMK:

  • LMK if you want to grab lunch today
  • LMK if you’re free tonight
  • LMK if you want to come over
  • Do you have any plans for the upcoming weekend? LMK.


LMK is a common acronym used in both text messages and social media. It stands for “let me know.” LMK is used to let the other person know that you are waiting for a response or want to know more about something.

It is a polite way to let the other person know that you are interested in what they have to say. LMK is also often used as a way to end a conversation.



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